Jake Paul vs. Nate Diaz: How to watch the fight on ESPN+ PPV

On Saturday, Aug. 5th, Jake Paul will make his comeback to the boxing arena in Dallas at the American Airlines Center. He will be going up against Nate Diaz in a 10-round cruiserweight fight, with a catchweight of 185 pounds. The event will be available on ESPN+ PPV at 8 p.M. ET.

Paul (6-1, 4 knockouts), 26 years old, from Cleveland, Ohio, recently experienced a split-decision defeat against Tommy Fury in February.

After the defeat, Paul made adjustments to his team by bringing in trainers Theo Chambers and “Sugar” Shane Mosley, a member of the International Boxing Hall of Fame, to collaborate with his longtime coach J’Leon Love.

Originally scheduled to face Paul in December 2021, Fury was forced to step down due to an injury, and Woodley, who had previously beaten Paul by a unanimous decision four months earlier, was replaced by Woodley in the rematch, where Woodley stopped Paul in the sixth round, scoring a TKO victory.

During the post-fight interview, Diaz called out and won a unanimous decision, while MMA legend Anderson Silva faced issues with his visa, preventing him from traveling from England to the United States. Additionally, the fight between Fury and Paul was canceled due to visa issues, but it is scheduled for August 2022 for them to face each other again.

During his time in the UFC, Diaz faced off against Benson Henderson, Leon Edwards, Jorge Masvidal, Tony Ferguson, and Conor McGregor, among others. Although he never managed to secure a championship title, Diaz is widely regarded as one of the top fighters in the UFC. Currently, he is transitioning to the world of boxing, marking his debut in this sport.

Silva and Woodley both faced Askren, the former Bellator champion, and defeated him in the first round by TKO, before April. Additionally, Silva knocked out Nate Robinson, the former NBA star, with a one-punch KO in the second round. Woodley also secured a victory in his professional boxing debut in January 2020, defeating fellow YouTuber Gib Eson Ali by TKO in the first round.

Where can I watch the Jake Paul-Nate Diaz fight card on Saturday, Aug. 5?

Additional information can be found here. The pay-per-view event can be purchased on PPV+ ESPN. The full card fight between Diaz and Paul-Nate Jake will be broadcasted in the U.S. On PPV ESPN+ starting at 8 p.M. ET.

How do I stream the fight?

You can watch the battle in the United States by visiting the ESPN+ pay-per-view page.

The complete card:

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