Bookshelf Fantasies

I feel like I’ve been bombarded with promos for Mr. Malcolm’s movie, so I wanted to see it if I decided before giving it a try and booking.

Julia, a young woman, decides to take revenge when she feels jilted and offended for seemingly inconsequential reasons. Malcolm, Mr. Regency, catches your attention, but catching him is a prime romance in this context. He has a list of what he wants in a wife and one deficiency is enough for him to drop her consideration as a prospective bride.

Does he inform his beloved that he does not meet the qualifications listed? Then, when he finally proposes, could it possibly go wrong? In order to make him fall madly in love with her, she plans a great invite to London with her friend from school.

For a short period of time, she reluctantly agrees to play along. Selena is also horrified but has nowhere else to go. She learns about Julia’s scheme and arrives until she receives Julia’s invitation to stay with her, Selena is delighted and is left with no other options. Selena, who has spent the past three years as a companion to an elderly woman in the service of the vicar’s daughter, is pawned in Julia’s scheme.

When Malcolm Mr. Meets her, things become infinitely more complicated because he is the most beautiful man she has ever seen. They seem to instantaneously connect and as Julia’s plans are increasingly hindered, Selena yearns to be free from keeping up her honesty with him, in order to begin developing feelings. Finally, he does learn the truth may be too late to salvage the romance between them.

Malcolm is a charming ladies’ man with a kind heart, who needs to reform his views on women’s rights. Although I haven’t read many books set in the Regency era, I have just read Malcolm’s Mr. List, and I don’t feel that it offers anything new or different. I was not captivated by it, but I was entertained. It is a light and fast-paced read.

All accounted for and present, the romance of this particular type is quite abundant. The constant concern revolves around the impending spinsterhood, as well as discussions about titles, matches, and the season. Worries about vulgar relations and reputations, scandalous moments, horse-back riding, balls, and house parties are also present.

The pacing of Julia’s paragraph is a bit odd, with moments that seem like overaching secrets looming in the background, but it lacks believability, chemistry, and a secondary love story. All the schemes are very obvious and either revealed or resolved within the paragraph. However, the story did manage to hold enough interest for me to want to see how it all turns out.