15 Gorgeous Taylor Swift Hairstyles Through the Years

Once again, Taylor Swift was recently spotted trying out more classic and vintage makeovers and haircuts, all done with love. She is popularly talked about in the fashion town for flaunting her best glamorous and youthful side, making her hairstyles the most popular among divas. However, Taylor Swift is not just known for her impeccable talent as a singer, but also for her looks and beauty quotient.

Recently, we have been bringing you along as we explore the latest Taylor Swift hairstyles and haircut trends that are currently popular.

15 Best and Latest Taylor Swift Hairstyles in 2023:

In the midst of a gathering, you will acquire attention-grabbing appearances and experiment with these hairdos showcased in the images. Below, you will find a compilation of 15 fresh and stunning hairstyles sported by Taylor Swift.

1. Taylor Swift’s Curly Bob with Side Bangs:

Taylor Swift

Also, give this look a try. Additionally, can you create a diamond or oval shape for your face? And, have you ever considered the exquisite statement style that adds an enhanced look to your appearance? This particular haircut is paired with messy side bangs, which perfectly enhances the overall look. There is simply no competition when it comes to Taylor Swift’s signature curly bob cut.

2. Silver Bob Haircut:

Do you also want to try it out? The look she got throughout the event has turned heads and grabbed the limelight. She has made a statement and left a mark with her chic and sleek hot haircut! Taylor Swift took the next step and tried out the silver hair, making it popular and over-hyped in our glamorous world, while the bob cut is in trend.

3. Sleek Pigtail Braids Look with Bangs:

Sleek Pigtail Braids Look with Bangs

Taylor Swift is noted as one of the best hairstyles ever. This look is an instant peppy style that can suit any face shape. If you have thin and fine hair texture, you can try this lovely look for a perfect glam quotient and impression. The overall look, including the front bangs, took the internet by storm when the picture came out. Our diva Taylor Swift even tried out the pretty and cute pigtail cut.

4. Taylor Swift in Bangs and Pony:

Do you like it too? What do you think you do? We absolutely love this stunning makeover of hers. Her personality matches it so well, and the classic and vintage angle of her hairstyle is impressive. She has been spotted sporting this beautiful ponytail hairstyle on her social media, and she looks gorgeous while all the talk is about fringes and bangs lately.

5. The Braided Style:

The Braided Style

What do you think? It gives her a very classic and unique look seamlessly. Well, she posted this on her social media during her recent album announcement, and she looks stunning with her thin and sleek braids. We love her recent hairstyle, but did you imagine Taylor Swift in braids? We never did.

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6. Shoulder Length Hair Curls:

This hairstyle gives off a vibrant and plush vibe, and it is also edgy and comfortable, right?! You may not agree that she has gorgeous drop-dead looks, but she was spotted with this haircut during the recent lockdown period. This shoulder-length hairstyle with mild curls falling on her forehead is Taylor Swift’s most recent beauty hairstyle.

7. Braided Updo:

Braided Updo

Most girls would utilize a Taylor hairband, replacing one artificial with one natural, to create a headband by styling their hair using it. Taylor finally ends up with a braided updo, in which a thin braid goes across her head and the front portion of the headband is styled into silky bangs, compelling us to admire Taylor’s stunning looks and hairstyle.

  • This hairdo appears flattering on individuals with heart-shaped or oval-shaped faces and hair of medium length.
  • Weddings, parties, and formal gatherings are appropriate events for this style.
  • Perfect for teenage girls and young ladies, this is an excellent fashion choice to possess.
  • The optimal time to dress during the summer, spring, and even winter is ideal for this hair type.
  • Appropriate attire consists of elegant gowns, sleek dresses, and one-piece outfits that would complement this hairstyle nicely.
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    8. Long Curls:

    Taylor Swift’s long hairstyle is quite popular among her fans, and this approach to hairstyling is casual and amazing. It features tight curls that are thrown down at the end.

  • This design would appear pleasant on an oval, elongated, and triangular-shaped face, as well as on hair that extends beyond the shoulders.
  • Appropriate occasions to wear it include weddings, receptions, sangeet, and engagements.
  • The preferred age range for this type is young women between the ages of 20 and 30.
  • The appropriate dress for this hairstyle is formal gowns, as well as elegant and simple lehengas.
  • Perfect for this fashion for winter and autumn.
  • 9. Bangs with Long Tresses:

    Taylor swift bangs with Long Tresses

    The bangs are expressive and bold, while speaking for themselves with the textures and layers of the hair. This hairstyle completely lacks any waves or curls, giving off a sort of Egyptian vibe. For long and beautiful tresses, this hairstyle is polished and clean.

  • This haircut would appear flattering if you possess a heart-shaped, oval countenance, rectangular and triangular face; a similar look can be achieved with hair of medium or extended length.
  • This design is perfect for wearing at parties, ceremonies, and weddings of close friends.
  • The target demographic for this fashion style includes teenage girls, young ladies, and even mature women.
  • The optimal time to don this fashion is any time of the year, as long as you feel at ease!
  • The appropriate outfit to complement any Indian or Western dress will look adorable.
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    10. High Bun:

    The posterior part of the hair is pulled back and tied up high into a bun. On either side of the fringes, which frame the cheekbones or the face, there are also some comparatively long strands of hair, as well as brilliant eye-framing bangs. The front part is styled into a rear portion and a front portion, with some strands of hair styled into a brilliant eye-framing bang. One of the most popular hairstyles of Taylor Swift is a trendy and chic medium-length bun.

  • Suitable for this hairstyle, oval and A-triangle faces should work well with medium or long hair.
  • The perfect chance to wear it would be for your upcoming work gathering, the convention in the upcoming month, or other social occasions.
  • The perfect age range for this haircut should look great on teenagers as well as young professional women.
  • The optimal time to put your hair up high this summer and protect yourself from perspiration and discomfort.
  • The suitable attire for this stylish updo is your fashionable pantsuit or formal blouse, and pencil skirt.
  • 11. Bohemian Bun:

    Taylor Swift Bohemian Bun

    The overall look of this hairstyle is very elegant, with the hairband adding a touch of sophistication. The bun, which is made up of twisted hair, gives the hairstyle a distinct shape while still maintaining a messy and effortless vibe. Taylor Swift wore this hairstyle in the music video for her hit song “Love Story,” and she definitely looks like a princess. Bohemian hairstyles, like this one, often have an air of mystery to them.

  • For a perfectly styled hair, this long or medium length will beautifully work with an oval or round face shape, as well as a heart-shaped face with a triangle and oblong appearance.
  • Anywhere is fine! This style should look good anywhere, but it’s not a very formal hairstyle so avoid it at official events.
  • This hairstyle is great for women of all ages.
  • The optimal time to don this appearance is during any time of the year!
  • Pair your bohemian flared dresses with long skirts, gowns, sarees, and chic and casual hairstyles to give an impeccable and stylish look.
  • 12. Medium Curls:

    This hairstyle can be a challenge to style, so it is recommended that you visit someone who is well versed in the professional hair styling process. The parting side imparts a neat and polished look to the hairdo. This is another medium hairstyle of hers, which features flamboyant curls at the ends and straight hair that starts to curl strongly, defining her features.

  • This hairstyle is suitable for heart-shaped, square, and triangular faces and pairs nicely with short hair.
  • The appropriate event for this fashion is formal gatherings, excursions, romantic evenings, dances, opera performances, and so on.
  • This hairstyle is suitable for teenagers and young professional women who are looking for some enjoyment or celebration.
  • Any season is perfect for rocking such an adorable look!
  • Appropriate attire to match formal off-shoulder dresses, gowns, simple dresses, graceful Anarkali suits, and classic evening gowns.
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    13. Low Ear-Pony:

    Taylor Swift Low Ear-Pony

    She diverts attention to her beautiful eyes and covers a portion of her forehead with the hair in the front. Her hair is tied up in a ponytail that flows over her left shoulder, and it is brushed to the sides. The hair is parted on one side. Instead of hanging behind her left ear, the ponytail is situated behind her right ear and hangs beside her neck. This is not a high ponytail hairstyle, but rather a low ponytail hairstyle.

  • This hairstyle is appropriate for oval and square faces and complements long hair nicely.
  • The favored occasion is a simple yet stunning occurrence for summer get-togethers, academic establishment or college, a friend’s wedding, birthdays, and so forth.
  • Summer is the optimal period to sport this fashion, making it the perfect time to style your hair in this manner.
  • The appropriate attire for this fashion is casual clothing, denim pants and blouses, dresses, skirts, and so on.
  • This hairstyle is ideal for teenagers exclusively.
  • 14. Retro Look:

    Hairpins are used to create more manageable curls and keep them in place. The waves are styled in a strong curl pattern, resulting in well-defined waves (not ringlets). The hair is kept at neck length and she has cut her long hair down, giving her a vintage pinned-up hairstyle.

  • This hairstyle is suitable for heart-shaped, oval faces, and square faces, and it also works well with short hair.
  • Ideal events for this hairstyle would include parties, weddings, corporate gatherings, formal occasions, and so on.
  • The perfect age range for this fashion is teenagers, young ladies, or even mature women.
  • The ideal time to style your hair like this would be during summer and spring seasons.
  • This hairstyle goes well with formal attire, formal suits, and simple lehengas.
  • 15. Beach Waves:

    Beach Waves Swift Haircut

    Taylor Swift looks amazing with her natural-looking beach waves, complemented by minimal makeup and sleek bangs over her forehead. She requires very little maintenance and looks lovely in every kind of style.

  • This style is appropriate for any face shape and medium to long hair.
  • The preferred event for a casual or formal occasion looks effortlessly stylish for both.
  • This appearance is ideal for young women and sophisticated women.
  • You can try this style in any season, as it is suitable for all seasons.
  • The perfect outfit for this hairstyle with those semi-formal attire, skirt blouse, dresses and sarees look fabulous!
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    16. Navy Look:

    With her long curly hair and a cap on top, she looks just like an agent from SHIELD after World War II. The highlights, layers, and fringes at the front, along with the sweeping side curls, add volume and beautiful waves to her medium-thick hair. The quality of her hair is best suited for styling amazing waves and curls. Her flawless beauty mainly comes from her perfect oval facial structure.

  • This hairstyle should be suitable for any facial structure and medium to long hair.
  • The perfect occasion to flaunt this hairstyle would be in relaxed settings like informal gatherings, cozy meet-ups, beach adventures, and the like.
  • Perfect for teenage girls and young women who can sport this hairstyle for an adorable appearance!
  • Any season is suitable for trying out this style as long as you can pull off the appearance!
  • You can utilize this haircut with your informal Indian or Western outfits.
  • 17. Wispy Bob:

    Wispy Bob Hairstyle

    This is a very trendy hairstyle and Taylor Swift can aptly be named the bob hairstyle. Taylor was recently seen sporting this trendy bob, which covers her forehead with bangs and smartly layers around her face, making her look slimmer and giving her a casual and beach-like appearance.

  • This hairdo is appropriate to wear if you have a circular or oblong face and short or medium length hair.
  • This specific style would be perfect for casual occasions, beach gatherings, or cocktail events.
  • This hairstyle is suitable for women of all age brackets.
  • The summer period is the perfect time for this hairstyle.
  • Achieve a fashionable and stylish appearance with this type of hairstyle, paired with skirts and tops featuring spaghetti straps, sundresses, beach wraps, and flowy chiffon dresses, creating a suitable outfit ensemble.
  • 18. Bohemian Medieval Braid Look:

    The Bohemian atmosphere surrounding this appearance is unmistakable. This hairstyle exudes a delightful old-world charm, making it very charming. Taylor effortlessly rocks this stunning casual braid hairstyle.

  • This hairstyle works wonders for oval and heart-shaped faces and medium-length or long hair.
  • It is perfect for casual gatherings, house parties, nights out, and not necessarily somewhere exotic.
  • This kind of fashion appears very appealing on teenagers.
  • It’s definitely a versatile hairstyle for any season!
  • The appropriate attire for this fashion is nightgowns and lounge clothes, and it gives off a divine appearance!
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    Additional Tips:

  • Always cleanse your hair using the appropriate type of shampoo variation for your hair. Nevertheless, apply a conditioner following the cleansing process.
  • Avoid excessive use of hair products to style your hair. Excessive product usage can harm the quality of your hair.
  • The hair can be made bouncy by using equal parts of dissolved apple cider vinegar and using egg as a conditioning agent. For example, bottled gourd juice can be used as a hair softener. The kitchen has many items that can act as great hair care products. Go natural!
  • Start your day by thoroughly washing your hair in the morning. Before bed, massage the roots of your hair and gently apply slightly heated coconut or almond oil. Regularly oiling your hair is essential to ensure the health of your scalp and hair. This practice promotes a healthy scalp and ultimately leads to healthy hair.
  • We are so excited that you loved this article about your favorite teen sensation, Taylor Swift. If you also know us, let us tell you that we love her music videos, her voice, and her latest hairstyles. These hairdos have immense appeal and can make you look like a star. You can try these trendy hairstyles to impress your peers and charm them with your effortless style.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Q1. How can we take care of and preserve the celebrity appearance? While they have experts, as ordinary individuals, we do not…?

    Don’t worry! It’s easy for a particular celeb like Taylor Swift to maintain regular hair hygiene and keep looking for unusual hairdos. She goes to a hair spa at least once a month for essential services and minimal routine care.

    Q2. Which hair care products are essential for maintaining these hairstyles, such as Taylor Swift’s?

    If you have good quality hair products like shampoo, conditioners, and hair sprays, it will also be useful to maintain and create these styles. Additionally, you may need enough styling tools such as hair pins, a comb, a blow-dryer, and a curling iron or a crimping machine.

    Q3. Which hair adornments and devices are suitable for the aforementioned hairstyles?

    Taylor Swift is all about style. You can even experiment with funky hair colors and highlight your hairstyle with a shade of your choice. To add a touch of elegance, you can use jeweled pins, hair-like combs, and subtle yet beautiful jewels.

    How can we protect Taylor Swift’s hairstyles from the sun and wind? As college students, we are unable to avoid exposure to either of these elements.

    Using smoothening products can make your hair less prone to being blown away by the wind. If you’re worried about your style being ruined, make sure to use sunscreen for your hair when you’re out in the wind. Additionally, you can protect your head from the wind and sun by simply using a scarf.