Why did 10,000 people show up to buy a MrBeast Burger?

MrBeast, the YouTuber known for his philanthropic stunts, has achieved great success with his fast food service, Burgers Aren’t But. Thanks to his marketing skills and ability to attract a large following, the debut of his fast food restaurant in 2020 was a huge hit. Operating solely from ghost kitchens, this unique fast food concept has captured the attention of people across the country. When the first physical location of Burgers Aren’t But opened in the shiny new American Dream mall in New Jersey, an estimated 10,000 people showed up.

He anticipated a large gathering when MrBeast, also recognized as Jimmy Donaldson, declared that he would be present at the inauguration of his first in-person restaurant.

MrBeast gave attendees of the mall a sneak peek overnight, resembling a situation where they had to wait for hours, as Mashable reported. Nolan, Punz, Sapnap, Karl Jacobs, and Donaldson’s crew, along with popular Twitch streamers and co-stars, gathered people from all over the state to join the event.

Henry, 13

I heard about the event because my mom saw it on MrBeast’s Twitter and thought it would be a fun adventure. We thought we’d wait in line for a while and maybe have some fun while he entertained us. I hoped we would get to meet him and get a burger, like MrBeast.

We arrived at 7:30 p.M. On Saturday and realized that we would probably be staying overnight. We got up at around 12:30 p.M. On Sunday and decided to go back home in the morning for the opening at 11 a.M. They had thought about giving us numbered wristbands at 10 p.M.

Additionally, I attempted to utilize my mother as a cushion. We likely only obtained a mere two hours of rest. The environment was noisy, and there was an abundance of illumination, making it exceedingly difficult to slumber. However, we visited the Walgreens located within the shopping center and purchased a few beach towels to serve as a cover and acquired some melatonin. We resorted to employing our backpacks as makeshift pillows, although they were far from comfortable.

(I don’t believe she genuinely desired to rest on a floor, though). My companion and I both believed it would be enjoyable, and my mother allowed us to decide since I chose to stay overnight. However, the security personnel made it appear as though it might be quite challenging to return to our position in the queue (it wasn’t actually — but I suppose we would have missed out on the excitement if we went home). A few people nearby did leave and return, so it would have been acceptable if we did. I became extremely exhausted and longed for sleep, but it was not cozy.

While we waited in line, there was more stuff that we wished for. It wasn’t particularly cool or fun. I even got a picture with both of them. I got to meet my friends Nolan and MrBeast. It was a fun experience, maybe. I don’t know if I would feel like it was worth it.

He couldn’t say that he wanted to talk more and only met him for a couple of seconds, even though I gave him a high five. I really enjoy MrBeast because he seems fun, nice, and gives away lots of money and high-quality videos, just like I do.

Melissa (Henry’s Mom), 45

It really seemed like he was overwhelmed by a huge number of people (and on Sunday, he could talk to all of his fans). He also sincerely seemed to wish he could talk about others like MrBeast, who wants to help and give away money. He said that if he ever made money, he would like to be like MrBeast and help others philanthropically. I think my son enjoys MrBeast’s generosity because it has made him think about how much Henry, like others, would want to help and give away money.

Chloe, 20

To ensure maximum comfort, it would be beneficial to make oneself comfortable considering the fact that I already encountered a few individuals on the following Saturday morning. I initially intended to take advantage of the opportunity to explore various activities. It took me less than an hour to reach my destination using my personal vehicle. I decided to skip my classes at Day Labor in order to attend the event by Karl Jacobs, which I learned about on Friday.

I met with the creators outside the event on Sunday around 5 p.M. Afterward, I hung out and socialized. Later, I entered the actual restaurant around 12:30 p.M. And stayed overnight. I arrived around 7:30 p.M.

Every second on the floor is valuable. Although Nolan and MrBeast are also worth watching, the people I am most interested in are Punz, Karl, and Sapnap! I managed to meet those who keep an eye on me and Security handled it well. My expectations were exceeded, but I couldn’t even see some of my new friends or maybe not even meet them, and even if I had the chance to meet some people, I thought it would be worth it. Honestly, I didn’t expect too much.

Small Noot, 18

The food establishments were all crowded in that area. Beyond the food court, these queues were incredibly long, extending to other dining establishments, presumably because many people had the same idea. Although I intended to explore the mall, I couldn’t locate them. Astelic, Quig, Sylvee, and Punz were present, while the majority of the time, Punz was situated outside the restaurant on the third floor. Nolan and Sapnap were in charge, announcing that the last person to step outside the circle would win $50,000 on stage when the challenge began. I remained on the third floor near the restaurant for approximately three hours before arriving at 9:30 a.M. On Saturday, I departed my residence at 8:00 a.M.

I went to the mall and it didn’t seem like there was anyone shopping. The stores were closed for the whole day, but the atmosphere in the mall was very positive and overwhelming. I saw a whole range of personalities from every demographic. As I walked through the mall, I noticed that the police officers were blocking the escalators, but the area had died down a bit. Finally, I took a last look at the restaurant before leaving.

Dylan, 23

In that scenario, Punz had responded that it would be a bundled offer, to which MrBeast instructed him to “bring Sapnap along,” and Karl mentioned that he would probably be responding to the tweet that originated from MrBeast’s initial post, where I first learned about the event.

My boyfriend and I ended up getting up around 9:30 a.M. Because the place was absolutely packed with lines of people. The challenge eventually ended with the lines dissipating and everyone trying to stay in the circle on stage, while crews from the Beast team and others filmed. It had an early start because each player got $10,000 and the amount of people was a challenge!” Sapnap, Nolan, and others were on stage doing a “live” try to stay in the circle.

Before attempting to acquire at least I’ve, there is a ghost in my kitchen near my house. Plus, if we had the option, I would have been able to get into a burger competition or the restaurant. I was so excited to see them. My main goal was to say hi to Nolan and try to become a fan of his. Additionally, I am a very big fan of Punz, Sapnap, and Karl.

Weyah, even if it’s in a less intimate manner, feels pleasant. Just to be aware that they recognize your presence and are pleased you attended for them, was an incredibly enjoyable experience, even when simply observing. The boys engaged with the audience extensively, taking selfies and videos and autographing items, as well as participating in long-distance games of “rock, paper, scissors” with random spectators. At one point, while passing through the crowd with security, he noticed that I was wearing his merchandise and smiled, and Karl greeted me on three separate occasions. I was acknowledged by the boys more than once, which brought me great joy. I definitely felt that it was worthwhile!

Sharon, 42

I tried to explain what was going to happen and manage their expectations of the scope. I said that if we get a glimpse of MrBeast and there is enough for you to be there, my 14-year-old son asked to go.

We wanted to stay in line because they said both immediately that they understood and sent the number 127 to our clipboard. Instead of sleeping in my own bed, I would rather sleep in line. When we saw that there were already over 100 people in line, we knew we had to come back the next morning and go to the park. So we went out to the mall and had dinner. Actually, my 14-year-old daughter and my 10-year-old daughter and I arrived at the mall on Saturday night.

I was not prepared for sure. There were people with real rugs, camping chairs, and air mattresses. The kids slept on couches at the mall, and I stayed up all night in line. They were really troopers. They didn’t complain at all. They told us to be ready to move our lines by 6 a.M. We were upstairs in another waiting line for the restaurant, open at 9 a.M. Around 10:30 a.M., We started seeing other YouTubers and MrBeast. The first couple of fans got in at 11 a.M. We ordered our food by 12:05 a.M., And we entered at 11:45 a.M. Then, we waited in line to meet MrBeast and bought some merchandise.

It took us just 25 minutes to exit the mall. Even MrBeast himself laid eyes on it, but I kept thinking there is no way all these people are going into the restaurant. There were around 20,000 people in total. The whole thing was very well organized overnight, although it made our house a madhouse by the time we left.

I wouldn’t usually want to sit on a hard floor all night, but it was worth it to see the excitement on my kids’ faces. I want to thank other YouTubers and MrBeast for being so amazing to their fans. I have to say that the staff and all the YouTubers at the mall were wonderful.