University of Arizona shooting suspect to be held without bond

The judge in Tucson, Ariz, ruled on Thursday, Oct. 20, that Murad Can Dervish, the suspect in the University of Arizona shooting, will be detained without bail (KOLD News 13).

Dervish was expelled from the program prior to becoming a graduate student in June. According to authorities, professor Thomas Meixner was fatally shot on campus on Wednesday, Oct. 5.

On Thursday’s arraignment, Dervish did not plead guilty to charges of three counts of endangerment, misconduct involving weapons, first-degree burglary, aggravated assault, and first-degree murder, which will be the next court date on November 17 at 9 am.

Throughout the trial, the judge referred to him as “hazardous”.

After rejecting Lynch’s request, the judge denied Dervish’s public defender, Christopher Lynch’s plea to refrain from capturing photos or filming videos of Dervish in his prison attire. Lynch further requested the judge at the hearing to prohibit media access to the courtroom, which was also denied.

Lynch responded to the judge’s concerns, stating that the Dervish’s right to an impartial jury could be threatened due to the thousands of students and many people employed by the University of Arizona. As the day progresses, the need for justice becomes increasingly apparent.

Meixner and Xiquan Dong, a pair of professors, were engaged in an occurrence in November 2021 that led the University of Arizona law enforcement to summon officers, as affirmed by investigator Todd Kaufman.

According to Kaufman, Dervish allegedly began shouting when Meixner declared that the grade would remain unchanged. Meixner, who is the department head, was the person Dervish approached after disputing a grade he received in a class taught by Dong, as stated by Kaufman in court.

Dervish was dismissed from his role as a teaching assistant later that semester.

Then he was expelled. Dervish Kaufman said that other professors, Dong and Meixner, began sending threatening emails containing homophobic and anti-Semitic slurs.

Kaufman testified that Dervish was seen on campus in March, the day following his receipt of the letter of expulsion.

Tucson authorities were informed of the incident by the vendor, as Dervish had uttered a disturbing statement that left the vendor deeply concerned, revealed Kaufman, supposedly attempting to purchase a firearm on a platform resembling Craigslist.

Prosecutors presented text messages from the phone number of Dervish.

If it failed to sell for $550, the seller indicated in a text message that they intended to remove the firearm from the website and retain ownership of it.

“In response, Dervish replied, ‘I and a few others are accustomed to dealing with this issue, as it has been a recurring matter for quite some time. However, the financial aspect is not a significant concern, as it only involves a few dollars.'”

The most disgusting piece of writing, Dervish which, Meixner to Dervish from emails displayed also Prosecutors, is off the top of my head your blows someone hope I’ve [expletive] your blows someone hope I’ve [expletive].

Officials claim that Dervish acquired a 9mm pistol, probably via a non-commercial transaction, during the period of August to September.

Subsequently, after a duration of 15 to 20 minutes, he was declared deceased. Initially, emergency personnel attempted to rescue his life, despite the fact that he was experiencing blood loss from multiple gunshot injuries to his torso and an additional one to his neck during the moment of Meixner’s attack, as stated by authorities.

The President of the University of Arizona, Dr. Robert Robbins, said that the Pima County Attorney’s Office made charges against Dervish Meixner, including alleged threats. However, the evidence was not considered sufficient, so the charges were dropped. The university took several steps to ensure the safety of the campus and to prevent Dervish from returning.