Chloë Grace Moretz Family Guy meme: What is the meaning?

WHEN a digitally altered image of Chloë Grace Moretz went viral, she became the topic of various online memes.

Jerry and Tom, who were compared to each other, gained popularity on social media after being featured in Family Guy.

Manipulated pictures of Chloë Grace Moretz caused users to compare her to a Family Guy character

On May 23, 2016, Chloë Grace Moretz was captured on camera while returning to her hotel in New York City.

Since that time, internet users have taken those pictures of Chloë and digitally altered her physique.

In actuality, her upper body is smaller than it appears, while Chloë’s legs seem longer than their true length. The edited pictures create this illusion.

Users of Instagram, Twitter, and Reddit drew comparisons between Chloë and Legs Go All the Way Up Griffin, a character from the FOX cartoon Family Guy, due to the manipulated images of the actress.

In the first episode of Family Guy, Peter Griffin’s great aunt recalls how Chloë’s legs went all the way up to her neck, but there was no visible torso in that reference gag.

The comedic moment that breaks the flow of the primary narrative was first presented in the episode titled Amish Guy, which aired on November 27, 2011.

How did Chloë respond?

Many years later, after the Internet memes featuring her image became widely popular, Chloë expressed her emotions regarding the experience.

I was able to see people that Chloë and that Chloë was the actress who played in the family Addams for a long time when I was in private.

“Then those two worlds clashed and I felt truly exposed and susceptible and receptive.

“Afterwards, the wave of dreadful memes that began being sent to me about my physique.”

The star further shared that my entrance into the hotel with a pizza box in my hand greatly impacted me, but there was one meme that I have never discussed before.

This photo was manipulated to turn a character from the television show Family Guy into one of the most widespread memes of all time, featuring a short torso and long legs.

Web netizens likened Chloë to Peter Griffin’s aunt Legs Go All the Way Up GriffinCredit: Fox

“Everyone was having a lot of fun making jokes. Oh, it’s hilarious! Like, were they messing around and someone played a prank? I and someone else brought it up and it added to the amusement.”

“And it’s something that I cannot alter about my identity, and it is being shared extensively on Instagram,” she stated. “I distinctly recall being seated and contemplating, my physique is being exploited for amusement.”

“It was something as harmless as entering a hotel with remaining food.”

“Even now, when I encounter that meme, it’s something extremely challenging for me to conquer.”

The winner of the People’s Choice Award stated, “It’s a mind-bender. I believe that the struggles of body dysmorphia, which we all face in society, are magnified by the problems caused by social media.”