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Better Rates. Better Coverage. We Shop Multiple Top-Rated Companies At Once.

Better Rates. Better Coverage. We Shop Multiple Top-Rated Companies At Once.

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We have earned our reputation for professionalism by giving special attention to the needs and requirements of our clients. Since 2002, we have experienced steady growth and have become recognized as one of the leading agencies in the state of Oregon. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our agency and the products we provide.

Our goal as insurance agents is to provide you with the best service possible, while also allowing you to choose coverage at the lowest price. We are able to shop your insurance needs with many of Oregon’s finest carriers, giving us an advantage over our competition as an independent insurance agency. In addition, we are also able to provide some of the best rates available for specialty lines of insurance, including SR-22 filings and non-standard auto insurance. We also offer competitive insurance programs for RVs, motorcycles, and home and auto insurance.

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Wildfires, home insurance & staying safe during poor air quality days

July 23rd, 2023.

Depending on the state you reside in, homes situated in high-risk areas may have limited or no coverage under home insurance. We are currently witnessing two prevalent situations: Several insurance providers across the nation have had to modify their home insurance policies due to a rise in wildfires in recent years.

How to do your part to reduce wildfires this summer

9th July, 2023.

According to Wildland Fire Management Information, humans are responsible for wildfires. Were you aware that most wildfires are ignited by humans? It is crucial to employ optimal methods to decrease our vulnerability, and averting a wildfire necessitates a joint endeavor. We would like to emphasize the significance of wildfire prevention during this period.

An update on auto & home insurance rates in 2023

24th June, 2023.

Unfortunately, as the insurance industry continues to be affected by inflation, insurance carriers are being forced to adjust their claims and risk assessments. This means that whether you are renewing your insurance policies or shopping at the grocery store or gas station, you will feel the impact of inflation on your insurance premiums in 2023.

Proper insurance coverage for your summer activities

June 9th, 2023.

Looking forward to the start of a new season, you may enjoy activities that are typically enjoyed during the summer season. Whether you plan to take road trips, swim, use your ATV or dirt bike, or spend time on your boat, you may be excited to make the most of the summer season that is near!

Homeowner’s insurance discounts

24th May, 2023.

We can provide you with quotes from all carriers once you give us the information. We represent the top home insurance carriers in the country. If you are looking to find a lower premium for your current home insurance or if you are looking to purchase a new home, our local independent insurance agency can help you.

Should You Insure A Golf Cart?

May 10th, 2023.

Depending on the state you reside in, golf cart insurance, whether it is mandatory or voluntary, will offer you superior coverage compared to solely relying on your home insurance policy. Golf carts are not solely used for the golf course, but also as a convenient means of transportation within the neighborhood, which is why many individuals opt for insurance coverage.

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10th April, 2023.

When considering automobile theft, there exist several scenarios…

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Insurance Options for Boat Owners + Theft Prevention Tips

24th March, 2023.

If you’re a boat proprietor, you anticipate all year for the boating season…..