Did Spirit Airlines Ignore a Tornado Warning?

“The purported air traffic controller, there’s a tornado approaching,” maintain your position, all aircraft. The control tower to remain on the ground because of an approaching tornado, disobeying instructions from the pilots with overlaid audio of a Spirit airliner departing, partly because of its affordable prices, is occasionally the target of jests. Spirit is occasionally the target of jests.”

The alleged air traffic controller (ATC) can be heard stating that due to an approaching tornado, the pilots of the Spirit jetliner were ordered to stay on the ground, despite the audio being dubbed over with the phrase “there’s a coming tornado, all aircraft hold position.”

The pilot responds, “We have already landed on the runway, Awww.” ATC exclaims, “I ordered the ground to stop, but you can’t do that!” The pilot shoots back, “Yeah, the plane becomes airborne, not on the ground, but.”

The FAA spokesperson confirmed in an email to Snopes that the video is fake. However, when we reached out to Spirit for a response in a timely manner, we did not get a reply. If this incident was indeed real, we asked Spirit to remind me again that I should never fly with them, as stated by the alleged air traffic controller at the end of the video.

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