Does Insurance Cover Lightning Damage? 3 Signs Your Home Was Hit by Lightning

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Did you know that Texas is the lightning strike capital of the US? It is not surprising that the city was struck by lightning 1,043 times, making it the highest number of lightning strikes experienced in Texas since last year, with a total of 41 million claims for damage from lightning and fire exceeding the national average.

Initially, they will connect you with experienced insurance claim lawyers in Houston who can negotiate with and guide you through the entire insurance claim process; these experts can provide a professional opinion. It is advisable to consult with an experienced insurance claim lawyer in Houston first before attempting to handle it on your own. If there was no insurance claims adjuster present, proving that your house was damaged by lightning could be a challenging task. Insurance companies may not readily believe claims related to lightning strikes. However, there is one issue to consider.

How Much Damage Does Lightning Do To A House?

Regardless of how much you reinforce your home against storms, when lightning strikes, it could be disastrous.

A highly costly strike can result in lightning destruction to your dwelling. Within the framework, the abrupt power surge has the potential to fry any electrical devices and equipment connected to your electricity source. If it hits with enough force, it can also harm the base, cladding, gutters, chimney, roof, insulation, electrical systems, and roofing materials of your residence. Substantial harm can be inflicted on a house by the immense heat, which can soar to temperatures as high as 50,000°F, produced by lightning bolts.

Signs Your House Was Hit by Lightning

If lightning strikes the electrical wiring or the plumbing, it can cause damage to your house; however, having a lightning rod on your roof does not guarantee protection. Here are three indications that your home has been struck by lightning.

1. Fire Damage to The Roof

Lightning bolts are powerful strikes of lightning that can start a fire and punch through the roof into the attic. They always look for the most direct path to the ground, and their goal is to reach the earth’s positive charge. However, they carry a huge amount of negative electrical charge.

You may also want to look in the yard to see if the lightning bolt struck the ground, allowing a tremendous electrical charge to sneak into the house via the pipes. They can also offer you a cost estimate for the repair, which you can submit to the insurance company. You may also want to call a professional roofer to have a look at it. As soon as it is safe, try going outside to check for any char marks or holes in the roof.

2. Shockwave Damage to The House

If your house sustains a direct hit, even your concrete chimney or cinder blocks may be damaged, causing enough powerful shockwave to split bricks or cinder blocks. Lawyers argue that it is best to leave negotiations with the seasoned insurance carrier, as the financial losses in this case can be considerable.

3. Electrical Damage Inside Your Home

It is important to prepare a record of the amount paid and the date of purchase for each item, along with providing receipts and a list of electrical devices that were affected by the lightning strike. It may be necessary to replace the wiring and any appliance that was connected at the time of the strike will be rendered inoperable. Severe electrical harm to your residence can result from a lightning strike, even if it does not ignite a fire.

Leave it to your Houston fire damage claim attorneys to handle if the insurance company questions the value of replacing your damaged belongings. Moreover, refrain from discarding anything until the insurance adjuster pays you a visit.

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