Crime and Public Safety | What we know about Anderson Lee Aldrich, the alleged Colorado Springs Club Q shooter

On Sunday morning, during a press conference, Chief Adrian Vasquez of the Colorado Springs police revealed that the individual responsible for the incident was Anderson Lee Aldrich, a 22-year-old. Vasquez mentioned that Aldrich utilized a firearm with an extended barrel during the shooting, and law enforcement officials discovered two firearms at the location of the incident. Upon entering the club, Aldrich, who according to the police, was quickly overpowered and disarmed by the customers, was subsequently admitted to the hospital until Tuesday. Following their release from the hospital, they were taken into custody and transferred to jail.

The grandparents of Aldrich, who were at least of legal guardianship in 2016, had court records showing that Aldrich’s parents divorced in 2001, and helped them change their history. Aldrich wanted to distance themselves from their father’s criminal past, so their grandparents, who had court records, wrote a letter to help them. In 2016, after moving to the San Antonio area, where they were living, Aldrich formally changed their name from Brink Franklin Nicholas to Aldrich Lee Anderson. Aldrich, who uses they/them pronouns and identifies as nonbinary, is currently living in Colorado Springs with their mother, as their defense attorneys told Mayor John Suthers of Denver.

It appears that Aldrich has been the target of online bullying during their teenage years. Their parents and grandparents are subjected to a considerable amount of vitriol and their remarks are filled with bigoted insults. The webpage created by Aldrich in 2015 includes a number of images.

Aldrich has an extra grandparent named Randy Voepel, who has served as both a legislator from California and a mayor of a San Diego suburb for an extended period.

Is there any record of Aldrich having a criminal background?

Officials have stated that Aldrich’s “encounters with law enforcement” are included in the wider investigation, and it remains undisclosed whether the individual had been previously engaged with the police. As reported by the media, an individual sharing the same name and age was apprehended in June 2021 for menacing their mother with “an improvised explosive device, various weapons, and bullets.” The arrest took place following a short confrontation.

The District Attorney’s Office, Fourth Judicial District spokesman, Howard Black, stated that it cannot confirm whether Aldrich Black, the same person involved in the shooting, will be investigated as part of the incident that occurred in June 2021 until it is deemed appropriate.

Bowman considered it to be quite ordinary for someone of that age, as Aldrich was not very talkative. Bowman knew that Aldrich’s mother would often visit the house and spend time watching movies in her room. About 15 months before the alleged bomb threat, Bowman had rented a room in her house to Aldrich’s mother, who lived in the Lorson Ranch neighborhood on the outskirts of Colorado Springs. The events of the June 2021 incident unfolded in Leslie Bowman’s home.

Bowman claimed that Aldrich displayed hostility towards her in a particular episode. Bowman intended to discuss this matter the following day, but due to the lateness of the hour, and Aldrich’s mother’s continuous grievances about the malfunctioning toilet in her bathroom, Aldrich reacted angrily.

Bowman remembered that the person said “Leave” and forcefully shut the door in front of me. He confronted me in a confrontational manner. I simply attributed it to youthful male hostility. It was late and everyone was irritable. There were no further occurrences following that.

Eventually, Bowman was told by police to evacuate her home due to an alleged bomb threat standoff at the center. On June 18, 2021, while Bowman was babysitting at a friend’s house, she received some strange texts from Aldrich’s mother, asking if she would be home.

Aldrich was arrested and eventually surrendered. Aldrich’s mother packed up things and returned to the house the next day. Later, some men retrieved them from Aldrich’s mother’s church. Bowman never spoke to or saw her former tenant again.

After Aldrich was taken into custody, Bowman decided to investigate the events of the previous month. In search of Aldrich’s mother, deputies from the El Paso County sheriff’s office knocked on her door. Bowman deduced that it could have been a wellness inspection.

This prompted Bowman to browse the internet for the latest information on Aldrich’s situation. She discovered that the charges had been dismissed.

I will definitely discover soon. I am hoping that their mother is okay. After the standoff in 2021, Bowman said that none of the investigators or police contacted me after that weekend.

Prior to the apprehension, Aldrich and their mother were expected to accompany them. Aldrich resided with their grandparents, who were in the midst of selling their residence in Lorson Ranch in order to move to Florida. Bowman believed that the family was preparing to depart Colorado in 2021.

What do law enforcement suspect was Aldrich’s intention in the shooting at Club Q?

As of Tuesday, authorities have refused to respond to inquiries about the shooter’s reason for the incident, citing the ongoing investigation.

The police questioned the suspect early on Sunday morning and said that they had recently moved into another resident’s complex. They were linked to a person living in an apartment complex where the shooting occurred, just a few hours after.

The mayor of Colorado Springs said that the attack at the Q Club was a hate crime and described it as a shooting with all the accompanying elements.

Q Club is devastated by the senseless attack on our community, the club posted on its Facebook page. The club expressed its condolences to the victims and their families, and also expressed gratitude towards the brave customers who quickly reacted and subdued the gunman, bringing an end to this hateful attack.

GLAAD — the LGBTQ+ and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation — denounced the assault as “indescribable.”

“Expressed Sarah Kate Ellis, the president and CEO of GLAAD, ‘The distress and calamity for everyone in the LGBTQ community intensifies when we pay tribute to the trans individuals who lost their lives the previous year, on Transgender Day of Remembrance, that this mass shooting occurred on the eve of. This particular incident, similar to the numerous assaults on our community, as well as the nearly 300 anti-LGBTQ proposals introduced this year, can be directly linked to the deceptive and repulsive language about LGBTQ individuals propagated by extremists and magnified through social media.'”

This is an evolving narrative and will be revised as additional details emerge.

Journalists from the Denver Post, namely Seth Klamann, Joe Rubino, and Elise Schmelzer, contributed to this report.

The revised count of injuries in the Club Q shooting, as reported by the Colorado Springs Police Department, has been updated in accordance with this news story as of 1:30 p.M. On November 21, 2022.