Let’s stand up for Dr. Peter Hotez after attacks from Joe Rogan, Elon Musk, RFK Jr., and their followers, says Ken Hoffman

During his infamous interview with Joe Rogan, famous anti-vaxxer and presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr., He repeated incorrect assertions that vaccines are linked to autism and actually cause harm to children, while also claiming that Covid vaccines are unnecessary. This interview took place on Thursday, June 15th, lasting for three hours.

Hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin were found to be ineffective in treating Covid, as government evidence suggests. Additionally, there are theories promoted by RFK Jr., Such as the potential of Wi-Fi radiation causing various illnesses like eczema, asthma, allergies, and even autism. Moreover, vaccines are claimed to contain dangerous levels of mercury. It is also alleged that RFK Jr.’S uncle, President John F. Kennedy, was assassinated by the CIA, leading to the promotion of long-standing conspiracy theories.

During the Covid pandemic, dealing with vaccination mandates and mask wearing, Americans had an easier time than the Jews in Germany during Hitler’s Holocaust, once said RFK Jr, whose assertion was considered highly offensive.

He said, “Could you hide in an attic like Frank and Anne did? Could you cross the Alps to Switzerland, even in Hitler’s Germany?”

He failed to mention that during Hitler’s Third Reich, six million Jews were killed and Anne Frank, who was 15 years old, died in a Nazi concentration camp.

Hotez v RFK Jr. And Joe Rogan.Output: Hotez versus RFK Jr. And Joe Rogan.

“Spotify (Rogan’s streaming platform) has completely ceased any effort to prevent Joe Rogan’s dissemination of vaccine information,” tweeted Dr. Peter Hotez, a prominent supporter of Covid vaccines and a distinguished scientist from Houston. This message was posted a day after RFK Jr.’S guest appearance on the Rogan podcast. Dr. Hotez also included a link to an article published by Vice.

Hotez enticed Rogan to invite and engage in a debate on his podcast, sparking a Twitter discussion, by offering a donation of $100,000 to charity.

An apprehensive person named Hotez was essentially called upon by Elon Musk and presented with a sum of $250,000 to increase the stakes for the investment firm overseen by billionaire Bill Ackman.

Despite being comfortable with public speaking and media appearances, Hotez declined the invitation to appear on Rogan’s podcast, even though RFK Jr. Had agreed to do so.

Joe Rogan invited Hotez to engage in a verbal confrontation with RFK Jr. On his podcast. Photograph by James Law.

I told MSNBC Hotez that I was offered to go on Joe Rogan’s show, not to turn it into a Jerry Springer show with RFK Jr.

“The multitude of online criticisms I am receiving in response to this ludicrous podcast clearly indicates that numerous individuals sincerely hold a belief in this utter foolishness.”

Science is not worth discussing.

That’s all fine and dandy, and that’s where it should have concluded.

When the time comes, demonstrate your endorsement for him in various ways if an individual aligns with RFK’s anti-vax claims. Pen a correspondence to the editor. Attend RFK’s public gatherings. Contribute funds to his campaign. Avoid patronizing businesses that promote vaccination. Decline to receive the vaccine, especially on an individual basis.

However, that’s not where the story concluded. And this is when it becomes terrifying and perilous and unacceptable.

From humorous to inexcusable.

“What is the discussion about vaccine injuries in children? RFK Jr. Wanted to know why they demanded that you wouldn’t be aware. Two men were waiting for him with a cellphone to capture their confrontation as they were returning home to Houston from visiting a local bakery. It was Father’s Day on Sunday when his wife and Hotez decided to visit a bakery.”

Hotez, disturbed, informed the individuals that they were bothering him. He closed and secured the door. He sent out this tweet.

We were all trying to get a cake for Father’s Day, and it’s very sad that we couldn’t do it. They were clearly lying while we were waiting. If I asked Rogan about the RFK debate, he would shove his cellphone in my face. The Washington Post informed him.

He stated, “Individuals of this nature typically do not visit my residence.” “In the event that they possess a firearm, you constantly feel anxious.” “I had no intention of staying to discover.”

The individual with the mobile phone camera shared a video of the encounter on social networking platforms.

On Wednesday, June 21, former Fox News host Tucker Carlson, now a personality on Twitter, entered the fray by saying that Dr. Hotez refused to accept Joe Rogan’s invitation, arguing against the idea of a “debate” with RFK Jr.

Here’s a scary response I posted to a follower of Carlson’s comment, which he removed before I captured the photo.

Ken Hoffman declares, “According to a Twitter screenshot by Ken Hoffman.” Ken Hoffman states, “He poses a physical danger, inform me if anyone desires to witness me confronting him in person and striking him in the eye.” Hotez resided in close proximity to my residence.

The police should be contacted to investigate something that is a physical threat. The term “Dot Eye” is used to describe someone striking another person in the face, causing a black eye.

Charismatic entertainers and politicians need to be cautious, as they should not incite their followers to cross acceptable boundaries, even though they may feel the truth about what they want to say and their freedom to do so.

Carlson and Jr. Have not commented about the men waiting for Hotez at his home, so they do not condemn the need for a physical attack or threat. RFK and Rogan have also refrained from making any remarks thus far.

During public gatherings, this is not the Howard Stern from the ’80s and ’90s who sends Stuttering John or Baba Booey to inquire about embarrassing matters from famous personalities.

You have the option to purchase the products he promotes, acquire tickets to his live comedy performances, and indulge in his podcast. Joe Rogan, similar to Stern in the past, is a performer who is both highly compensated and successful.

The safety of your family should not be a concern when it comes to following Hotez’s recommended habits of listening and watching, as well as adhering to Covid mandates and vaccines.

The document about Dr. Hotez.

In the case you’re not familiar with, He is the co-director of the Center for Vaccine Development for Children’s Hospital Texas. He is a professor at Baylor College of Medicine. He received a Bachelor of Arts in molecular biochemistry and biophysics from Yale University, a Doctor of Medicine from Cornell Weill Medical College, and a Doctor of Philosophy from Rockefeller University.

He holds the position of Fellow in Disease and Poverty at the James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy. Additionally, he serves as a Senior Fellow at the Hagler Institute for Advanced Study & Scowcroft Institute of International Affairs at Texas A&M University. The walls of his office are filled with diplomas and honors.

As previously mentioned in this publication, Dr. Maria Elena Bottazzi and her research collaborator successfully implemented what is known as “The Global COVID-19 Vaccine” in the year 2021.

It was surprising to discover that Hotez, who was mentioned as one of the top 5 Houstonians in the 2021 list, is named Devadanam Steven My. Additionally, in 2022, it was reported that his work also led to a nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Why is this man not devoted to curing sick people and his life? He is the embodiment of the Texas Medical Center, the largest and finest group of medical facilities in the world.

If you are not fond of Hotez in a professional or personal capacity, express your discontent and voice your opposition to vaccines.

However, if you are unwell, kindly refrain from consulting Hotez if your trust lies more with podcasters, Twitter hosts, and RFK Jr. Rather than scientists and doctors. Nevertheless.

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