Where is Bad Sisters Filmed?

The first two episodes of the Irish dark comedy thriller television series, titled “Sisters Bad,” based on Sarah Malin Gozin’s Flemish-produced television series “Clan,” and developed by Sharon Horgan, were broadcast in August 2022. The show is set in Dublin and London and is part of Sharon Horgan’s contract with Apple TV+.

The dark comedy series, The Bad Sisters, created by Sharon Horgan for Apple TV, is based on the lives of the Garvey sisters who have come together following the untimely death of their parents. They have sworn to protect one another no matter how complicated or challenging things become.

However, the given genre of dark and mystery nature can expect plenty of conflicts and chaos, which will make it challenging for them to keep their word. And, aside from the brief synopsis, neither the entire plot nor any hints have been revealed, making it intriguing in itself. And for that reason, we must watch the series to learn how they will get through all their difficulties and fulfill their promise.

We must watch the series to find out what will happen, but you must have all the questions and theories in your head. Also, why does the tenth episode only show a picture of what happened to the other sisters and only the three sisters are shown? Perhaps they have something to do with this funeral and it is promised that they will do such a thing. The sisters appear to be attending a funeral in the pictures of the first episode because they are dressed in black.

Filming Location Of Bad Sisters

Filming for “Bad Sisters” occurred in County Dublin, Belfast, and London, respectively, in the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, and England. The primary filming of the initial season of the dark comedy series seemed to commence during the summer of 2021 and conclude in September of that same year.

Let’s experience the specific mentioned places in the TV+ series Discover now. In addition, it also brings more authenticity by giving a sense of location to the majority of the series’ plot, which is set in London and Dublin. This decision was made by the production team to engage viewers more.

The Republic of Ireland, specifically County Dublin.

Most of “Bad Sisters” was filmed in County Dublin, situated in the province of Leinster. The cast and crew witnessed the filming of several important scenes in and around Forty Foot, a peninsula at Sandycove on the southern edge of Dublin Bay, during the first season’s shooting schedule in August 2021. Additionally, there were even some water scenes filmed in the nearby Irish Sea.

The suspenseful series utilizes the seaside town of Malahide in Fingal and the suburban village of Howth as significant shooting spots. Numerous other movies and TV shows, such as “Braveheart,” “Mary Shelley,” “Normal People,” and “Penny Dreadful,” have also showcased County Dublin, along with “Bad Sisters.”

Belfast, located in Northern Ireland.

According to reports, the cast of “Sisters Bad” uses Belfast, the largest city and capital of Northern Ireland, as a filming location for the series. Belfast is also one of the most visited cities in the UK, situated on the banks of the Lagan River on the east coast. The city is home to many lovely gardens and parks, including Botanic Gardens and Lady Dixon Park, to name a few.

England’s London.

The largest city and capital of both the United Kingdom and England is London, also known as the Big Smoke. It is home to numerous industries, including fashion and healthcare, entertainment, education, finance, commerce, tourism, communications, transport, and media. These industries are greatly influenced by the city’s global prominence and its significant presence in Southeast England. It is worth mentioning that London has also been featured in a few additional recorded episodes.