Husband of Illinois woman killed in tragic parasailing crash speaks out for 1st time since accident

The husband of a woman who tragically died in a parasailing accident in the Florida keys, and also left her son and nephew injured, spoke publicly for the first time since he witnessed the accident nearly one year ago.

Srinivasro Alaparthi expressed, “We are making every effort. It’s challenging for us, but we are striving to concentrate on the joyful recollections we shared with my spouse and maintain her memories vibrant.”

Over the Memorial Day weekend, Alaparthi Supraja, 33, lost her life while parasailing with her 10-year-old son and nephew. They were tragically killed by a sudden summer storm with strong winds.

A second lawsuit was filed against the captain, crew members, and the company resort in Florida where the boat was stationed, as comments came in.

Srinivasro Alaparthi expressed during a press briefing in Chicago, “We had faith in these corporations, but they disappointed us in the most severe manner imaginable.” “When I reflect on the day of the occurrence, I can’t help but ponder that if the individuals we relied on from the parasailing organization and the Captain Pips Marina, had fulfilled their responsibilities, my spouse would still be present with us at this moment.”

The investigation conducted by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission found that Alaparthi Supraja’s son and nephew were still strapped into the parasail as they were dragged across the waves before being slammed into the old Mile Seven Bridge, when the line that the captain was holding cut their boat.

The marina could not comment on the lawsuit filed against the resort company, and the attorneys representing the crew members and captain did not provide a list of court records online.

The criminal case, in which Couch has been charged with manslaughter for the crash, is still unresolved. The Florida public defender’s office, representing Couch in the criminal case, chose not to provide any comments on the matter on Thursday. Daniel Gavin Couch, the boat captain, is involved in the case.

In June of the previous year, when he submitted the initial lawsuit for unlawful death, the lawyer representing the family, Michael Haggard, mentioned that the captain had stated that it would be acceptable to postpone parasailing if the weather conditions were unfavorable, and they could try again the following day. The family, who were tourists from Elk Grove Village, Illinois, had the unfortunate experience of witnessing their beloved family member pass away while a group of twelve relatives, including Alaparthi’s six-year-old daughter and her spouse, were present on the boat during the accident.

The report stated that her nephew’s head was bent backward, her 9-year-old son was hanging upright, and the parasail hit the Alaparthi bridge after being submerged underwater.

The captain of the vessel did not offer any assistance to the family members on the parasail later, even though they were begging for help and reported that they needed help to arrest the warrant.

The captain of a neighboring boat brought the survivors to the coastline.

“Fortunately, he brought down those three individuals, he performed CPR, along with the individuals on his vessel, and he transported them to the closest pier and he requested emergency assistance,” Pedro Echarte from The Haggard Law Firm expressed. “However, that captain and his valiant deed rescued the lives of those two youngsters. Regrettably, it was too tardy for Srinivasro’s spouse. He is a genuine hero in every aspect.”

Investigators also found that Couch’s decision to cut the tow line was “flagrant and gross,” and he should have taken into account other possible options to safely bring the passengers down.

Srinivasro Alaparthi stated, “Those individuals who disregard the well-being of the visitors should be held accountable for their behavior, and it is crucial to have stringent rules in effect.”

One year later, Alaparthi’s lawyer stated that his son and nephew continue to endure significant physical and emotional trauma as they recover from their injuries.

Echarte expressed, “The unimaginable loss occurred on May 30, 2022.” “Not only were her son and nephew injured, but they were also fastened to this parasail and witnessed their mother and aunt experience her ultimate and final moments.”