Así será el Mundial 2014 si se imponen los favoritos

The hypothetical next World Cup final would be Spain vs. Brazil. These two teams, the reigning champions and the hosts, are considered the top favorites for this tournament, and they would compete in the Maracaná Stadium to determine the winner of the World Cup.


Based on the location of the teams in the finals, the FIFA ranking of the teams was published at the beginning of May.

Nothing is definitive, which is why football is a sport of surprises, and as everyone knows, the FIFA ranking is not infallible.

What would be your ideal outcome and how can you share this with others? El Mercurio and El Diario de Chile have created a fun application where you can choose from the 32 different paths to lift the World Cup.

Grupo A.

Brazil would be ranked first according to the FIFA ranking, but the Aztecs, who shine the best, are Ivan Rakitic and Luka Modric as ‘cracks’ with Croatia. Mexico shares its group with Cameroon and Croatia, and is fourth in the ranking. ‘Canarinha’ is the favorite with its great local weight and they become a sure finalist in their five World Cups. Brazil is the favorite.

Classifieds: Brazil and Mexico.

Grupo B.

Más Noticias.

Ranked 15th, Chile has a lower rank but, has a great opportunity to be in the round of 16, just like the other finalist of the 2010 World Cup, Netherlands. Chile would remain in the second place of the ranking, based on the 13th place it currently holds. Few doubt that the ‘Iberians’ will not pass the round of 16, as they are the runner-up of the Confederations Cup and the defending champion of Europe. Spain is the clear favorite. The Group El of the World Cup is the most challenging.

Classifieds: Spain and Chile.

  • The clubs will deliver the payment slips after the World Cup.
  • Armando Wila: ‘Para mí ir al Mundial está complicado’.Output: Armando Wila: ‘For me, going to the World Cup is challenging’.
  • Caicedo did travel to the United States and will be with the national team.
  • Antonio Valencia and Jefferson Montero play tennis soccer in a hotel room.
  • Grupo C.

    The African teams always have the unfortunate luck of staying in the group stage, with Ivory Coast having the best position (10) in FIFA. The ‘Hellenes’ would qualify for the round of 16 along with Greece, the ‘cafeteros’ would also qualify for the round of 16. Colombia is a strong favorite in a fairly even group.

    Classifieds: Colombia and Greece.

    Grupo D.

    The group stage of the World Cup is the most difficult and evenly matched. Italy, known as ‘azurriu’, currently occupies the ninth position in the FIFA rankings. They would be followed by ‘charrúasu2019 los Los’, who are the eleventh. Uruguay is positioned better than England and Italy in the FIFA rankings.

    Classifieds: Uruguay and Italy.

    Grupo E.

    Ecuador would be third. The French (16), with a better position than Ecuador (28), would be the best runners-up despite being the favorites in the Group. The ‘Swiss’ are a surprising top seed and would go in first place as they are eighth in the FIFA rankings. Switzerland and France would have that privilege. If it were based on the FIFA ranking, Ecuador would not qualify for the round of 16.

    Classifieds: Switzerland and France.

    Grupo F.

    In the World Cup, these three teams would compete for the second position. The ‘Balkans’ are in a better position than Nigeria (44) and Iran (37). The white and sky blue team would be in first place, followed by Bosnia-Herzegovina (25), the only debutant in the World Cup. In the penultimate group, Argentina is the favorite on the field and in the rankings.

    Classified: Argentina and Bosnia.

    Grupo G.

    Another complicated group in the World Cup. Germany will occupy the first position, second in the FIFA ranking. Portugal would be second, with the presence of Cristiano Ronaldo. Ghana and the United States, who are also in the group, could give a surprise.

    Classifieds: Germany and Portugal.

    Grupo H.

    The World Cup’s most even group, perhaps, is the last one. Algeria seems to have slim chances of advancing to the round of 16, as they are one of only four teams. Belgium, based on their ranking, will be the first team in Group H. South Korea, who have been omnipresent in the World Cup, will face a combined team from Russia after a 12-year absence.

    Classified: Belgium and Russia.

    Octavos de Final.Output: Round of 16.

    The pairings would be if the logic of the FIFA ranking is followed. If they are second, they will face Argentina and if they are first in Group E, their likely opponent would be Bosnia. The Asian and African teams will not do it, just like England and the Netherlands, who will not be favorites. With a clear favoritism towards European and South American teams, several interesting matches will take place in the round of 16 if the first phase ends in this way.

    Brazil (A1) versus Chile (B2), Colombia (C1) against Italy (D2), Switzerland (E1) versus Bosnia (F2), Germany (G1) playing against Russia (H2), Spain (B1) facing off against Mexico (A2), Uruguay (D1) taking on Greece (C2), Argentina (F1) competing against France (E2), and Belgium (H1) squaring off against Portugal (G2).


    Here is the ranking list based on the matches. If Portugal is in second place, they could face Germany in Group E. The Tricolor from Ecuador would remain in the case. The other seven teams would remain. If Portugal and France were to fall in the round of 16, they would be eliminated based on their better position in the rankings. If they successfully qualify for the World Cup, four out of the six South American teams would reach the quarterfinals.

    Brazil vs. ColombiaSwitzerland vs. GermanySpain vs. UruguayArgentina vs. Portugal.


    Brazil as the South American representative would be alone in this phase. They would face Germany, the top favorite for the World Cup, and in the other bracket would be Spain and Portugal. If Ecuador achieves the ‘miracle’, they would face Brazil (if they are first in Group E) or Spain (if they qualify as second). The matches would be: Brazil vs. Germany and Spain vs. Portugal.


    Would the ‘Red’ be the tournament for football to work like the FIFA ranking if it happens again? Would Spain, the champion, define the title with Brazil as the favorite? The final would be the same as the Confederations Cup.