France vs. Morocco highlights: France cruises to 4-0 win over Morocco

France continued their cruise in the Women’s FIFA World Cup 2023, defeating Morocco 4-0 in Round 16 at Stadium Coopers in Adelaide, Australia on Tuesday.

In the 23rd minute, Eugénie Le Sommer found the back of the net before Kenza Dali added the second goal of the game in the 20th minute. Forward Kadidiatou Diani initiated the scoring by scoring a goal in the 15th minute after her three-goal performance in the group stage finale. France scored their initial three goals early in the opening half.

Le Sommer sealed the win for France, putting an end to Morocco’s unexpected journey to the knockout round, by scoring a second goal in the second half.

Australia, the hosting country, is next in line for France. The spotlight is back on star player Sam Kerr as the Matildas emerged victorious in their round of 16 encounter against Denmark. The quarterfinal clash featuring France and Australia is scheduled for 3 a.M. On Saturday (broadcasted on FOX and the FOX Sports app).

These are the main attractions!

France 4, Morocco 0.

77′: Diani nearly scores once again.

Diani appeared to be aiming to score her second goal in the game. In the last two games, she had already scored her fifth goal and was now eyeing to score her second goal in the match. As she received a well-placed cross, she skillfully maneuvered the ball and took a shot just a few yards away from the net. However, her shot narrowly missed the target, keeping the score at 4-0.

70′: Le Sommer scores again.

After a quiet start to the second half, she scored her second goal of the night by directing her head towards Vicki Bècho’s cross. Positioned at the back post, she patiently waited for Le Sommer to secure a fourth goal for her team.

67′: The goalkeeper receives the ball.

Pauline Peyraud-Magnin did not have much activity for the first 70 minutes of Tuesday’s match, but when she needed to keep the ball off the Moroccan board, she stepped up and grabbed it during a corner kick.

49′: Morocco showing aggression in their approach to start the second half.

After facing a difficult start, Morocco recognized the importance of taking immediate action to generate opportunities in the latter part.

She was able to control the ball, but the goalkeeper got around her. Ibtissam Jraidi had a nearly opportunity for Morocco, a few minutes later.

Halftime: France controls the initial 45 minutes.

Australia appears to be poised for an upset in the quarterfinal matchup, scoring three goals in less than 10 minutes. France did not concede any goals in the first half.

41′: France searching for additional opportunities.

Sandie Toletti’s rebound opportunity narrowly missed the net, but following a denied cross, the French team sought to extend their advantage towards the end of the opening half.

23′: France successfully scores for a third time in under 10 minutes.

Sure to be involved is Sommer Le Eugénie, if France is going to score a goal. France has the leading scorer of all time for the country in international matches.

20′: France scores another goal.

France took a 2-0 lead as Dali Kenza fired a shot into the net and opened up the top of the box. That goal allowed Kadidiatou Diani to draw attention to herself as she made her way into the attacking zone.