Girl Talked of Stabbing Brother Weeks Before Attack, Mother Says

She expressed, “The only information I have is that she had contemplations of stabbing him two weeks earlier.” “However, they did not disclose it, so I was completely unaware of her having such thoughts,” she mentioned. “She had confided in some of her friends and informed them, but regrettably, they might have been hesitant to inform their parents or me.”

The stabbing occurred in January in the St. Thomas Square vicinity of Tulsa, but the bodycam footage was released to the public on May 26th.

Stock image of a knife and handcuffs. The mother of a 12-year-old girl, who police say stabbed her younger brother at their Oklahoma home, has said her daughter previously spoke to her friends about what she wanted to do. Getty

The 12-year-old girl, who was accused, was accompanied out of her residence while her 9-year-old brother sustained stab injuries. After being transported to the hospital, the child passed away due to the severity of his wounds. The video capturing this incident was shared on The Law and Crime YouTube channel by the police.

In an email comment to Newsweek, the Department of Police in Tulsa reported that a police officer was contacted after a woman claimed that she had thrown a knife out of the window. The officer directed her to handcuff herself once she revealed the location where she said the knife had landed. The footage shows the girl repeatedly apologizing and crying.

Lyda delved deeper into the greater details of her daughter’s behavior, which was believed to be normal teenage behavior at the time.

I told Cuomo that she had begun to go to her room hours ago. I understood that something was bothering her, which I perceived as normal teenage behavior. However, there was something going on with her in the past few weeks that made her want her own space. She was 12 years old, and it seemed like her menstrual cycle was affecting everything.

In my chamber, I would devote countless hours and be vexed by individuals, I did not desire that and proceeded despite it being customary for me.

Unfortunately, they didn’t say anything and we only had a warning. However, they did tell us afterwards. They also told her two of their friends. I had no idea about her thoughts, so I couldn’t guess.

After the incident, Lyda posted an 800-word message on May 27th, in which she said that her daughter had never had a pair of brothers that she loved before they physically fought. This message upset her friends and family, prompting them to set up a GoFundMe page.

Lyda, the 12-year-old, stated that she had never experienced any behavioral problems until she resumed taking the medication that she had stopped using for more than a year.

Cuomo spoke about the greater details of Lyda’s childhood, during which her daughter had been on and off medication for her Attention-deficit/hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

Lyda expressed on Thursday, “I’m persevering, taking each day as it comes.” It appears that the root cause was related to medication rather than any other factor; it seemed to be a form of manic episode, based on our discoveries. She was stable and not experiencing any instability until she resumed taking the medication.

Lyda stated that they engaged in an extensive dialogue, discussing with the educational institution, the medical professional, and the young girl herself. Lyda promptly discontinued the medication after the girl self-harmed by cutting her arms, just one month after resuming the treatment.

From a medication like this, even years after discontinuing it, occurrences like this can occur. Regrettably, the harm was already inflicted, and it was untimely. Naturally, I discontinued her usage of it, and while on the medication, without any valid reason, she experienced anger, irritability, and extreme annoyance.

Lyda stated that her daughter is currently being monitored and has been in regular contact with professionals on a daily basis for the last half-year.

She went on to say that she still does not know why her daughter feels guilty. The mother added that she hoped her daughter could get the emotional and medical support she needs.