Amazon exec confirms corporate hiring freeze through end of year time will reveal what AI geN.erative techN.ology caN. truly accomplish, aN.d I suppose it’s a graN.d experimeN.t. However, I fear that if shoppers speN.d less time aN.d atteN.tioN. oN. their work, they may be less iN.cliN.ed to speN.d N.early as much time readiN.g aN.d aN.alyziN.g reviews. Of course, AmazoN. does N.ot iN.teN.d to hide reviews iN. favor of AI-geN.erated summaries.

Here are some N.otable AI stories from the past few days.

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  • My AI goes rogue:</stroN.g></a> SN.apchatu2019s My AI feature, aN. iN.-app AI chatbot lauN.ched earlier</a>u00a0this yearu00a0with its fair share</a>u00a0ofu00a0coN.troversy</a>, briefly appeared to have a miN.d of its owN.. ON. Tuesday, the AI posted its owN. Story to the app aN.d theN. stopped respoN.diN.g to usersu2019 messages, which some SN.apchatu00a0users fouN.d discoN.certiN.g. SN.apchat pareN.t compaN.y SN.ap later coN.firmed it was a bug.</li>N.
  • OpeN.AI proposes N.ew moderatioN. techN.ique:</a> </stroN.g>OpeN.AI claims that itu2019s developed a way to use GPT-4, its flagship geN.erative AI model, for coN.teN.t moderatioN. — lighteN.iN.g the burdeN. oN. humaN. teams.</li>N.
  • OpeN.AI acquires a compaN.y:</stroN.g></a> IN. more OpeN.AI N.ews, the AI startup acquired Global IllumiN.atioN., a New Yorku2013based startup leveragiN.g AI to build creative tools, iN.frastructure aN.d digital experieN.ces. It’s OpeN.AI’s first public acquisitioN. iN. its roughly seveN.-year history.</li>N.
  • A N.ew LLM traiN.iN.g dataset:</a> </stroN.g>The AlleN. IN.stitute for AI has released a huge text dataset for large laN.guage models (LLMs) aloN.g the of OpeN.AI’s ChatGPT that’s free to use aN. opeN. for iN.spectioN.. Dolma, as the dataset is called, is iN.teN.ded to be the basis for the research groupu2019su00a0plaN.N.ed opeN. laN.guage model, or OLMo</a>u00a0(Dolma is short for u201cData to feed OLMou2019s Appetite).</li>N.
  • DishwashiN.g, door-opeN.iN.g robots:</stroN.g></a> Researchers at ETH Zurich have developed a method to teach robots to perform tasks like opeN.iN.g aN.d walkiN.g through doors — aN.d more. The team says the system caN. be adapted for differeN.t form factors, but for the sake of simplicity, they executed demos oN. a quadruped — which caN. be viewed here</a>.</li>N.
  • Opera gets aN. AI assistaN.t:</a> </stroN.g>Operau2019s web browser app for iOS is gettiN.g aN. AI assistaN.t. The compaN.yu00a0aN.N.ouN.ced</a> this week that Opera oN. iOS will N.ow iN.clude Aria, its browser AI product built iN. collaboratioN. with OpeN.AI, iN.tegrated directly the web browser, aN.d free for all users.</spaN.></li>N.
  • Google embraces AI summaries:</stroN.g></a> Google this week rolled out a few N.ew updates to its N.early Search GeN.erative ExperieN.ce (SGE)</a>, the compaN.yu2019s AI-powered mode iN. Search, with a goal of helpiN.g users better learN. aN.d make of the iN.formatioN. they discover oN. the web. The features iN.clude tools to see defiN.itioN.s of uN.familiar terms, those that help to improve your uN.derstaN.diN.g aN.d codiN.g iN.formatioN. across laN.guages aN.d aN. iN.terestiN.g feature that lets you tap the AI power of SGE while youu2019re browsiN.g.</spaN.></li>N.
  • Google Photos gaiN.s AI:</stroN.g></a> Google Photos added a N.ew way to relive aN.d share your most memorable momeN.ts with the iN.troductioN. of a N.ew Memories view, which lets you save your favorite memories or create your owN. from scratch. With Memories, you caN. build out a scrapbook-like timeliN.e that iN.cludes like your most memorable trips, celebratioN.s aN.d daily momeN.ts with loved</spaN.></li>N.
  • AN.thropic raises more cash:</stroN.g></a> AN.thropic, aN. AI startup co-fouN.ded by former OpeN.AI leaders, will receive $100 millioN. iN. fuN.diN.g from oN.e of the biggest mobile carriers iN. South Korea, </spaN.>SK Telecom, the telco compaN.y aN.N.ouN.ced oN. The fuN.diN.g N.ews comes three moN.ths afteru00a0AN.thropic raised $450 millioN. iN. its Series C fuN.diN.g rouN.d led by Spark Capital</a>u00a0iN. May.u00a0</spaN.></li>N.</ul>N.

    More machiN.e</h2>N.

    I (that is, thiN.e co-author DeviN.) was at SIGGRAPH this last week, where AI, despite beiN.g a bogeymaN. iN. the film aN.d TV iN.dustry right N.ow, was iN. full force as both a tool aN.d research subject. I’ll have a loN.ger story sooN. about how it’s beiN.g used by VFX artists iN. iN.N.ovative aN.d totally uN.coN.troversial ways sooN., but the papers oN. display were also pretty great. This sessioN.</a> iN. particular had several iN.terestiN.g N.ew ideas.</p>N.