• “Plaza Sésamo” pictures will be captured and guests have the opportunity to become a part of the past in the mezzanine gallery at Plaza Universidad in Mexico City throughout the month of October. We cordially invite you to commemorate with us Generaciones Plaza Sésamo.

  • The popular educational series Sésamo Plaza, which has been providing generations of children with learning and entertainment through original content, has reached its 50th anniversary in October 6, 2022 in Mexico City. The producers and educational researchers and advisors involved in this endeavor aim to create a challenging yet nurturing environment for kind and strong boys and girls to help them form and grow.

    Another among others, divorce, COVID-19 due to the pandemic, trauma, migration, and autism are complex issues that Sesame Plaza has been incorporating into its content to help families manage. In this way, it continues to evolve thanks to its ability to handle and recognize our emotions, respect towards others, and the enduring importance of topics such as friendship. Thanks to their sensitivity and the technological advances of the time, their characters have become beloved cultural icons for audiences of all ages, making their program a significant contribution to Latin American and Mexican television in the mid-20th century.

    Joaquín Del Rivero, VP and General Director of Sesame Workshop Latin America, said, “We will continue to evolve to remain at the forefront of education and entertainment for the new generations in our country and in Latin America.” Plaza Sésamo, as a fundamental piece of Sesame Workshop, the non-governmental organization responsible for the most important education in the world, has collaborated in the education and improvement of the lives of children in Mexico and Latin America through professional and dedicated field work. Likewise, Plaza Sésamo, as a fundamental piece of Sesame Workshop, the non-governmental organization responsible for the most important education in the world, has collaborated in the education and improvement of the lives of children in Mexico and Latin America through professional and dedicated field work. The most educational and entertaining series that exists has resulted in the interaction of the amusing and endearing characters with all kinds of personalities, which has resulted in, over five spectacular decades, the interaction of the amusing and endearing characters with all kinds of personalities, and seeing how the content of Plaza Sésamo has evolved. I have had the privilege of having fun, learning, and seeing how the content of Plaza Sésamo has evolved over five spectacular decades, just like many boys and girls at heart.

    Generations of Plaza Sesamo have been, are, and will be all of them. At any age, being able to be a child with the magic that they have not forgotten, and with their characters we grew up, or those who grew up, in our hearts and lodged is that the taste of the children’s audience has not only been in that program for a long time but also in their country their region or how other children knew that they live far and near learned to differentiate that episode popularly remembered many. The program presents the musical theme “come, sing” “come, play” and millions of children have grown up listening.

    Dennise Planas, Sr. Productora of Sésamo Plaza for Latin America, expressed, “It is very challenging and rewarding to work with a team that works very hard with passion and love to create content in which many boys and girls can feel accepted and reflected. It is also very gratifying to see how all the cameras behind the scenes know how kind everyone was and how the girl saw the Sésamo Plaza program today.”

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    Un poco de historia….Output: A little bit of history….

    Today, the first-ever broadcast of the Spanish dubbed version of Sesame Street, a successful children’s program, started airing in Mexico through television open-air seasons. This version, which started in October, is a total of 20 seasons and is a translation of the original program that aired in the United States.

    The series takes its name from the one that develops everyday lessons by learning and living together colorful Muppets with actors mixing for the original format program respecting, Latin America and Mexico to create exclusive content, the producers decided to start, the reception from the audience was such.

    Anna Paola, Yalitza Aparicio, Lupita Nyong’o, Aarón Díaz, Adal Ramones, César Costa, Diego Luna, Eiza González, Eugenio Derbez, Jorge Campos, Omar Chaparro, Osvaldo Benavides, and the members of the RBD group, among others, Sesame Street has featured the participation of international talent throughout its five decades.

    Elenco Plaza Sésamo 80

    The program added to the series in 2008 was Cadabby Abby and Elmo arrived in Sesame Plaza in 2005, making it the first. The program was characterized by a musical presentation, with the characters traveling to some colorful sites in Mexico aboard a van driven by Pancho, during the 90s.

    Available on multiple digital platforms such as YouTube, Plaza Sésamo’s content can also be found on television, both in Mexico and in other Latin American countries, in addition to being able to continue enjoying it from 2016 onwards.

    In 2022, Elmo and Cookie Monster from Sesame Street are being reinvented for the first time in 3D animation in the new Meka Builders series. This series is focused on teaching preschoolers and young girls using fun challenges that develop their skills in Mathematics, Engineering, Technology, and Science, following an innovative STEM learning model.

    Personajes entrañables.

    In the Plaza, there lived Bodoque, a somewhat grumpy character who resided in a stack of boxes; Paco, a parakeet who would often emerge from within a window; and Abelardo, who had the appearance of a dragon and was replaced by a green-feathered parrot in 1981. During the first decade of Plaza Sésamo, the main characters were.

    Zoe, Abby Cadabby, and Elmo, Count von Count, Cookie Monster, Enrique, Beto, and Archibaldo were later adapted for Latin America from various characters in the North American version.

    The character played by actor Alberto Estrella from 1981 to 1992 is a parrot with red and green feathers. He is initially called Serapio Montoya, Abelardo, and is the cousin of Big Bird from the original Sesame Street.

    Carlos Marttelo currently portrays Elmo in Mexico. He is a 3 and a half-year-old child with a unique way of speaking and a very infectious laugh. Elmo is furry and red.

    Odin Dupeyron’s performance of “1995 to 2009” was portrayed. He is noble-hearted but a bit irritable. Pancho, with yellow eyes and blue hair, adores onions.

    Lola: Always with pink hair, she is constantly playing riddles, filled with energy and loves to sing.

    Enrique and Beto: Beto is a more serious character who keeps Enrique under control and acts as the scapegoat. Enrique is a fun and mischievous character who teaches basic reasoning and logic.

    Comegalletas: He has a persistent personality when it comes to eating cookies. He usually “eats” real cookies specially made for him.

    Blue dress and magical wand, with pink colored fairy wings, is a little fairy named Caddaby Abby. She is characterized by being intelligent and brave, and she is 4 years old.

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    Algunos datos curiosos…Output: Some interesting facts…

    The researchers found that children only paid attention when the characters and their animations appeared in the pilot tests; however, initially, it was thought that the interaction between the characters and humans would confuse the children. The magic that surrounds Plaza Sésamo productions largely lies in the fast pace, skillful production, and catchy music that form the foundation of many of its contents.

    Both Enrique and Beto share a department where funny stories are developed, which teach the value of friendship and teamwork. Enrique and Beto are best friends. They seem to have a slightly tense agreement about their characteristic styles, as Enrique prefers a more relaxed, horizontal way of wearing shirts, while Beto distinguishes himself by wearing vertical ones.

    The small screen never had any idea, but a monster obsessed with french fries would be created for the first time by Jim Henson in an advertisement. The idea of the Cookie Monster from Sesame Street was created, but he had a different personality and very sharp teeth. At first, the Cookie Monster was a different muppet.

    Plaza Sésamo, more than just an entertainment program.

    The mission of their organization is to support vulnerable children through a wide range of socially impactful programs, thanks to generous donors. Sesame Workshop, a non-profit educational organization, also engages in social work through its iconic television program, Sesame Street, with a presence in over 150 countries.

    The project is currently aiming to reach rural areas and indigenous and Afro-descendant communities in Mexico and Brazil, with a focus on women and girls. This collaboration with MetLife Foundation aims to foster financial empowerment skills among children, girls, and their families. Since 2014, the initiative Sueña, Ahorra, Alcanza has been implemented in Mexico, Brazil, and Chile.

    The INAI partnered with Red en to bring the International Kids Emmy-nominated program to Mexican territory in the same year. The program aims to promote the beneficial and safe use of new technologies, using the character Kori to deliver messages to both adults and children. Currently, the campaign is on air in 14 countries in the region, and the program has established alliances with private and public partners such as SHE, FEMSA Foundation, and other Sesame Workshop initiatives in Colombia, Ecuador, Brazil, and Mexico.

    Brazil and Colombia subsequently expanded. The Inter-American Development Bank and Cares Dubai formed an alliance to enrich learning in mathematics and science for boys and girls, through the Aventureras Pequeñas initiative launched in 2016.

    Juega Todos los Días is currently being implemented in the states of Nayarit, Nuevo León, and Jalisco. Through play, learning experiences are brought closer to families with the support of the LEGO Foundation. The Juega Todos los Días project was created later.

    Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, Sesame Workshop launched a knowledge-sharing initiative titled “Caring for one another.” This campaign aimed to assist parents in prioritizing self-care and enabling them to facilitate engaging education and provide solace to children amidst the health crisis.

    In Eastern Africa, the Sesame Workshop initiative, known as “Hola Sesamo!”, Has expanded its programs to meet the needs of migrant families in displaced or migrant communities, where social cohesion and children’s learning are promoted. This initiative is currently available in the United States and Latin America.


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