Ex-cop charged with murder: Video shows officer rushed to car, quickly shot through window

On Friday, the district attorney announced that the former police officer from Philadelphia will face criminal charges, including murder, for fatally shooting a 27-year-old driver last month.

The Philadelphia Inquirer stated that Dial’s bail was set at $500,000 by court officials during a short hearing on Friday. On Friday morning, former Officer Mark Dial surrendered himself and is now facing charges such as murder, voluntary manslaughter, aggravated assault, simple assault, reckless endangerment of another individual, and official misconduct in relation to the fatal shooting of Eddie Irizarry on August 14.

The Outlaw Commissioner of the Philadelphia Police, Dial, was suspended last month with the intention to dismiss him for violating department policy by refusing to obey orders from a superior officer and failing to cooperate in any investigation. Dial has been on the force for five years and has been involved in the use of force incidents. After the release of the surveillance video contradicting the initial account of the deadly encounter, Dial’s suspension came following the attorneys’ statement that the initial description of the shooting provided by the police was incorrect.

Mayor Jim Kenney cautioned that the released body camera footage of the shooting may contain graphic and violent images, which could be distressing for certain individuals to view.

Kenney stated, “After reviewing the recording, I comprehend that it has the potential to elicit anger and distress within our localities.” “We kindly request that the community maintains a nonviolent approach during protests and demands for responsibility, as we persist in grappling with this devastating event as a municipality.”

Philadelphia police officer Mark Dial enters the 1st Police District, Friday, Sept. 8, 2023 in Philadelphia. Dial fatally shot Eddie Irizarry during a traffic stop in August.

What is revealed by the footage from the body camera?

On Friday, Krasner unveiled body camera footage that depicted Dial and another officer traveling in a police SUV and subsequently approaching Irizarry’s sedan by foot.

Within a few moments, Dial notifies Irizarry that he plans to shoot him and proceeds to fire his gun six times through the window on the driver’s side.

A kitchen-style blade and a jagged folding blade were discovered inside his vehicle, however, authorities did not disclose the discovery of a firearm in Irizarry’s car. The officer seated on the right side made an effort to unlock the door and subsequently informed the officer on the left side (Dial) that the individual within possessed a weapon, as Outlaw had mentioned earlier.

Following the gunfire, a police officer can be heard reporting shots being discharged.

Johnson Shaka, the lawyer for the Irizarry family, has released a video surveillance that appears to show footage from the hospital. The footage provides a different view of the aftermath and the shooting, including the moment when the police pull Irizarry out of his car and place him into their vehicle. Irizarry, who is bleeding and slumped over, is told by one officer to keep his hands up. Later, the officers open the car doors.

Krasner stated that the officer on the scene, as well as another officer, have not been charged and declined to identify him. The “crucial evidence” videos, which were captured from Dial’s body-worn camera, were taken.

Krasner stated that the family watched the video and asked for it to be released without any omissions in its entirety.

The initial report did not actually reveal what happened in the fatal shooting. However, two days later, Outlaw stated that the camera footage made it very clear.

Johnson, who also represented the family of Philadelphia police shooting victim Walter Wallace Jr., Stated that he and the Irizarry family are of the opinion that “there was a deliberate deception of the general public.”

Johnson inquired during a press briefing the previous month, “What aspect of what you just witnessed could possibly be mistaken for him exiting the vehicle and aggressively approaching law enforcement officers?” He firmly stated, “Absolutely nothing. That statement was a complete and utter falsehood.”

Dial previously stated that if he violated additional department policies, he may face additional disciplinary charges, as stated in the administrative department’s statement on Friday. The investigation is still ongoing.

Why do certain law enforcement officers deceive? Video evidence that contradicts the official account is “frequent,” according to experts.

Relatives demand severe punishment, defense argues that the shooting was warranted.

Fortunato N. Perri Jr., Dial’s lawyer, informed the Associated Press that the shooting was deemed justified.

Perri stated in an email to the publication that Officer Mark Dial was within his legal rights to fire his gun while feeling threatened for his safety, the evidence will undoubtedly demonstrate, regardless of how it has been depicted in the media.

According to Irizarry’s father, Dial would receive a harsh punishment. Eddie Irizarry informed the Philadelphia Inquirer that the body-worn camera footage had been made public and Dial was accused of committing murder. Irizarry’s father expressed his sense of relief to the outlet.

On Friday, he mentioned, “You should not experience this again because you will be going to prison for a long time. You’re going to pay with your life, so let’s put it this way: you took someone’s life.”

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