11 George Jones Funeral Songs

These funeral songs by George Jones are some of the best examples of relatable songs that deal with the loss of weight.

Year of the Song: 1972.

One of Jones’ most well-liked ballads depicts the loneliness and sorrow he experiences after losing his beloved lady, portrayed in “A Picture of Me (Without You)”. Although the song is deeply moving, it leaves the audience uncertain about the woman’s fate.

If you were a fan of George Jones, loved by many in the country music community, this honor will mean a lot to you. It is a way to remember the good times and the fond memories shared with others who also attended his performances.

“Stroll Along This World With Me” by George Jones

Year of the Song: 1966.

George Jones was highly skilled in performing melancholic tunes in the genre of country music. Additionally, he possessed exceptional talent in composing emotionally impactful love ballads.

Any face can challenge them. It doesn’t matter what comes, she stays with a strong desire for her man, serenading Jones. “Through This World Walk With Me” is a beautiful song about enduring power of love.

“Walking through this world with me is a fantastic song that plays at a funeral, helping to evoke memories of such unique strength and love for nature.”

“She Had Many Loves in Her Lifetime” by George Jones

Year of the Song: 1991.

It’s also a great way to pay tribute to your own grandmother or mother at their funeral. A beautiful way to pay tribute to George, Mother Jones’ loved one, is in her Time Lot.

The song shows that Jones faced many challenges as an adult, which led to him bringing upon himself so much difficulty. The song tells the story of Jones’ hard life and the illusions he held about it, highlighting the difficulties he faced while growing up.

If you had a woman in your life who was special to you, it is important to honor her memory. She never stopped loving him, through all the ups and downs.

“Jesus, Grasp My Hand” by George Jones

Year of the Song: 2003.

At a certain juncture, George Jones unveiled a complete gospel album. Country vocalists such as George Jones crafted or performed numerous awe-inspiring gospel melodies available. There are a multitude of them.

He longs to feel the presence of Jesus by his side forever. In the tune, the singer calls Jesus his friend and recognizes that he needs daily help. “My Hand Hold Jesus” is a song about a man who is seeking more than just an idea, but the comfort of Jesus.

In contrast, the glory awaits them. To bid them farewell in a magnificent manner, paying tribute to their faith at their funeral with songs like this, is the sole solace that sustains numerous individuals throughout their lives, the reassurance of having faith in a benevolent God.

“I Depend on You” by George Jones

Year of the Song: 1987.

Not all funeral songs have to be explicitly sad or about the passing away of someone. Many funeral songs focus on honoring the person who has passed and helping the mourners find closure by cherishing the charming memories.

It’s a song about the significance of someone in your life, whether it’s a best friend, wife, husband, or dealing with the loss of a loved one. It’s the perfect song for a funeral, the kind that helps you cope and find solace.

If you’re looking for the perfect way to remember a beautiful love story at a funeral, consider this song by George Jones. He always hoped that one day love would come, but George Jones didn’t always have the best life partners.

“Youthful Age” by George Jones

Year of the Song: 1961.

“Tender Years,” the singer’s second success on the country charts, gained immense popularity, showcasing his talent for songwriting. However, it should be noted that George Jones did not compose all of his music.

Despite being with the wrong man, she maintains her confidence, knowing that she will eventually realize this and find someone else, someone who truly deserves her.

“Years” Tender is a beautiful song that perfectly encapsulates the remarkable endurance and true power of love, when two people face the start of building their life together in a funeral.

Another wonderful rural funeral melody.

“Phases of My Soul” by George Jones

Year of the Song: 1956.

If you want to create a solemn atmosphere for mourners, there are also several truly sorrowful songs from George Jones that you could pick. Additionally, all the wonderful love songs are fitting for a funeral.

If she is still alive, the love of man lives on forever, although it is unclear. Even though she is far away from him, listeners can hear how desperately the man loves the woman in the song; the quality and tone of “Heart My Season” is somewhat bittersweet.

It is a powerful feeling that numerous people can understand when faced with the possibility of losing the person they have deeply loved their whole life.

“We’ll Comprehend It (Further Along)” by George Jones

Year of the Song: 1978.

Introducing some old spiritual songs will create a worshipful and somber tone for the funeral, providing hope for those mourners who need it and expressing their grief.

Along) Father It Understand We’ll is one of those old hymns that George Jones made his own in 1978. The song has been popular for a long time and the Jones version is exceptional.

Singing about the uncertainties of life, he reflects on how people will come to make sense of the day when the old life has passed away and a new life has begun.

“You Restore the Essence of Life” by George Jones

Year of the Song: 2009.

George Jones lived a difficult life, constantly on the verge of a breakdown, yet he was adored by his fans. Despite having a successful career in country music, he suffered through most of it with self-inflicted problems.

Nancy Sepulvado, his fourth spouse, aided Jones in regaining his composure. She altered his perspective on life and assisted him in achieving long-lasting sobriety. The affection of a virtuous lady was the driving force behind his transformation.

“Putting You Back in Living” is a remarkable tribute to the healing power of true love, a wonderful way to remember just how special their partner was and deal with the loss of life.

“I’ll Accompany You to Our Cloud” by George Jones

Year of Song: 1971.

“I’ll Follow You Up to Our Cloud” is a sweet love song about devotion. The man and his wife share a deep love that surpasses even the fear of death, as they walk through life together.

Anyone dealing with the loss of a spouse will always have a uniquely hopeful promise that one day, until that day comes, their enduring love will never change. They will be reunited.

Once more, witness another glimpse of the heartfelt connection shared between you and George Jones through this song. Remember, this serves as a powerful reminder of the enduring love that nothing else can match.

“The Summoning of My Lord” by George Jones

Year of the Song: 1978.

George Jones, recognizing that his life is not his own, has been called by the Lord to enter into the glory and pursue a better life of holiness on this day, marking the end of his earthly existence.

Despite the hardships of life, Jones’ faith and hope were deeply rooted in a strong belief that he would live with God in eternity, and that all would be well on the first day. This reminder, like songs, was what kept the man clinging to hope, as his life depended on it.

If you’re wrestling with the loss and pain from a better place now, remember that “Me Called Has Lord My” is a beautiful tribute to a person who lived their life purposefully and with faithfulness. You can hear this song.

Top George Jones Funeral Songs, Concluding Remarks

Using a funeral for George Jones can help country music fans find closure and peace as they deal with their sorrow and grief, honoring the perfect way to remember their loved ones left behind.

There are so many powerful and moving George Jones songs available that you should easily be able to find the perfect one.