Wildlife officials explain oddball black bear sighting at Florida beach

On a Sunday at Destin’s Gulf, a young black bear was observed wading in the water, causing a mix of surprise and joy among a group of holidaymakers, as depicted in the recorded video of this peculiar incident.

As the bear was swimming in the ocean, a lady could be heard saying off-camera, “I suppose he’s on holiday, too!”.

During this time of year, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) stated that young bears, similar to the one seen in Destin, can venture away from their mother’s abode to explore “unanticipated regions” while searching for a new habitat.

According to the FWC, Cubs may also be exploring the Gulf in search of nourishment on the islands.

According to the FWC, it is not unusual to hear about black bears swimming in the Gulf on their way to search for food in the barrier islands. However, it is unusual to see a bear swimming in the shallow waters of a crowded beach.

The beach went into the shallow end of the water Sunday.
The bear came out of the shallows on Sunday.

Bears in their juvenile year, starting their journey to find a new home, may be seen in unexpected areas. One such bear, seen in Destin, is a prime example during this time.

Typically, these bears will generally move away on their own. If you happen to spot a bear, it is advisable to maintain a safe distance, refrain from attempting to approach it, and avoid providing it with any food.

Captain Chris Kirby, a lifelong resident of the Sunshine State, stated that bears have been seen swimming in the bay of the Gulf and are particularly common near Eglin Air Base and throughout Destin’s sights.

Black bear cubs will swim in the Gulf to find food, officials said.
Black bear cubs will swim in the Gulf to find food, officials said.

Kirby, the proprietor of Charter Boat Backlash, informed The Post on Monday evening, “Over the course of 30 years, I have witnessed a pair of them swimming in the bay.” “Moreover, it’s quite remarkable since it’s been a considerable length of time. I have also been informed about occurrences of (bears) nonchalantly swimming in the bay, which is not an infrequent phenomenon.”

However, being surprised by the footage of the bear roaming around individuals on the seashore caught him off guard.

“It could have been slightly intriguing, that’s all,” Kirby, 37, stated regarding the bear.

Florida state officials estimate that there are over 4,000 black bears in the region.

According to a news release from military authorities in August 2020, the population of black bears has been increasing, which has raised safety worries at Eglin Air Force Base.

According to a news release from officials, there were concerns about bear sightings around and on the active runways and flight line.

In its statement on Monday, the FWC emphasized the importance of residents securing food that could potentially entice bears and prolong their presence in the vicinity.

“If a bear cannot locate nourishment, it will proceed,” the governmental organization stated.

The bear eventually ran off after taking a dip.
The bear eventually ran off after taking a dip.

According to footage on social media, the cub eventually withdrew from the tourist spot after venturing into knee-deep water among vacationers.

One observer of Sunday’s seaside bear told Al.Com that there was initially a state of confusion when the creature showed up.

Jennifer Majors Smith, who posted several videos of the incident on Facebook, described, “It emerged from the Gulf appearing exhausted yet relieved.” However, it wasn’t a ‘Bear.’ One would anticipate a ‘Shark’ or a ‘Dolphin,’ but definitely not a ‘Bear.’ ‘Bear!’ A man shouted out.

We were all amazed and shocked by what we saw. We were all glad to see him safe from the water.