David Hasselhoff’s daughter Taylor Hasselhoff weds fiancé in a romantic ceremony at Ethereal Gardens

Last Saturday, in Escondido, California, at Ethereal Gardens, the Baywatch performer escorted his 32-year-old daughter down the pathway to ‘Bittersweet Symphony’ as she tied the knot with her fiancé Madison Fiore, 33, in a charming garden ceremony. The actor celebrated his 70th birthday last year.

As reported by People, Taylor – who previously appeared on The Rich Kids Of Beverly Hills – exchanged vows with Fiore in the presence of 186 attendees at the formal outdoor wedding.

She expressed to the publication, ‘I really appreciate how much he cares about my happiness and wellbeing, and he is not only loving and supportive but also extremely understanding. I believe the reason I started crying is because I saw my dad, who has always been a significant source of happiness in my life.’

In 2006, he separated from former spouse Pamela Bach, with whom he also has a daughter named Hayley. The oldest of Hasselhoff’s two daughters works as a high-end real estate agent.

He looked so handsome, with a huge smile on his face, and I was so happy because we were together. But then, out of nowhere, I started crying uncontrollably and thought, “Oh crap!” I felt fine until I saw him, and then all the emotions came rushing back. Before I could say anything, she continued to gush about her father.

The addition of the fair-haired stunner exclaimed, ‘It was truly a privilege to accompany him and witness his immense happiness as I embarked on this exciting new adventure.’

On her special day, Taylor was surrounded by family and friends from various parts of the globe.

During the wedding, there was a moment where we took a second halfway down the aisle, looked out at the whole crowd, took a breath, and smiled, she said.

Taylor donned a breathtaking bridal gown by Pronovious from NWLA, along with accessories by Neil Lane, on her momentous occasion.

The pair performed their initial dance to Can’t Help Falling in Love With You played by a live ensemble.

Attendees at the event were served sliders, miniature grilled cheeses, beef wellington, salad, roast, veggies, and ravioli.

As for their wedding cake, the couple opted for a white cake with strawberry vanilla cream and adorned it with red roses.

As per individuals, the pair will relish a tropical honeymoon in Costa Rica.

And after they come back, Taylor desires to start attempting for children.

She expressed, “It has always been my dream to have a large family with an amazing partner like him, and we are planning to start trying to have kids soon.”

Taylor and Madison became betrothed in December 2021, after connecting on a dating application.

She wrote on Instagram that she cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with you, Madison, as you are my absolute soulmate and best friend! I bet I said I would meet my future fiancé on a dating app if someone told me.

“You are my pillar, my illumination and now betrothed! We accomplished it darling!! I ADORE YOU!!”