Christiana Mall shooting started when 3 men ganged up on another man by food court: Police

The shooting that caused chaos at Christiana Mall on Saturday evening began as an altercation between four men, which then escalated into a melee resulting in three people being accidentally shot, according to Delaware State Police.

Around 6:45 p.M., Officers were summoned to the entrance of the mall’s food court following the reception of reports regarding the shooting incident. Numerous customers hurriedly evacuated in response to the sound of gunshots.

What do we know about the shooters and the victims?

The police said that the physical attack on the victim started when three men began attacking him. The police investigation revealed that they still haven’t identified the three men, but they learned that the 18-year-old man who was confronted in court was leaving a food establishment.

Firefighters enter the food court entrance at the Christiana Mall after a shooting Saturday evening, April 8, 2023.

The 16-year-old friend and 18-year-old old friend were both hit by three rounds in the lower extremities and torso. The shooting started when one of the suspects pulled out a gun from his waist, at which point the victim’s two friends quickly jumped in to help.

WHAT WE KNOW: Christiana Mall shooting: What we understand about the gunfire that injured 3 people on Saturday.

“Despite being listed as stable, they were transported to a nearby hospital, where all three individuals were struck by a single bullet in the lower limb. This includes an 18-year-old man who was standing on the sidewalk adjacent to the shopping center.”

Police said the suspects are three males in their late teens. They were wearing all dark clothing during the shooting, police said.

Activists from the local gun violence prevention movement gathered on Monday afternoon in the aftermath of the Saturday evening shooting that injured several individuals and left three people with bullet wounds.

Conflict and chaos result in engagements that distance them from vulnerable children aged 4-17, her charitable organization provides initiatives to put an end to aggression. She advocates for the core reason why the tragedy of Saturday’s event deeply affected the well-structured assembly, the Stop the Violence Prayer Chain and the organization led by Margaret Guy.

“The individual stated that she received panicked phone calls from individuals in her program who are now deeply affected by the incident. I had adolescents from my program who were shopping in the mall during that period.”

Guy said that he wanted to do something to bring an end to violence and make it known that everyone cares. She was thankful that none of the children in her program were physically injured. They hold signs and walk to Monday Mall Christiana, praying.

TEEN SPEAKS: ‘I didn’t desire to perish. I wasn’t prepared’: Teen provides account of getting away from Christiana Mall shooting.

Their prayers were for everyone, including the teenagers who were shot and the individuals responsible for the acts of violence.

Guy exclaimed, “Let us put an end to the acquisition of all these firearms by these teenagers. Let us fervently hope that they will cease obtaining all these firearms and that they will prosper.”

Some participants who entered the circle discussed limitations on gun access, mental healthcare provisions, and assistance for families. Within the group, a small contingent of activists from different anti-violence organizations gathered in the parking lot near Mall Road, praying for love, peace, and unity as they formed a circle.

In Delaware, they desire additional legislative measures to further limit gun accessibility, however, Anne McWalter, a prominent figure in the state’s Moms Demand Action anti-gun violence organization, expressed their presence to endorse Guy’s initiatives.

Various organizations held a prayer circle in the parking lot of the Christiana Mall on Monday April 10, 2023 two days after a shooting in the food court injured three people.

Last year, Governor John Carney signed a package of bills addressing gun safety and ownership, which included provisions holding gun dealers and manufacturers accountable for actions that are negligent or reckless, as well as raising the minimum age to purchase most firearms to 21 and implementing a prohibition on the sale of assault weapons.

The group of lawmakers wants to take up the bill for permit-to-purchase again, if a law requiring fingerprinting, safety training, and purchasing a firearm training is passed into law. This bill, which was never made out of the Appropriations House committee last year, would require a permit to purchase a firearm.

“Some individuals who should not possess firearms,” they aim to increase the difficulty for, but McWalter stated they are not attempting to prevent individuals from purchasing a firearm.

In trying to figure out how to react to what happened at the mall, Guy advised people to continue living their lives.

“Don’t allow these individuals to discourage you from engaging in ordinary, joyous, everyday activities,” she stated.

Mall-goers recount fears

Those who were at the shopping center during the shooting on Saturday described the event as horrifying.

In Pennsylvania, a close family acquaintance, her sibling Andy, her younger sibling Lily, and Penny, a 13-year-old girl, were spending time together while their parents enjoyed a night out.

Penny, who contacted her mother after the gunshots were fired, expressed her belief that she was about to perish.

Her mother described the call as “the most terrifying experience I have ever had to hear.”

SHOPPERS SPEAK: Christiana Mall shooting: What we know about the shots that injured 3 on Saturday.

Several other individuals who were at the shopping center that evening shared similar sentiments in their social media posts and in person outside the shopping center on Saturday night.