How To Become A Successful Part Time Agent

How To Become A Successful Part Time Agent

Being an insurance agent can be particularly challenging, especially in the first year when only about 8% of new agents manage to survive. It’s tough to handle the stress of sales and obtain a license, not to mention learning the ins and outs of the industry. Transitioning into full-time insurance work is no easy feat.

In this article, we will discuss how to become a part-time insurance agent and the benefits of starting your career at the beginning, especially with part-time work. Essentially, becoming a part-time insurance agent equates to gradually entering the insurance field, including keeping a “regular” job to pay the bills. Many people find that it works better for them, as the insurance field is based on commission.

My comprehensive article, “A Comprehensive Study Guide: Tips for Successfully Passing the Life Insurance Exam,” provides detailed information on the entire process that you can explore. It covers everything from the examinations and licensing requirements to becoming a part-time insurance agent.

Here is a concise summary of the steps to obtain a license:.

Get ready for your license examination and enhance your preparation with online license study platforms like ExamFX. Engage in studying, attempt practice exams, and reinforce your knowledge by enrolling in classes to attain the license. Show dedication to the entire procedure.

Knowing your insurance sales process works is crucial to your success—does yours measure up?
Make sure by downloading our free guide: The Template for Quick-Starting the Sales Process of an Insurance Agent.

To take the licensing exam, it’s generally around $50 – costs vary by State. Pay for and pass your insurance licensing test.

Nevertheless, confined agencies generally provide superior training. Due to the abundance of opportunities, working for an autonomous agency can serve as an excellent initial job in the insurance sector for agents who prefer part-time work. Verify if the agency you aspire to collaborate with offers licensing preparation or grants access to an online license study service. Once you obtain your license, make a decision on whether to align with a confined or autonomous agency.

Advice For Earning a Higher Salary From the Beginning.

  • Whether you are looking into captive or independent options, it is recommended you research the average comp percentage offered and negotiate as best you can.
  • Learn how to unlock higher tiers of pay as you progress.
  • Talk to recruiters and get multiple offers before you pick the right overall best place for you.
  • If you plan to build a team, carriers typically pay these agents more.
  • Being appointed means that you have been authorized by an insurance company to act as an agent on its behalf. This means that once you are appointed, you are able to sell multiple insurance products from that company. This step is specifically for agents who choose to go the independent route, rather than selling products from a specific company (known as captive agents).

    You may eventually want to adopt additional tools and software to help your agency run more efficiently. When meeting with customers and using proprietary software and training modules from the carrier, you typically need to log in to your technology using a tablet or computer. However, in a situation where you work as an independent carrier versus a captive carrier, this step may look different when transitioning from one carrier to another. Make sure to acquire the necessary access and equipment.

    To ensure that you connect with customers who are seeking real-time services, make sure to use a reputable partner like EverQuote, which is the largest insurance marketplace in the US. You can also partner with a vendor to quickly start generating new business. Take a look and subscribe here, as we have extensively written about these topics on our blog at EverQuote. Once you’re ready to set up shop and shop for clients, you’ll need to focus on how to bring people to your door. Find a consistent way of getting new clients.

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  • Benefits To Becoming A Part-Time Insurance Agent

    There are several benefits to becoming a part-time agent.

  • Being employed as a full-time agent entails a higher financial gamble. This strategy enables part-time agents to undergo training, obtain a license, and work at their preferred speed while simultaneously maintaining another job.
  • Employing part-time agents for telesales enables carriers to have flexibility. If you don’t want an office or face-to-face meetings, this can be advantageous if you are working part-time.
  • Independent schedules allow part-time agents to manage their own business.
  • Pros & Cons Of Being A Part-Time Agent


    Pros Of Being A Part-time Agent:

  • There is potential to earn more money the longer you dedicate your time.
  • Create your own timetable.
  • Work remotely.
  • Explore the possibility of becoming an insurance agent with a small investment instead of hiring a full-time agent, to determine if it suits you and to evaluate your abilities.
  • Capacity to adapt.
  • You can effortlessly transition to becoming a full-time representative in the future.
  • Cons Of Being A Part-time Agent:

  • Disputes can pose a challenge for agents who work part-time.
  • Managing your time can be challenging, particularly if you lack a mentor or comprehensive training.
  • If you are only working part-time hours, you may not have sufficient time to complete the task.
  • There is a challenging learning process for becoming independent and driven.
  • You may miss out on additional opportunities due to restricted working hours.
  • Can a part-time agent switch to full time?

    If things are going well for you as a part-time agent, you can absolutely choose to go full-time. It is relatively easy to schedule and add more availability to your established agency once you’ve done this shift.

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