Joe Biden, Jen Psaki joke with James Corden during White House visit: ‘Who is that guy?’

With guidance from former press secretary Jen Psaki, Corden stepped in for the White House culinary experts, Biden’s personal aide, and even fielded inquiries on behalf of press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre. The British presenter of “The Late Late Show with James Corden” made a visit to the White House in order to alleviate some of the crucial responsibilities of President Joe Biden’s staff for his segment called “Take A Break”.

The segment, which lasted for almost 12 minutes, was broadcasted on Thursday in London, where the show is currently being filmed. Biden, who playfully mentioned the host’s location in Washington, appeared multiple times throughout the special week.

Once Corden departed from the Oval Office to retrieve a snack for the Commander-in-Chief, the president inquired to the cameras, “What on earth is ‘The Late Late Show?’ Who is that individual?”

Here’s additional footage from Corden’s tour of the White House.

During Corden’s show, he suggested that the White House auction off some artifacts to make a little extra cash, as the economy is currently a hot-button topic in politics today.

While Biden was sharing some of his family photos with Corden in the Oval Office, he also proudly displayed one of his most treasured possessions – a genuine moonrock.

“What do you believe that could be valuable,” Corden mentioned.

Corden remarked as he surveyed the remaining areas of the office, “Shall we investigate further? Would you like to list it on eBay? I’m confident you could fetch a substantial sum for it … Many of these items hold significant monetary value.”

Biden responded: “You’re confusing me with the previous president.”

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James Corden sits with Joe Biden in Oval Office during "The Late Late Show" segment from the White House. (Official White House Photo by Adam Schultz)

Jen Psaki reveals Biden’s position on ‘The Kardashians’

In the James S. Brady Press Briefing Room, the presenter visited Psaki to prepare for his opportunity to address reporters’ inquiries, transitioning away from Corden’s strategies for financial expansion.

Psaki provided Corden with concise remarks. “Conflict with Russia: Negative,” “CDC: Positive,” “Economy: Robust.”

“Really?” Corden queried.

On various urgent matters, Corden sought guidance, including inquiries about Biden’s position on a potential reunion of One Direction, the relationship between Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson, and whether the president has viewed “The Kardashians” on Hulu.

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“I don’t believe he has a lot of time to do that,” Psaki stated. “He’s likely not seen it.”

A surprised Corden took note, “Well, that’s an issue,” he joked.

Instead of asking his question, Corden, Doocy, O’Donnell, and Holland took the stand at the lectern in the briefing room and questioned Eugene Daniels, a Politico reporter, from NBC and Reuters.

During his appearance on late-night television, President Biden was asked by Jimmy Kimmel about gun control, specifically if it was feasible for him to issue an executive order.

James Corden aids White House chefs in taste-testing food

In the kitchen, Corden additionally lent assistance to the White House chefs. The aspect of the task that necessitates chefs to sample food prior to it being served on the president’s table was particularly captivating to Corden.

Corden exclaimed, “The favorite president’s food is definitely the cold treat,” implying that you must consume 24 hours of ice cream in a day. It’s quite an interesting job, being a food security personnel!

Biden received ashes and decided to give up ice cream for Lent on Ash Wednesday, a practice known as going cold turkey.

Corden took the job seriously and made sure to test the customer’s latte first, pretending to choke after serving it as a prank.

“Could we have a donation container,” he inquired with the kitchen.

While hosting dinner at the White House, late-night correspondent James Corden expressed interest in the job at the White House that Vice President Biden has also expressed interest in.

After eight years on the job, it sounds like I’m going out on top, said Biden, replacing James Corden. I’ve had a real shot at comparing both great performers, and if all goes well, it’s good news.