Husband of ‘One Tree Hill’ star Bevin Prince dies after being struck by lightning

William Friend, the husband of “One Tree Hill” actress Bevin Prince, reportedly died after being struck by lightning while boating with friends near their home in Wilmington, N.C.

Marine units from the nearby sheriff’s and police departments, in response to a flagging down during their regular patrol, reportedly collided with a boat at approximately 3:15 p.M. On Sunday near Masonboro Island, as stated by the local NBC News affiliate, WECT.

WECT reported that his body was taken to the hospital with family members. EMS attempted to resuscitate him in an ambulance for 20 minutes but failed. While taking him to the marina to meet with medical emergency services, Friend performed CPR on him with the assistance of Deputies.

In 2010, he became a part of the company right after finishing college, as per Bisnow. Friend served as the CEO of the business-to-business platform Bisnow and played a crucial role in establishing the company’s worldwide reputation in the commercial real estate sector.

According to Gregg Mayer, the chief operating and financial officer of Bisnow, “That is the atmosphere he nurtured at Bisnow and, in the end, that will be his enduring heritage.” What distinguished Will was his inherent talent to encourage and spur individuals — to elevate people beyond their perceived capabilities.

“Supergirl” and “Walker” actor Odette Annable took to Instagram on Wednesday to pay tribute to Friend and share an update on Prince.

We felt okay that my best friend gave you love and life, and we were just starting to feel like you were a best friend because this writing feels surreal mostly. Annable wrote, “Beloved husband @bevinaprince, we have to say goodbye to my best friend @britwilliam, and the unimaginable has happened.”

While residing in North Carolina alongside Bevin, I had never witnessed such profound joy emanating from you, fueled by your fervent desire to aid others and establish your own business,” she appended. “The intense enthusiasm that engulfed your very being,” as attested by all who were acquainted with you, was truly a remarkable offering to Bevin. The view of the ocean from your exquisite abode, where I currently find myself, is truly a remarkable gift.

Annable wrote that Prince’s Friend was the “perfect” way for people to support the beloved organizations, including the Foundation, Transition Operators, Special Recess, and cycling company.

“Annable penned,” a truly exceptional forgotten realm where, in which she lost the love of her life and my heart aches for her because she shared her stories with Bevin here. I will always be grateful to witness that kind of love and forever cherish every piece of your soul that she adored, every moment you made her feel seen, and every dream you supported for her.

Recess also shared a tribute expressing gratitude to followers for “the overwhelming display of affection and backing.”