Big Recall: Coffee, Protein Shakes, Oat Milk and Some Breads Affected

Lyons Magnus, a manufacturer of food and beverages, announced a recall that impacted a range of plant-based milks, protein shakes, caffeinated beverages, and baked goods sold by various brands. The initial recall of drinks has now been expanded to encompass certain breads, such as pretzel bread produced by King’s Hawaiian, and most recently, a selection of rolls sold by Piantedosi Baking.

The recall is due to the fact that the products, including the one that leads to botulism, may have been tainted with hazardous microorganisms, as stated by the FDA and Lyons Magnus, because they did not meet the specifications for commercial sterility.

Piantedosi Baking stated last week that it is recalling certain batches of dinner rolls, such as sandwich rolls and buns, due to the presence of a recalled ingredient from Lyons Magnus. Similarly, King’s Hawaiian announced the recall of its pretzel bread, which includes pretzel hamburger buns, pretzel slider buns, and pretzel bites, as a precautionary measure, as these products also contain a Lyons Magnus ingredient that is included in the wider beverage recall.

Babies, elderly individuals, and individuals with compromised immune systems can face risks or potentially life-threatening situations due to cronobacter. However, cronobacter infections are uncommon and can result in symptoms such as fever, vomiting, or urinary tract infections. The affected items could potentially be contaminated with cronobacter sakazakii and clostridium botulinum, which are specific microorganisms.

In the statement, the FDA and Lyons Magnus advised consumers to discard any affected item regardless of its appearance or odor, even though the recalled beverages have not been found to contain clostridium botulinum. Clostridium botulinum can cause botulism, an uncommon yet extremely severe illness that can harm the nerves and result in complications, including fatality.

If you’re interested in learning more about brands that have recalls as well as alternatives to your current favorite unavailable drink, here’s what you need to know: there are a few more specific beverages, like lactation smoothies, that you can consider. Additionally, if you’re a protein-shake or plant-based milk drinker, it’s good to know a few more options.

Certain batches of Oatly’s oat milk, specifically the “barista edition,” are undergoing a product recall.

Lyons Magnus

Which brands were recalled?

The recall list includes recalled products with the corresponding lot codes, UPC numbers, and expiration dates for recognized brands or beverages. It should be noted that not all beverages from the affected brands are subject to recall, as only batches with a particular expiration date may be affected. Furthermore, all lots of a different beverage from the same brand may be considered safe. To check the specific lot codes for the recall of King’s Hawaiian’s pretzel bread, please refer to the provided list.

Several batches of the subsequent beverages including coffee drinks, protein shakes, plant-based milks, and other drinks are being called back.

  • Lyons Barista Style (Delicious Cream Frappe Base in 32-ounce cartons; Almond, Oat, Soy and Coconut Non-Dairy Drinks in 32-ounce cartons).
  • 8.45-ounce packages of Shake Protein Plant-Based are available in both chocolate and vanilla flavors. The 32-ounce cartons come in vanilla flavor and offer high calorie and high protein with only 1.7 grams of added sugar. The 32-ounce cartons also come in vanilla flavor and provide high calorie and high protein with 2.0 grams. Pecan butter, chocolate, and vanilla are the available flavors for the high calorie and high protein Drink. Both 8-ounce and 32-ounce cartons are available. The consistencies of the Dairy Thickened Drink (Care Ready Lyons) are different.
  • Cafe Grumpy (Prepared to Consume Chilled Brew Coffee, 11 ounces).
  • Tone It Up (Vanilla and Chocolate Plant-Based Protein Shake, 11 ounces).
  • Remove (Oatmilk Organic Oats and Peamilk Chocolate in 8-ounce cartons).
  • Organic Valley provides a range of organic milk choices in 8-ounce cartons, including organic whole milk and organic 1% Milkfat Lowfat milk, available in regular and chocolate flavors.
  • Seasoned (Full Keto Meal Shake Chocolate Flavor in 11-ounce cartons).
  • Revitalize (Muscle Health+ Vanilla and Muscle Health+ Chocolate, 11 ounces).
  • Optimal Nutrition (Gold Standard 100% Whey in chocolate and vanilla, 11-ounce containers).
  • Sweetie Pie Organics offers a variety of organic lactation smoothies such as Mango Banana and Apple Pear, each weighing 11.1 ounces.
  • Ensure Harvest (1.2 Calories for Tube Feeding in 8-ounce containers).
  • PediaSure Harvest (1.0 Cal for Tube Feeding in 8-ounce containers).
  • Lyons Barista Style offers almond, coconut, and oat milk in 32-ounce cartons.
  • Pirq (Plant Protein 32-milliliter cartons available in vanilla, chocolate, caramel coffee, and strawberry flavors).
  • Glucerna Original (8-ounce chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla cartons sold in cases of 24-count)
  • Hello (chocolate ocean salt, coconut, vanilla and iced coffee plant-based protein containers).
  • The intellectual elite (ColdCoffee and Oat Latte 330-milliliter cartons).
  • The carton comes in various sizes, including Vanilla 1.5 Peptide Pediatric, Vanilla 1.2 Standard Pediatric, Plain 1.5 Peptide, Plain 1.4 Standard, Chocolate Shake Nutrition, Vanilla Shake Nutrition, Coffee Shake Nutrition, Vanilla 1.0 Standard, Vanilla 1.0 Pediatric, Vanilla 1.0 Peptide (from Farms Kate).
  • Oatly provides a range of choices, such as 32-ounce cartons of Barista Edition oat milk, 11-ounce Barista Edition, 11-ounce Oat-Milk, and 11-ounce Oat-Milk Chocolate.
  • Premier Protein offers a variety of flavors including chocolate, vanilla, and cafe latte in 330-milliliter cartons.
  • MRE (cookies and cream, milk chocolate, salted caramel, and vanilla milkshake 330-milliliter protein shakes).
  • Original and Chocolate oat milk, Horchata oat milk, and Sugar & Cream chocolate flavors, in cartons of 325 milliliters, are cold brewed in coffee (Stumptown).
  • The consistencies of Dairy Thickened Drink and Nutritional Pecan Butter 2.0 Plus Med, Nutritional Vanilla 1.7 NSA Plus Med, and Nutritional Vanilla 2.0 Plus Med (Nutritional Vanilla Nutritional Plus Med and Nutritional Nutritional Vanilla 2.0 Plus Med Thickened Dairy Drink Butter Pecan Nutritional Plus Med) are different.
  • King’s Hawaiian (Pretzel Slider Buns, Pretzel Hamburger Buns, and Pretzel Bites) offers a variety of delicious options.
  • Piantedosi Baking Company provides a variety of deli rolls, dinner rolls, hamburger buns, and other baked items. The list of available products can be found here.
  • King’s Hawaiian via the US Food and Drug Administration website

    Oatly says the easiest way to check the best-by date of their recalled products is to look for the initials “LM” next to the package’s date. The Chocolate and Original Edition Oatmilks, as well as the limited Barista Edition Oatmilk in 11-ounce and Barista Edition, are the products that have been affected. Oatly still has a variety of products available for sale on its website. It is not a brand that makes every type or lot of drink risky or unsafe, but rather a refreshing drink.

    Additionally, the Planet Oat store finder can be utilized to discover a nearby location. It is reasonably priced, has a pleasant flavor, and you have the option to purchase a set of six 32-ounce containers of the “original” for $42 when using Walmart for ordering. However, if you are an avid consumer of oat milk and are interested in exploring other brands, we suggest trying Planet Oat.

    Recalled cold brew?

    The end of this month will see a couple of changes at Grumpy Cafe, as Magnus Lyons, who used to work there and brew cold drinks, will no longer be involved. Grumpy Cafe released a statement reiterating that only a few drinks will be affected by this change. However, the cafe will still offer a safe and diverse selection of drinks, as not all the brands listed in the recall have been impacted. This situation is similar to previous recalls involving most or all of the brands on this list.

    That said, some single-serve cartons of cold brew coffee drinks were being recalled. If you’re looking for a replacement, we recommend mixing your own concoction at home. In addition to your favorite plant-based creamer, one of our favorites is Elmhurst Oat Milk Creamer, which is made using a standard cold brew from La Colombe.

    Substitute for your protein shake

    Owyn, which was hailed by CNET as the top vegan protein shake, remains on the market. However, do not worry, as the affected shakes also earned a spot on CNET’s esteemed list of top protein shakes and powders. Premier Protein, another prominent brand, experienced a recall of several of its products.