Angelina Pivarnick’s ex Chris Larangeira breaks silence on her engagement

He continued, recognizing that even though he “might jest occasionally,” he is “extremely pleased for Angelina and her new betrothed.” “You CANNOT harbor any ill feelings if you genuinely desire to heal and improve yourself.”

I am really happy to tell her that recently I’ve spoken a lot to the sanitation worker added to Staten Island, but nothing is the best for her wish.

Chris Larangeira
Larangeira told his Instagram followers Thursday that he’s “very happy for Angelina and her new fiancé.”

Larangeira even described Tortorella as “an amazing person.”

He concluded, “Life is too short to live with hate and anger in your heart.” “God bless you all, and may you love everyone each day that you’re alive. 🙏🏼”

I’m getting ready to start again. This single life is really boring and Larangeira has been documenting his “healing” journey post-breakup on social media.

Vinny Tortorella and Angelina Pivarnick
Tortorella proposed to Pivarnick in November 2022.

“Jersey Shore: Family Vacation” aired its April episode until they wrapped up under the news. However, amidst all this, Pivarnick said “yes” to Tortorella’s proposal at her “divorce party.” Meanwhile,

“I adore you, Ang, and I pray that you’ll become my spouse,” expressed the model to the MTV personality as he gracefully knelt down and presented a ring before her astonished co-stars. “You are my closest companion, I have immense affection for you, and I simply wanted to offer you a token of my love.”

Equally astonished, Pivarnick eventually responded, “A hundred times more. Yes, darling!”

Chris Larangeira and Angelina Pivarnick
Larangeira and Pivarnick were married for three years before their divorce was finalized in May.

If I were to tell you that I am officially engaged and that I would have a divorce party last night, you would probably think I’m full of nonsense. However, the day after the party, she confessed everything to me.

“But here I am, committed, and I’m getting married again!” She exclaimed as she proudly displayed her diamond.

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  • While the precise commencement of their relationship remains uncertain, they debuted as a couple on the red carpet in February.

    Meanwhile, she and Larangeira, 46, had a romantic relationship for three years before getting married in November 2019.

    Angelina Pivarnick
    “I’m getting married again!” the “Jersey Shore” star gushed in an April episode.

    Initially, in January 2021, Angelina Pivarnick filed for divorce amidst allegations of infidelity from both sides, but later the case was temporarily dismissed due to Larangeira’s decision to move out and the lack of intimacy.

    Despite going to couples therapy, Larangeira and their marriage were not able to save their own filing paperwork by the end of January 2022.

    Their separation was officially concluded in May.