‘Euphoria’ star Alexa Demie is TikTok’s latest muse

It’s a good thing that this Sunday, February 27th, marks the finale of Season 2 of Euphoria because TikTok needs some new source material. This week, yet another trend on TikTok has been inspired by the major trend of color eye reminiscent of my early days on Tumblr.

We are playing this fucking play, waiting for us to play this fucking play, says Kat as she turns the camera to Maddy, Cassie’s ex-bestie. As the group of friends, including Cassie’s sister, and Lexi, wrote a teen drama centered around Cassie, the recent episode of HBO’s Euphoria is the most talked about on the internet. Hopefully, we are in the final stretch of the meme dominance and viral trend of the latest line from Maddy.

“I believe I will rearrange some chairs,” randomly expresses Reacher, while my friend and I are laughing, states a video from @moniqueloll’s, which is another example of the trending World of Loll. The Person Worst, an Oscar-nominated film, receives criticism in the video as it pans to the movie poster. People who refer to movies as “films” are called out, as the video was posted by @j9k37, my favorite video on TikTok. People deeply relate to it, just like they would to a film, novel, or song. The sound of Maddy’s bite in the middle of playing has been used in over 51,000 TikToks, revealing its popularity.”

During this particular season, Alexa Demie has emerged as the queen of the meme show, thanks to her consistently flawless delivery. She gained viral popularity on Twitter a couple of weeks ago with her joking remark “Bitch,” which has since become a mainstay on TikTok. We believe that everyone has wondered why we use the term “why” so frequently in 2020.


To illustrate, take a look at @soniuhh_’s video. The impact is quite impressive when individuals with paler eyes participate in the trend. Nevertheless, it has minimal to no effect on enhancing brown eyes and can be difficult to execute correctly. Users capture their eyes, switching from their front cameras (without any filter) to their rear cameras (with flash and the low exposure filter) in the latest TikTok craze. Another chance for individuals with blue and green eyes to show off is exactly what the internet requires.

Users are sharing their eye transformation videos to “LA SINE” by Chachiaprod, and up to now more than 422,000 have been uploaded.

This phenomenon is such that in 2018, Miley Cyrus’s meme of posting pics of her dazzling green and blue eyes went viral. It has been a staple of social media, harkening back to the early days of Tumblr, where the trend of contrasting stark black eyeliner with green and blue irises in eye photography began.

Super Mario Pussy Talk

So far, more than 30,000 videos have been created for the mash-up. The TikTokkers’ soundtrack, in which they share their thoughts on provocative celebrity moments they constantly ponder, has evolved into an unexpected combination of City Girls and Doja Cat’s “Pussy Talk” and a classic song from a Super Mario game.

It’s relatable! The Euphoria fandom has gone crazy on TikTok with a video posted by @audrey_arkwell, where Dancing Sweeney Sydney and Demie Alexa, the characters from behind-the-scenes video scenes, are shown thinking deeply about “trying to be a good student”. The most popular videos, featuring Cat Doja, reveal what’s really going on in their heads before the reality hits. Some funny captions, like “even you are listening”, are added to the clips, showing that users on TikTok can’t resist taking advantage of the transparent green screen effect to fade into their minds.