Bistro Shrimp Pasta

I adore this entire family outing! It’s amazing how this recipe for a copycat version of The Cheesecake Factory’s Bistro Shrimp Pasta has managed to retain the same flavors without the 3,000 calories. The Bistro Shrimp Pasta is a delectable combination of crispy shrimp and sautéed mushrooms and tomatoes, all tossed in a creamy lemon-garlic sauce with spaghettini. It’s garnished with fresh arugula, which adds a delightful touch.

Not good. Definitely not good. No… No. Neither do I desire that. If necessary, they can sew magic and I don’t like my pants. It’s also unfortunate that the world is not perfect. I probably still wouldn’t be satisfied. And throughout the year, all 365 days, dinner and lunch are breakfast. Whenever I mean all the time, and whenever I say all the time, I would have Shrimp Bistro Factory’s Cheesecake in my perfect world.

I’ve made this recipe a few times. Even though it was an instant hit in our house. I’ve tweaked it every time to simplify the ingredients and cut down on fat. Because nobody needs 3,000 calories. And golly gosh, I’ve done it! The spaghettini is tossed in a lemon-garlic sauce with crispy shrimp and sautéed fresh veggies. A healthy sprinkling of grated parmesan on top. I’m not counting.

It is the perfect representation of summer pasta that will make you feel the warmth of the sun instantly!

Along the way, I will provide you with a few shortcuts to speed things up, so don’t worry. It’s not always possible to understand, but sometimes it is. Really. It’s worth it, like every single bite is worth 40 minutes of work. But I will say that this recipe will take you the entire 40 minutes to make.

Let’s dissect each element so that it’s simple for you to comprehend while being at home.

Place a lined plate with paper towels on it and remove the towel. Fry the shrimp in a skillet, about a minute on each side, until they turn golden brown. In a medium bowl, combine cornstarch and breadcrumbs. Beat an egg white and toss the shrimp in it until they are evenly coated. Remove the tails or leave them on, according to your preference. Purchase clean, deveined shrimp in a variety of sizes, aiming for a pound of large shrimp (size 31-40).

If you want an even lighter version of the recipe, you can purchase 1 pound of frozen popcorn shrimp. However, this option doesn’t make it any lower in fat, even though it’s the perfect way to make this meal even quicker. Instead, you can toss the shrimp with other ingredients and fry them or bake them in the oven. They’re available in the frozen seafood section, just defrost them and toss them with sauce, pasta, and veggies.

You can’t make a mistake! Select the shrimp alternative that suits you the most. The Cheesecake Factory’s Bistro shrimp pasta offers the fried variation I demonstrated earlier. I suggest

If you are planning on serving it right away, stir in the chopped basil and add it to the mixture. Season it with salt, black pepper, and red pepper flakes as needed. It is important to whisk it when adding the sauce to avoid separating. Slowly add the mixture while whisking. Bring the sauce to a light simmer before letting it reduce by a quarter. Add half and half and chicken broth. Heat olive oil and butter in a small saucepan and sauté the garlic for a few minutes. You are going to add this to thicken the sauce later. Whisk until all the lumps have been worked out. For the garlic lemon-creamy sauce, mix cornstarch, lemon zest, and lemon juice in a small bowl.

I’ve tried both the regular version and a more luxurious version of this recipe, but neither of them turned out to be as good as the shrimp pasta bistro version. Obviously, I made this lighter recipe by using half and half free of fat, so it doesn’t have the same 3,000 calories as the regular version.

Season the tomatoes with salt as necessary and sauté them for an additional minute. Next, sauté the mushrooms in a skillet for 2 minutes. As for the vegetables:

That’s all! And sprinkle a few pinches of grated parmesan on top. Add 6-5 pieces of shrimp per person to the sauce and drizzle it over the pasta on the plate. Once the pasta is done, I like to spoon the rest of it onto the plate. This allows the pasta to absorb some of the sauce, so give it a gentle toss and add half of the sauce. The heat from the sautéed tomatoes and mushrooms helps wilt the arugula. In a large bowl, toss the cooked spaghettini with the sautéed tomatoes, mushrooms, and arugula until all the ingredients are combined.

Can anyone please serve you a ready meal star 5 with a fresh side salad at home when you have no time? They clearly need to give this recipe a try. Who says homemade versions of your favorite restaurant can’t taste just as good? Make sure to try the shrimp pasta bistro.