Will Trent

What Were the Highlights of Will Trent Season 1?

In Season 1 of the series, titled Trent Will, the focus is on introducing the character and exploring how his past traumatic experiences in foster care have affected his relationships and his ability to solve cases as a Special Agent in the GBI.

The details on Will’s hyper-focus, a dyslexic agent featured in many episodes, were incredibly captivating. In the first episode of Season 1, Emma realized that Will had been kidnapped after witnessing a vicious murderer who turned out to be her friend, Trent.

Will had a history that was rich in further exploration, which also led to an uneasy truce between him and Paul Campano, the most entertaining recurring star of the show. These clues saved Emma’s life and also led them to a suspect.

Angie also had a successful emotional arc while exploring the subtleties of a recovering addict and the dangers involved in getting recovered.

In flashbacks throughout Episode 7 of Season Trent, we learned that Angie had been sexually abused in foster care, and we also discovered that she had gotten an abortion. Throughout her ordeal, Will had provided support for her.

Angie then confronted her attacker in the present situation and had to protect another teenager from him, which stirred up a variety of emotions.

Despite the deep affection between Will and Angie, they both carry significant emotional burdens, creating uncertainty about the potential success of their romantic connection.

Will and Mitchell Faith were initially close friends, but they eventually drifted apart. Amanda and Faith both underwent some personal growth as well.

When Faith was diagnosed with diabetes, something in common suddenly emerged between them, and Will was the first to recognize it. Due to his dyslexia, Will disliked being perceived differently by others, and the series centered around partnerships and perspectives.

They couldn’t solve a violent crime they witnessed, which later haunted them. Once Mitchell Evelyn partnered with a new cop, Amanda, her backstory was explored in the series, but she always seemed like a demanding boss.

In the 1980s, female cops were not taken seriously and things were different for Amanda Will, a single African-American woman who couldn’t keep her baby.

Will Trent Season 2 Renewal Status

It is not surprising that ABC renewed Will Trent for a second season on April 19, 2023, considering that The Rookie and Grey’s Anatomy have a higher number of viewers than the series.

Ramon Rodriguez expressed, “We are grateful to fans of Hulu and ABC for joining us on this wild and exciting ride with Will Trent.”

“When we set out to bring the bestselling book series “Slaughter Karin” to television screens, Rodríguez, the creator, wanted to bring the thrilling and gritty world of justice to life.”

Who Is In the Will Trent Season 2 Cast?

We do not anticipate any alterations to the primary or regular ensemble. We will keep you posted as we receive updates.

Main Will Trent Cast Members

Ramón Rodríguez plays the character of Will Trent, a GBI Special Agent who experiences dyslexia and has faced challenges growing up in foster care.

Erika Christensen portrays Angie Polaski, a detective at Atlanta PD, who is a recovering addict and serves as Will’s romantic partner.

Iantha Richardson portrays Faith Mitchell, Will’s colleague at the GBI.

Jake McLaughlin portrays Michael Ormewood, Angie’s colleague at the Atlanta Police Department.

Sonja Sohn portrays Amanda Wagner, the boss of Faith and Will at the GBI.

Betty, the Chihuahua, is the dog that Will adopts.

Recurring Will Trent Cast Members

Mark-Paul Gosselaar portrays Paul Campano, a former friend and adversary of both Will and Angie from their time in foster care.

LisaGay Hamilton portrays the character of Evelyn Mitchell, Faith’s mother and Amanda’s long-time companion and former collaborator.

Cora Lu Tran embodies the role of Nico, an individual who identifies outside of the traditional gender binary, and assumes the position of Betty’s canine caretaker while moving to Will’s garage.

When Will Trent Season 2 Premiere?

That’s difficult because of the strikes by writers and actors.

It will not be until the middle of the 2024 season since ABC has scheduled reality programs for the autumn of 2023.

Please save this page for updates as they become accessible.

What Storylines Will We See in Will Trent Season 2?

As a recovering addict, the journey to recovery may be quite arduous, but she managed to endure the consequences of Angie’s assault. The show will primarily focus on this initial aspect.

Will Trent, a member of the team, formed a truce with the asset by the end of Season 1. Will he return until Angie resolves the cases with GBI or finds a new partner? Meanwhile, what will happen in Ormewood?

Beyond that, the series could explore deepening the relationship between Amanda and Will now that he knows what she sacrificed for him.

Regarding television, they alter and expand these episodes, integrating elements from different novels, thereby transforming the rest of Season 2 into a puzzle.

Will Will Trent Season 2 Introduce Sara Linton?

Sara, a doctor, met a patient whose case involved one and he was from Karin Slaughter’s Grant County series. Sara knew that Will’s significant other in the book series was Trent, as she was an avid fan of the series.

Angie and Will, amidst her thrilling love triangle, could now generate an exhilarating storyline in her intricate and dynamic character. The second season would be the perfect opportunity to explore the rumors surrounding her and introduce Sara.

Will may find himself torn between his previous experiences and the uncertainty of what lies ahead in his future.

Furthermore, as the series progresses, obtaining the viewpoints of physicians and forensic experts could be beneficial.

Is There a Trailer for Will Trent Season 2?

Since production has not commenced yet, there is no preview. We will upload it here promptly once one becomes accessible.

Where Can I Watch Will Trent Season 2?

You can also binge the entire season of Hulu. Trent Will has been playing on ABC during the summer, with reruns of season 1 airing on Fridays at 8/7c.

When Season 2 debuts, it will be broadcasted on ABC and Hulu the following day. We will provide you with the schedule.