Adam Fravel arrested after Madeline Kingsbury’s body found along Minnesota highway

A Minnesota man was arrested and charged with murder Wednesday in connection with her case after authorities found the body Wednesday afternoon.

The accused, Adam Fravel, is the father of Kingsbury’s two young kids.

Fravel’s apprehension and the revelation of her remains have provided a measure of resolution, and Kingsbury’s relatives expressed their grief over her demise in a statement issued on Thursday.

“Madeline is actively pursuing justice and things are moving in the right direction. The person who committed the crimes will be appropriately charged and convicted, and we are certain that the correct person has been arrested. Megan, Madeline’s sister, informed us today that we are grateful for the extraordinary efforts of the volunteers, first responders, and law enforcement in the intensive search that lasted for months. We are relieved to have found Madeline.”

A Minnesota man was arrested Wednesday in connection with the disappearance of 26-year-old Madeline Kingsbury.

Police say their investigation into Kingsbury’s disappearance led them to a patch of brush along Highway 43 where they found the body.

Authorities stated that numerous searchers aided in their inquiry for over two months following Kingsbury’s disappearance from Winona, Minnesota.

Winona Police Chief Tom Williams extended his sympathies to the family. Williams expressed gratitude for the opportunity to reunite Maddi with her loved ones, although this finding is not the outcome we had anticipated.

The body was discovered in Fillmore County, near Winona County. It was concealed and hidden in a wooded area off a gravel road, which is why it wasn’t found during the first search. However, on Thursday, they said that the remains were found in the area that had been previously searched by the police.

“There were attempts made to hide the whereabouts of the corpse,” Sheriff John DeGeorge of Fillmore County stated during the press briefing.

According to the police, Fravel had a residence just a short drive away from the location where Kingsbury’s body was discovered.

Adam Fravel, 29, was arrested “on probable cause in connection to her disappearance,” the Winona Police Department said on Facebook on Wednesday.

Here’s the information we have regarding the case:

The authorities stated that she did not pick up her children from daycare in the afternoon. She did not answer calls from police, friends, or family, and she did not show up for work. The mother of the two was last seen on 31st March.

CNN reported that investigators were extremely concerned for her safety and suggested that the disappearance of Kingsbury was suspicious and involuntary, according to the police evidence in April.

Police stated that law enforcement organizations were “working as rapidly as they can to definitively establish the identity of the remains.”

In a statement, Fravel has stated that he refutes any involvement in Kingsbury’s disappearance.

The government took custody of Kingsbury’s children.

CNN reported that after their mother’s disappearance, the children of Kingsbury and Fravel were placed under the care of Winona County authorities.

In April, a judge further decided that the children would remain in the guardianship of the county rather than being handed over to their father.

According to authorities, Child protective services would assume full custody of the children. CNN states that Fravel did not possess legal rights to his 5-year-old and 2-year-old kids.