The Idaho Murders, Part 1: How 4 College Kids Lived and Loved

Kaylee and Maddie seemed to believe that a positive attitude could help shape their destiny. They practiced self-love and rejected sadness. Xana, on the other hand, refused to back down in the face of challenges.

Xana confidently declared to herself, sharing uplifting quotes on her Pinterest board, “Embody the vitality you desire to draw in. Radiance suits you splendidly.”

In 2013, Bryan returned to his former stomping grounds at Pleasant Valley High to work as a security guard after graduating from high school. In 2015, as stated by Hayley Willette, she and Bryan went on a Tinder date to watch an action movie (chosen by Bryan; Hayley cannot recall the title). Hayley described him as “reserved” but “not timid” and mentioned that during that time, she had blonde hair, just like Kaylee and Maddie. At the cinema, Bryan’s conduct appeared to Hayley as “typical.” He held the entrance for her, showed politeness towards the attendants, and engaged in conversation with her.

After the film, Bryan transported Hayley to her residence hall at Penn State Hazleton.

I believed I was invincible and foolish, I was young…I went along with it, I was just okay’ ‘like and,’ Hayley later remembered, ‘he kind of invited himself inside.’

Hayley, who pretended to throw up, said she wasn’t impressed when Bryan followed her right outside the door. She told Hayley that she needed to use the bathroom. Bryan then pretended to tickle her, saying in a serious voice, “I’m not touching you.” He had just tickled her, as Hayley had described, and he continued to tickle her, causing confusion. They watched another movie in Hayley’s dorm room.

She further explained, “I was scared of him because I thought he might hurt me, or he seemed like he would.” “I mostly just felt awkward socially and didn’t know how to ask him to leave, so I didn’t.”

Hayley said she had a good note from him, mentioning that she birthed hips. She assumed that she was free of him. After hearing “awesome” from Bryan, she planned to leave work and throw him a message.

She never communicated with him again.