Bill Maher admits using private jet, calls out ‘hypocrite’ environmentalists like John Kerry

Maher faced the camera, stating, “And the same goes for any individual who identifies as an ‘environmentalist’ and has the ability to do so!” I am known as Bill, and I travel by private aircraft.

Celebrities such as Leonardo DiCaprio, George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Oprah Winfrey, Bono, Mark Zuckerberg, Beyoncé Knowles Carter, and Jay-Z, along with notable Democrats like former President Bill Clinton and Senators Bernie Sanders, I-Vt. And Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass, were observed boarding or departing from their personal aircrafts. Subsequently, he displayed a montage of numerous celebrities in a photo.

Maher expressed, “it’s comparable to heroin, if you engage in it once, you’ll never cease. And this is the ultimate truth. It transpires that there exists one element in this universe that is utterly impervious to resistance. Their stance on climate change is ‘We ought to intensify our efforts to halt the release of carbon into the atmosphere, except for myself when I desired to travel and consequently opted for a private jet.’ Nevertheless, all the environmentalists of Hollywood and Washington engage in this behavior. If you do not observe a photograph of a famous personage in this vicinity, it is due to our lack of permission to employ it.”

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He then aired a photo collage of countless celebrities, including Beyonce Knowles Carter (pictured with family), either boarding to leaving their private jets.

There are only two kinds of people, those who could fly privately and those who could not, with exceptions being Thunberg Greta and actor Ed Begley.

I said that I’m done being a hypocrite and I can’t take being a hypocrite anymore, but I can be seen as a bad environmentalist because almost all of us are. I used to justify always renting a plane because I couldn’t literally get to most of my stand-up gigs on time and it was the only way I could work. But I don’t need to do stand-up tomorrow night outside of Albuquerque and almost everyone else could fly commercial. Ask anyone who tried to get home for Christmas last year.

Maher went on to call out John Kerry, the climate czar of the Biden administration, for using his infamous private jets, saying it’s like smuggling drugs in the Secretary of Homeland Security.

A picture of John Kerry.
Maher called out John Kerry for his infamous use of private jets, saying “it’s like if the Secretary of Homeland Security smuggled drugs in his butt.”

Quipped Maher, “If you could run TED Talks, you wouldn’t need coal! People take private jets to environmental conferences.” Sorry not sorry, look. I tried to do my part for the environment, sorry not sorry, look. I never had kids because the worst thing for the planet is one more car on the road. In 2001, I had the first generation Prius, which looked like a gel cap Tylenol. I always handed my valets a better car than me. Honestly, both of these cars sucked. In 2010, I had the first Tesla. And… That’s the right thing to do. I’ll have a platform because I’ll take one for the team, I said to myself both times. But… If everybody will follow, then nobody followed.