Arkansas Lucky For Life Number Results, Draw Times, How to Play & Win

What are the Arkansas Lucky for Life Draw Times?

The sales deadline is 8:30 pm CT on Monday and Thursday. Approximately 1 hour before the drawing time.

Draw Times
Sunday No Draw
Monday 9:38 pm CT
Tuesday No Draw
Wednesday No Draw
Thursday 9:38 pm CT
Friday No Draw
Saturday No Draw

What is Arkansas Lucky for Life?

Following each drawing, the Arkansas Lottery promptly publishes all outcomes. Sales for the draws conclude at 8:30 p.M. CT on Monday and Thursday. The drawings take place at 9:38 p.M. CT every Monday and Thursday. Lucky for Life® is a draw game that spans multiple states.

If all of your chosen numbers match those drawn from the Lucky Ball, which is drawn at odds of 18 to 1, and the Lucky numbered Five Ball, which is drawn at odds of 48 to 1, you will win the top prize of $25,000 a year for life or $7,000 a week for life at the second level of the Lucky for Life® lottery.

Every Lucky for Life® game costs $2.

How Can I Win the Arkansas Lucky for Life?

Matching Numbers Prizes Odds
5 Balls + LB $7,000 a Week for Life *† 1 in 30,821,472
5 Balls $25,000 a Year for Life *† 1 in 1,813,028
4 Balls + LB $5,000 * 1 in 143,356
4 Balls $200 1 in 8,433
3 Balls + LB $150 1 in 3,413
3 Balls $20 1 in 201
2 Balls + LB $25 1 in 250
2 Balls $3 1 in 15
1 Ball + LB $6 1 in 50
LB $4 1 in 32

There may be an option to avail cash and there may be limitations to apply for the “for life” prize. Certain minimum of 20 years can play based on $2 and the overall odds of winning are 7.8 in 1. The winning numbers are rounded to the whole numbers. In some cases, the prize amounts may be split among multiple winners.

How do I Play AR Lucky for Life?


    Select either randomly-generated numbers for the Quick Pick (QP) box or manually mark your chosen numbers on a playslip. Pick 5 numbers ranging from 1 to 48 and 1 out of 18 numbers for the “Lucky Ball”.


    Each play of Lucky for Life® tickets has a price of $2. On evenings when draws are held, the sale of Lucky for Life® tickets is halted at 8:30 p.M. CT. Once a ticket has been printed, it cannot be voided. Lucky for Life® tickets can only be bought from a licensed lottery retailer.


    Multi Draws cannot be skipped. The draws include the consecutive draw and the upcoming draw from the next Retailer. You can request Draws Multi on either the playslip, ranging from 20 to 2.

  • AR Lucky for Life FAQs

    Playing Lucky for Life®

    Q: Where is the drawing of Lucky for Life® conducted?

    A: The drawings for Lucky for Life® are conducted in Rocky Hill, Connecticut. Previous draws can be viewed online at www.Luckyforlife.Us.

    Q: Can the Lucky Ball number be identical to one of the five white ball numbers?

    Yes, the Lucky Ball number may match one of the white ball numbers, therefore, the five white ball numbers and the one Lucky Ball number are selected from distinct sets of balls.

    Q: Which option has higher chances – selecting my own numbers or opting for a Quick Pick?

    The odds of winning are the same, whether you pick your own numbers or have the terminal randomly select numbers for you.

    Points for Prizes®

    Q: Can I redeem unsuccessful Lucky for Life® tickets in Points for Prizes®?

    Please check the front of the ticket for the code. Games related to draws are based on the last draw date printed on the ticket, while games associated with draws must be entered within 180 days of the purchase date. Codes for prizes and points are not generated by the terminal, but you can add them to your Prizes for Points® account by visiting https://theclub.Aslplayerservices.Com/pia. Non-winning and winning numbers from games like Lucky for Life® are also eligible.

    Purchasing Tickets

    Q: What is the price of Lucky for Life® tickets?

    A: Fortunate for Life® tickets are priced at $2 per play.

    Q: Is it possible to buy Lucky for Life® tickets ahead of time?

    Skipping draws is not allowed. Multi Draws will consist of the following draw and will be consecutive starting from that draw. To participate in multiple upcoming draws, you can choose anywhere from 2 to 20 Multi Draws either on the playslip or by requesting them from the retailer.

    Q: Until what time can I buy Lucky for Life® tickets on a draw evening?

    A: Sales of Lucky for Life® are halted at 8:30 p.M. CT on evenings when draws take place.

    Q: Can a Lucky for Life® ticket be invalidated or revoked?

    A: No. Once a Lucky for Life® ticket has been printed, it cannot be voided.

    Q: Can I purchase Lucky for Life® tickets through the internet or via postal service?

    A: No. Fortunately, Lucky for Life® tickets can only be bought from an authorized lottery retailer.

    Prizes and Claims

    Q: Do Lucky for Life® tickets have an expiration date?

    A: Prizes must be redeemed within 180 days of the drawing date on which the prize was won.

    Q: Do I need to match the numbers of Lucky for Life® in the precise sequence they are drawn?

    Your ticket must match the Lucky Ball number drawn, but the order of the five white balls drawn does not matter. No.

    Q: Can I cash in a winning Lucky for Life® ticket in any state?

    Although the winning numbers are the same for all Lucky for Life states®, a ticket must be redeemed in the state in which it was purchased.

    Q: I misplaced my ticket. Can I redeem a reward with a playslip or store receipt?

    If you misplace the ticket before signing it, it will no longer be considered validly owned. Make sure to promptly sign the rear side of any lottery ticket. The individual who presents the ticket for redemption will be assumed to be the rightful owner, as lottery tickets are considered bearer instruments. Proof of purchase cannot be established through playslips or store receipts. The only acceptable method for claiming Lucky for Life® prizes is by presenting a ticket printed from the lottery terminal.

    Lucky for Life® Top Prize

    Q: What are the Lucky for Life payout choices for the Top Award and Second Award?

    The cash payout for the Second Prize is $390,000 (prior to taxes). The cash payout for the Top Prize is $5,750,000 (prior to taxes). “For Life” awards are ensured for at least 20 years. Individuals who secure the Top Prize or Second Prize can choose to obtain a single lump sum payment instead of the ongoing annuity payments throughout their lifetime.

    Q: What occurs if multiple individuals win the top reward for Lucky for Life®?

    If there is more than one Lucky Life® top prize-winning ticket, the prize may be equally split among the winners. Multiple tiers may apply to apply for this, see more details for the game official.

    Q: Why does a first-place winner receive a lesser amount than the publicly announced reward?

    Details more for rules game official See withholdings and taxes appropriate less paid is prize top Life® Lucky annuitized advertised The: A

    Q: What occurs if a reward is not collected?

    If a prize is not claimed within the time frame established by the jurisdiction in which it was won (180 days in Arkansas), the prize funds will be distributed back to the states according to the sales proportion contributed by each state.

    Q: What are the payout choices for the Top Prize and Second Prize in Lucky for Life?

    The amount of money you would receive as a one-time payment before taxes for the Second Prize is $390,000. Similarly, the lump sum option for the Top Prize, also before taxes, is $5,750,000. The prizes that are awarded “For Life” are assured for a minimum period of 20 years. Individuals who win either the Top Prize or the Second Prize can choose to receive a single cash payment instead of the lifelong annuity payments.

    For additional details, kindly visit www.Luckyforlife.Us.