HPD: Man arrested after shooting at Alabama A&M University

According to the Huntsville Police Department (HPD), a shooting on the Alabama A&M University (AAMU) campus in NORMAL, Ala has resulted in the arrest of one individual. (WHNT) —

According to spokesperson A, the Houston Police Department’s Violent Crimes Unit Investigators stated that the shooting was a result of an altercation between two individuals and should be considered as an “isolated incident.”

In relation to the occurrence, Willie Brandon Nance, 23, was arrested and detained in the Madison County Jail on Wednesday morning. As per HPD, after being released, both individuals will be confronting assault accusations. Officials stated that both individuals sustained injuries in the shooting and were transported to the hospital for medical care.

As per authorities, the area was declared safe shortly after 7 p.M. The Houston Police Department was summoned to aid the Alabama A&M University Police at approximately 5:40 p.M., And an urgent notification released by AAMU stated that the occurrence occurred close to the Ernest L. Knight Complex on Tuesday afternoon.

The HPD spokesperson stated that the initial lead was taken by AAMU Police, as they have been investigating it since it occurred on their campus.

Montrez Payton, the Chief of Police at AAMU, held a press conference on Tuesday evening, providing some details about a incident that can be replayed in full below.

Students from AAMU who were on campus were disturbed by the incident and expressed their viewpoints with News 19.

“And you heard people running and shooting right there, it was really loud. It was close, like behind the building. Very loud… It was really loud, one after another. When Toney Jania, a sophomore, explained what she heard during the incident taking place.”

Jala Staples, a junior, informed News 19 that due to the rush of adrenaline, she contacted them and requested them to remain on the call with her. She immediately began sprinting and encountered her friend. I have never encountered anything similar to this before… I was genuinely terrified for my well-being.

“But they believe it handled pretty well…Hopefully, but it’s so unsettling to see this happen on campus, usually it’s safe,” added Senior Madisyn Hatter.

On Wednesday morning, the University’s President issued the subsequent declaration.

Dear Alabama A&M University community, The safety and well-being of our students and campus community will always be our top priority. We deeply regret the distress caused by the unfortunate incident on our campus yesterday and want to assure you that we are taking every measure to maintain the ongoing safety and security of our campus.

I want to thank our campus police and University staff who worked quickly to move students to safety and provide updates in real time. I’m also proud of our students who displayed an incredible amount of patience and vigilance during an evolving emergency situation.

Last evening, Campus Police Chief Montez Payton provided the University’s official comments on the timeline of the events. All further inquiries will be directed to the Huntsville Police Department (HPD), which is leading the investigation.

In relation to the incident, HPD has indicated that the shooting was an isolated occurrence stemming from a confrontation between two individuals who both sustained minor injuries and received medical attention.

The HPD Violent Crimes Unit Investigators have determined that this was not an activeshooter incident and that no evidence suggests the involvement of any other parties.

As with all campus emergencies, Bulldog Alerts were prioritized to keep us all aware as this incident developed. I encourage all who live, learn, and work on The Hill to make sure you are registered to receive these critical updates as one of our campus’ first lines of defense in keeping all Bulldogs safe.

I understand the concerns this incident has raised. Please know that we remain committed to providing a safe and secure environment for our campus community. We will continue to cooperate with law enforcement agencies and take necessary actions to prevent such incidents in the future.

Thank you for your understanding and ongoing support.

Daniel K. Wims, Ph.D.

News 19 will revise this article as additional information becomes accessible.