Apple WWDC 2023: What Bog Iger and Hideo Kojima’s appearances at WWDC says about Apple’s future plans

The CEO of Disney, Bob Iger, announced that the new Apple Pro Vision headset will be available on the launch day. Hideo Kojima, the legendary game maker, said that he is looking to bring his games to Apple devices. Both Hideo Kojima and Bob Iger had two key appearances at Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) in 2023.

Everything can be done on these headsets and chips, from making money to enabling Apple. These headsets and chips are only for enablers. One can also do everything on them. These pint-sized but powerful headsets and chips, driven by Apple, seem to be signaling the future of computing. Iger and Kojima, together, see Apple as the epitome of computing’s future.

The timing and location revolve around Iger and Kojima’s appearances. However, the presence of celebrities at Apple events is not truly a novel occurrence, let’s be honest.

On June 5, Apple unveiled the Vision Pro headset, marking the second significant alteration to its product lineup. Presently, the ‘M’ chips that power its Macbooks, iPads, and Macs are the foremost, naturally crafted in the past few years.

Apple aims to generate significant profits from these industries, and Kojima and Iger symbolize the two sectors that are most strategically positioned to capitalize on this opportunity.

Since 2019, Apple has clearly demonstrated a transition towards prioritizing services rather than products. The company consistently promotes its AppleTV streaming service, and it even provides a bundled subscription service for users, granting them access to all of its services, including AppleTV, Music, iCloud, and even a specialized virtual private network (VPN) exclusive to Apple users.

Apple announced a new dedicated ‘game mode’ for Macs at the 2023 WWDC, which will ensure that games can obtain additional resources from the processor.

Despite the fact that Apple devices, such as Macs and Macbooks, have always been powerful enough to render graphically extensive games and movies, they have consistently failed in the gaming arena, where PlayStation and Xbox, created by Sony and Microsoft respectively, have always been the preferred choices.

Following his departure from Konami, where he crafted the Metal Gear franchise, Kojima went on to conceive Death Stranding, the enhanced version of which will be released for MacOS. Kojima is highly respected within the gaming community. He is credited as the mastermind behind the creation and storytelling of the Metal Gear series, which is recognized as the bedrock for all subsequent stealth games.

With its fifth attempt, Pro Vision aims to capture the attention of gamers on various platforms, such as PlayStation and Xbox, by leveraging the powerful networking capabilities. Even if gamers are already engrossed in the immersive experiences provided by virtual reality or augmented reality headsets, Pro Vision understands the importance of meeting the demands of the gaming industry, just like Apple does.

Are we really supposed to believe that Kojima’s next productions are going to be exclusively for Macs? Apple’s gaming service Arcade is starting off with 100 games, but during his presentation at WWDC, Kojima didn’t say anything about his sure vision for the Pro headset.