Jennifer Lopez slammed for launching alcohol brand despite being sober: ‘Such a money grab’

Jennifer Lopez has landed herself in trouble after revealing the introduction of her alcoholic beverage label, Delola.

On Wednesday, J.Lo herself, who is not a drinker, announced her beverage company inspired by the Italian coast, which was met with strong criticism from fans.

In an Instagram video promoting the beverage, the “Let’s Get Loud” vocalist expressed, “I have been working tirelessly for years, and increasingly I’m recognizing the significance of savoring life.”

I just wanted to create something better — something with better ingredients, something that would taste better, and something that I would want to drink with my family and friends.

In order to introduce a new alcohol brand, dissatisfied supporters quickly flocked to the comments section to criticize the artist’s choice mere moments after Lopez posted the video for her massive following of 240 million individuals.

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez is facing backlash after announcing the launch of her alcohol brand, Delola.
Greg Swales/House of Delola/MEGA

“Why are you selling alcohol? I’m genuinely curious because it feels so out of character for you. You’ve always been outspoken about not drinking yourself and the negative effects of alcohol. Have you considered creating a non-alcoholic brand?,” Wrote one individual. “This is really disappointing. Wow, just wow.”

“I mean, I have pointed out on numerous occasions that this is something like a coin, but a coin is not an alcohol drink, mama. Another writer, Jlo, also agreed not to drink.”

The girl doesn’t even like the bag she got, but she literally won’t drink this drink, “ugh”. Another fan wrote about how she doesn’t even grab money like this drink, but she still doesn’t like the bag she got.

Jennifer Lopez launches Delola
Lopez announced her Italian coast-inspired beverage company Wednesday.
Greg Swales/House of Delola/MEGA
Jennifer Lopez
Fans quickly slammed the launch as a “money grab” after noting that J.Lo doesn’t drink.

Among the disapproving comments from myriad fans, one curious fan wondered why Jennifer Lopez opted to launch a brand of alcohol considering Ben Affleck’s past issues with alcohol that landed him in rehab multiple times.

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  • One person commented, “It’s a bummer that J.Lo promotes alcohol when there are so many great non-alcoholic drinks available. It’s a celebratory sip, but she rarely talks about how she stays away from alcohol. She was an inspiration for me to stay away from alcohol, but capitalism strikes again!”

    Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez
    Some fans were curious as to why Lopez launched an alcohol brand considering her husband Ben Affleck’s past issues with alcohol.
    Variety via Getty Images

    Isn’t it? Hey, we’ll flip a dollar for everything, but when she talks about how alcohol is bad for her skin and not a part of her lifestyle, it just seems like AF is promoting alcohol under the guise of ‘living’, but it’s definitely for the sake of money and business.

    Page Six has contacted J.Lo’s representatives for a statement.

    According to the press release, Lopez unveiled that this project has been in development for a duration of two years. Additionally, she disclosed that Lola is a nickname she has had for a long time, which exemplifies her “playful and carefree” nature.

    Lopez established the brand with industry veterans in the beverage sector, Ken Austin and Jenna Fagnan, along with her manager Benny Medina.