Dusty Rhodes Death

One of wrestling’s greats passed away in June of 2015. He was “The American Dream.” Below is the Dusty Rhodes death story.

The Offspring of a Pipefitter

He passed away in the morning of June 2015 at the age of 69. He was also a producer for WWE’s NXT. He had a powerful mind that created and inspired as a commentator, booker, and trainer. Rhodes had charisma that could fill the wrestling ring for miles. His story was incredible as he rose to prominence in the world of wrestling, with his jabs and flashy moves. He was born in Austin, TX and was better known as “Dusty” Rhodes or Virgil Runnels, the son of a plumber.

Fans are unlikely to ever forget his attire, which consisted of a polka dot ensemble. He also distinguished himself from other wrestlers with his charisma and stood out due to his relatable physique. His charm made him popular and his “common man” appearance set him apart from other wrestlers. During the 1980s, he was a major attraction for the NWA. Rhodes was truly captivating.

The resemblance of Dusty (including his voice) to The Rider’s eerie appearance caused concern. Dusty, a secretive masked wrestler known as The Midnight Rider, was suspended from Florida for allegedly using a mask to evade suspensions. At times, Dusty’s adversaries would accuse him.

Could the remains of the unsolved mystery be the same as Dusty Rider? The Midnight Rider later appeared in Jim Crockett Promotions after Dusty was suspended.

The American Ideal

Recognized as a champion to the common person, Rhodes’ professional journey extended for nearly five decades. According to Hart, the wrestler’s actual name didn’t quite fit the world of sports, so Hart decided to alter it. Gary Hart, who worked behind the scenes with him in Dallas, bestowed upon him the wrestling moniker of “Dusty Rhodes.”

He was given the nickname “The American Dream” because his career was proof that you could accomplish anything in life. Rhodes, born as the son of a plumber, appealed to the average working class.

What Led to the Death of Dusty Rhodes?

His last documented weight was 275 pounds. Regrettably, he passed away prematurely. He did manage to shed some pounds prior to his demise, but one of the contributing factors was stomach cancer. The ex-wrestler had been battling numerous health ailments leading up to his death.

As soon as his family learned of his condition, they rushed him to the hospital. It was Thursday morning when they discovered that he had fallen. Emergency personnel were called to his home in Orlando, FL, where the 69-year-old man, Dusty Rhodes, had passed away the day before on Wednesday morning.

The declaration of Dusty Rhodes’ demise resulted in various difficulties that Rhodes experienced from Wednesday evening to Thursday morning.

Emergency Phone Call

The recording of a rude dispatcher causing his wife to hang up was included in the public release of an emergency call. Just days after his passing, TMZ released a recording of the emergency call. On June 10, 2015, he had fallen at home, his wife Rhodes placed a call to say that he had fallen at home. The complete story of Dusty Rhodes’ death would not be mentioned without mentioning the complete story of Dusty Rhodes’ death.

Releasing the tape was considered inappropriate as it should not have been voiced by other individuals, according to TMZ. The fans largely criticized the dispatcher for not remaining helpful and calm during the call.

Ric Flair Responds to the Passing of Dusty Rhodes

WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair recently discussed the Dusty Rhodes death story on Busted Open, stating that Rhodes excelled in both in-ring performance and microphone skills. Flair described Rhodes as a brilliant individual who had a deep passion for sports and life.

Rhodes explained how he interviewed the same Flair multiple times and discussed his battles against Horseman in the Games War.

According to Ric Flair, WWE diva Charlotte, his daughter, was deeply affected by the news of Dusty Rhodes’ passing, as she had a personal connection with him since her birth.

After His Demise

Michelle, his spouse, and his two sons who are grappling champions, along with his four offspring, outlive him. Numerous admirers cherish the memories of “The American Dream” for his unwavering dedication to his craft, indomitable resolve, and fervent conversations.

The WWE Network subsequently broadcasted a unique program highlighting Dusty Rhodes’ accomplishments throughout his career. A dedicated video program featuring the wrestler was shown on Raw the next night. The McMahon family and other WWE personnel stood on the entrance ramp during the tribute to demonstrate their admiration. A ten-bell tribute was offered in honor of Dusty Rhodes at the 2015 Money in the Bank occasion.

After his demise, condolences also flooded Twitter for Dusty Rhodes. Numerous renowned wrestlers greatly impacted Dusty, and his career was far from ordinary.

Twitter wrote Owens Kevin, expressing that there are no words that can adequately convey the sadness in our hearts. We will miss you, Dusty Rhodes. Rest in peace. We love you and will always cherish the memories. Triple H wrote, expressing his sorrow upon hearing about the passing of Dusty Rhodes, referring to him as a friend, mentor, teacher, and a legendary figure. We love you, Dream.

He is missed, and the world of wrestling was shaken up by the death of Dusty Rhodes. Rather than being ashamed of his unique nature, he chose to embrace and celebrate it, which was a testament to his character. The American Dream was a hero to many fans, showing them what they could aspire to.