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During Ron Howard’s appearance on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert on Wednesday to promote his new movie, 13 Lives, the director mentioned that the land run scene in Far and Away, the blockbuster epic, was the most challenging shot among his movies.

Howard exclaimed, “We had a lineup of 750 people and horses.” We were firing cannons. We had two cameras in the air, capturing everything. We had cameras dug in everywhere, and we were racing on this land. Of course, it’s a dangerous endeavor.

Ron’s dad, Howard Rance, was from Oklahoma, where the dangerous run took place. However, the stunt coordinator thought it was too risky to shoot the scene without any actors. The film showed stars Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman riding horses in the land run, although the massive stunt was filmed separately. He made it clear that he didn’t want to miss the reenactment.

“Dad, fetch your steed,” stated Howard. “I’m performing in it,” he declares. “A century later, my son, my eldest child, is overseeing a film about it. A century ago, I had three forefathers who participated in this competition,” he states.

Transcription of the Video

STEPHEN COLBERT: What’s the most challenging shot you’ve ever executed, or sequence?

It was actually quite challenging, but Howard Ron knows that there were backdrafts and fires there, making it even more difficult.

During his appearance on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Ron Howard discussed his blockbuster epic “Far and Away.” When asked which of his movies had the most challenging shot, the director revealed that the land run scene in “Far and Away” was the hardest. Ron Howard was on the show to promote his latest film, “13 Lives,” which stars Kylie Mar.

RON HOWARD: Therefore, we had 750 individuals and equines lined up.


Howard Ron: We were planning to launch a cannon. We had a total of 13 cameras, with two of them positioned in the air and the rest strategically placed all around. We were fully prepared for this land race that we are about to have, but of course, it comes with its risks and dangers.

Even though the film showed Kidman Nicole and Cruise Tom riding horses in the massive stunt run land, it was thought to be too dangerous to coordinate the stunt without any actors.

Ron Howard says that your problem is that your dad wants to be in the shot. We will also get a shot of my dad and a couple of other actors, Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise, and then we will go for a second take to get close-ups of them. Yeah, I said, and do you know? We haven’t discussed this with the actors involved, so there is no right take, as we’ve already discussed.


He was determined not to miss the re-enactment, and he expressed that Rance Howard, Ron’s father, hailed from Oklahoma, the site of the land rush.

I’m participating in the film. My eldest child, my son, is directing a movie about the same subject. A century later, I had three predecessors who participated in this competition. A century ago, it was Ron Howard.

KYLIE MAR: So Ron did what the majority of individuals would do in his position. He followed his father’s instructions.

RON HOWARD: I simply stated, Father, fetch your horse. And, uh, he’s inside. He’s inside.