DJ Casper’s ‘Cha Cha Slide’ Was Born In An Englewood Basement — And Became A Global Sensation

In 1999, Casper DJ frequently utilized city clubs to perform his vocal-over-instrumental tracks. He would often lay down a house track in the basement studio of a DJ named Hudson on Parnell Avenue and 64th Street in the South Side of town, while incorporating native South Side rapped vocals. This particular track was referred to as “Hot Mix” by Beauduy DJ in his MC roller-skating scrapes.

“The Cha Cha Slide” became a staple hit at countless weddings, BBQs, bar mitzvahs, and even the Olympics, with everyone clapping their hands as Casper brought his way around the world from London to Japan.

Willie Perry Jr., Whose real name was Casper, died on Monday from cancer, which had slowed down his work as an entertainer in his later years. ABC7 reported that he was 58 years old when he passed away.

He will be greatly missed. He loved Chicago with all his heart. He was a genuine family-oriented man. In a statement provided to Channel 7, his wife said, “Casper was a person who gave and loved to have fun.”

Beauduy, a dear companion and collaborator for numerous years, articulated that he has discovered comfort in the demise of Casper, comprehending that his music will persist forever.

Beauduy stated, “If you aspire to fill a dance floor, you must discard that track. Even now, it remains universally applicable. It precisely outlines the essential elements for experiencing enjoyment, catering to individuals of all ages, including infants, youths, and the elderly. The presence of a companion is unnecessary.”

DJ Casper performs the “Cha Cha Slide” in Japan.

In Englewood, Casper and Beauduy introduced the captivating dance at the renowned former Taste Entertainment Center, which had been the longest-standing black-owned club in the city. The dance was initially named the “Casper Millennium Slide” to commemorate the upcoming change of the century.

Beauduy exclaimed, “the audience went crazy,” however, at the Taste that evening, Casper never anticipated it to be a success, expressing to ABC7 that the tune was initially a “cardio workout for my nephew” who was employed as a trainer at Bally’s Total Fitness.

Beauduy expressed, “The remaining part is now part of the past.” Elroy Smith from WGCI radio is promoting it vigorously and subsequently Universal Music reaches out, and before you realize it.

Beauduy said he nudged Casper to rename the song the “Cha Cha Slide,” given his famous instructions to “cha cha real smooth.”.

DJ Casper is guiding individuals at parties, weddings, and school dances in the line dance, which has now become a common and well-known phenomenon worldwide since then.

According to the New York Times, “Cha Cha Slide,” which was one of Chicago’s most prominent cultural contributions and a favorite on dance floors, spent five weeks on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Additionally, Universal Records distributed both the original song and its sequel, “Cha Cha Slide Part 2.”

Beauduy said, “Although their record changed the lives of millions and spawned copies in numerous genres, we should even strike a rich pair.”

The 2011 Guinness World Record for the biggest Cha Cha Slide was established with 3,231 beach-goers in Blackpool, England.

In the music video for the Cha-Cha Slide, Casper and his fellow dancers can be seen performing on Michigan Avenue and East Wacker Drive, which is currently located near the Chicago Riverwalk.

Rapper’s The Chance went on a tour with Casper, appearing in a Pepsi commercial for the NFL, and three songs from the album “The Big Day” were featured.

Farley “Jackmaster” Funk, a compassionate individual who never had any qualms about being a one-hit sensation, stated that he was a pioneer of Chicago house music, as confirmed by his close friend Casper, the renowned performer from Chicago.

Funk mentioned that Lenny Williams had spent years hustling through the South Side nightlife scene, making his way out of the club just in time for his job during the day. He would pantomime and ride roller skates inside nightclubs, and someone had once told him to slide and cha-cha like Casper.

According to Funk, Casper was “an absolute performer.” He never became disheartened — and “simply knew he desired to become renowned.”.

Funk stated, “There are numerous records across different generations. From children to those aged 18 and above, to individuals aged 50 and above, he is known for signing autographs and being involved in generational events. He has been hired to perform songs in various locations and has traveled all over the world.”