Ex-boyfriend arrested for killing Chesterfield mother, her 3 children: ‘These babies are gone’

The suspect involved in the fatal shootings of a mother and her children inside a home in Chesterfield County, Virginia, was apprehended in Maryland early Friday morning.

Shortly before 5 a.M., Law enforcement officials attended to a 911 report regarding a commotion at the residence located in the 4200 section of Laurel Oak Road, where the corpses were found.

The Chesterfield Police have identified Cottle Jayson and the Kinsey twins, who are in year 4, as well as Parson Kaelyn, who is 13 years old, as the victims. JoAnna Cottle, who is 39 years old, is also among the identified children.

Adams, who is 35 years old and was previously in a relationship with Jonah Adams, was subsequently captured by investigators close to his residence in Waldorf, Maryland. According to officials, Adams is the father of Kinsey and Jayson Cottle.

According to Crime Insider sources, Cottle contacted 911 after witnessing Adams wearing a camouflage mask outside her residence at approximately 4 a.M., As reported by Jon Burkett.

Lt. Col. Chris Hensley with Chesterfield Police

Law enforcement: The mother contacted emergency services at 911 about a ‘potential intruder’.

“Mrs. Cottle, the parent of the three kids, phoned regarding a potential trespasser. As our officers were en route, we could discern the sound of gunfire,” stated Lieutenant Colonel Chris Hensley from Chesterfield Police. “When the officers arrived at the location, the suspect had already fled. Subsequently, they discovered the four individuals who had lost their lives, all due to gunshot injuries. As soon as the officers entered the dwelling, they promptly located them.”

Police directed their investigation towards Adams and his location as a consequence, however, Burkett mentioned that a judge rejected it. Officers discovered that Cottle had previously submitted for a restraining order.

Burkett mentioned that law enforcement swiftly obtained information that Adams, hailing from Clinton, Maryland, was present in Chesterfield County during the period of the disruptive incident and the homicides.

Hensley, the coordinated department stated, officers and agents from law enforcement and AFT in Maryland and Richmond were able to establish surveillance upon his residence, where he was taken into custody and seen.

Investigators have arrest warrants for Adams on four charges of premeditated homicide.

By the end of Friday afternoon, the lawsuit had not been logged into Maryland’s digital court records database. It remained uncertain at that moment whether Adams had hired a lawyer to advocate for him.

Neighbor: ‘My spouse heard three loud noises’.

In order to determine if anything appears suspicious, law enforcement encouraged residents who are still trying to cope with the tragedy to inspect their door or surveillance cameras.

John Shisler, who lives one block down from where the shooting happened, said he heard something unusual shortly before 5 a.M. And officers told him what happened.

Shisler expressed, “I just thought I heard a car rolling down the road, which seemed a little faster than normal for this neighborhood, at this time of the night.”

Candy Hirsh said that while there was nothing out of the ordinary on her cameras, her husband told police he heard something.

“My spouse heard three loud noises,” she stated. “We believed it was someone attempting to break into vehicles or something.”

While adjacent inhabitants offered any information they could to the authorities to aid in the investigation, they also grieved for the people impacted.

Nicole Rogers-Powell, sobbing, expressed, “These infants have departed, and I deeply regret it. Despite the severity of the situation, I simply desire a world that is not like this.”

Burkett said it was a heavy day for the first responders, including friends, family, and the dispatcher who took the 911 call and heard the shots.

Louth stated, “It certainly makes the holidays difficult, but there is never a time that is not a good time.” “There is never an easy time when you go to someone’s house and find a homicide.”

If you have information about the case that could help detectives, call Chesterfield County Police at 804-748-1251 or Crime Solvers at 804-748-0660.

Earlier in the story, it was stated that officers found a previous protective order on file during their investigation. However, the judge denied the protective order that had been previously filed by Cottle.

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