Critics compare salutes at Trump and Mastriano rallies to Nazi ‘Sieg Heil’

Kaplan urged these campaigns to promptly cease the utilization of this appalling gesture in their rallies. Kaplan stated that at a recent rally hosted by the ex-President and at a political rally organized by a candidate for Governor of Pennsylvania, attendees were encouraged to raise their right hands in a unified gesture that should deeply disturb every American due to its striking resemblance to the ‘Heil Hitler’ salute employed by the Nazis.

Speaker A likened Mastriano’s bid for the gubernatorial race in Pennsylvania to the bloody Battle of Gettysburg, urging the crowd to raise their right hands in support during his rally in Chambersburg on Sunday.

The speaker asked, “Can you repeat the words spoken at Gettysburg when you witness us standing together, united! Descend the hill to triumph.” The crowd raised their arms and counted down from three as the speaker brought their hands down. At the same time as the count of “One,” the crowd shouted out “AS ONE!”

Showcasing the “Sieg Heil” gesture, the Lincoln Project, a group comprising ex-Republicans who are against Trump, shared a video on Monday that juxtaposed the Chambersburg rally with clips from Nazi rallies.

Gab, a social media platform known as a haven for content extremists, white nationalists, and antisemitic individuals, has faced criticism from several Republicans, including Mastriano, due to his associations with far-right groups.

Trump addressed a gathering on Saturday in Youngstown, Ohio, where the ex-president was campaigning for Senate candidate J.D. Vance.

According to The New York Times, it was reported that rallygoers in America saluted with their right arms raised and index fingers pointed, almost identical to a song, as a sign of support for the QAnon conspiracy theory movement. Trump listed these gestures as a way to identify what he said were catastrophes.

“Wherever one person goes, we all follow.” — The abbreviated QAnon slogan, “Wwg1wga,” might have been a reference to the digit 1 in the name of the song, specifically representing the index finger.

The QAnon movement has accused Democrats and other liberal figures of power-grabbing and pedophilia, incorporating some antisemitic conspiracy theories into its worldview while denying any connection to the Trump campaign.

Prominent analysts likened the greetings at both gatherings to the notorious Nazi gesture.

The display bore an uncanny resemblance to the infamous Nazi salute. The incitement and zombie-like response should put to rest the notion that Biden should be “reaching out” to these people. They are unreachable, and pretending otherwise misleads voters.

— Jennifer “Pro-privacy” Rubin (@JRubinBlogger) September 19, 2022