Chadwick Boseman’s Wife Simone Ledward Boseman Gives First Sit-Down Interview Since His Death

Two years after his tragic death, Simone spoke to Whoopi Goldberg on Tuesday’s episode of Good Morning America, where she shared how she’s keeping his alive legacy alive. This interview marked her formal first sit-down since Chadwick’s death in August 2020.

“Simone admitted that their family decided to keep Chadwick’s four-year struggle with colon cancer a secret. She shared, ‘These past two years have been the most challenging for me in my life. There was no pressure to go outside, and everyone was in their house. Things really started to spiral when COVID arrived.'”

“It appeared as though, ‘Is this an extraordinary happenstance that we have the opportunity to physically be present here, that we have the privilege of being here with our loved ones – collectively? And everyone across the globe is also encountering this sense of unity amidst this dreadful, frightening, and uncertain period?’ We maintained the authenticity of our bond – essentially, our bond was minuscule,” she added.

Simone confessed that on certain days, she finds it challenging to cope with the fact that she was fortunate enough to have experienced Chadwick’s presence and affection in her life, even if it was only for a brief period.

Simone, with tears streaming down her face, exclaimed, “I am overwhelmed with disbelief at my incredible fortune. Moreover, I managed to earn their affection as well. It is truly astonishing that I have had the opportunity to experience such profound love for this individual.”

Chadwick’s relatives issued a declaration revealing the passing of the 43-year-old, which became known to fans when they tied the knot prior to his demise in 2020. They crossed paths at a commemorative concert in tribute to the deceased vocalist at the Hollywood Bowl, where the pair encountered each other following Chadwick’s portrayal of James Brown in the 2014 film Get On Up, as reported by GMA.

Simone stated that overnight something unexpected occurred, and as a result, Panther Black emerged. This remarkable individual turned out to be a phenomenal and extraordinary man whom I had the privilege of meeting.

Simone had the opportunity to speak with the host on TV and reflected on the chance of getting to attend the premiere of Forever Wakanda Panther: Black in New York City on Tuesday. Rachel Smith from ET’s also spoke with Goldberg.

“Goldberg exclaimed that they were both lucky to have found each other and that the woman they were talking about was incredibly beautiful. He added, ‘I mean, it’s truly amazing.'”

Goldberg expressed her excitement that she was not bothered by conversing with me, stating that it was clear that Chadwick’s demise was still recent and challenging for her to discuss.

Simone informed Goldberg that his scholarship program at his alma mater, Howard University, particularly at Chadwick A. Boseman College of Fine Arts, is benefiting young, ambitious performers, where his influence continues to thrive outside of cinema. She added that his portrayal of King T’Challa in Black Panther played a pivotal role in propelling him to immense fame.

She said they’re taking the Marvel movie program through which many voices can contribute and help create the mantle.

All Letitia Wright, Angela Bassett, and his co-stars, Ryan Coogler, the director of the film, paid homage to the deceased actor at the Hollywood premiere for the second installment in the Black Panther series, where Simone was also present.

ET Wright was told, “It’s really hard to do this without our brother, and I’m so proud of the way you brought the Wakandan family together, showing us love and knowing that.” “We’re extremely proud of how Ryan brought a script that could honor Chad, we’re extremely proud of that.”

“We’re expecting that you all are pleased with our contribution,” she remarked, “However, as he observes us from above, we aspire for this movie to simply elicit his pride.”