‘I love my body the way it is’: Transgender reality star Jazz Jennings says she feels ‘beautiful at every shape and size’ after 100 lb. weight gain – but wants to shed pounds for her health

Jazz Jennings loves her body just as it is, even though she has been trying to lose weight after putting on 100 pounds in the past couple of years because she knows it is not good for her health.

The 21-year-old transgender reality star admitted that her weight gain this summer was due to binge eating disorder, as revealed by the consequences.

In a recent episode of her reality show, Jazz confidently proclaimed that her size doesn’t matter and she tackles the topic of body image and size.

I honestly feel beautiful in every size and shape of my body, and I love it when answering a question about body positivity at an LGBTQ mixer, she said she applauds the way I embrace my body.

I am trying to lose weight for health reasons, but I will say that I don’t feel good. Also, I don’t feel good with some of the foods. I haven’t been feeling good with some of the foods I have been eating, and I don’t feel good either. I have been working on this weight loss to be healthier and feel better about myself.

Actually, she feels particularly joyful about her physique since undergoing gender confirmation surgery three-and-a-half years ago.

She expressed, ‘I sense a sense of wholeness. I have achieved a harmonious connection between my mind and body that was absent previously, and I have finally obtained the physique that I have long desired.’

But though the star has a positive attitude about her body, the current season of her show focuses heavily on weight loss.

In the same episode, Jazz’s brothers and sisters gathered her for a meeting resembling an intervention to discuss her weight.

Ari, Jazz’s sister, and her brothers Griffen and Sander will help her get back on track with her health and fitness routine, and they will also provide her with nutrition guidance through the ‘vision square’.

Jazz admitted in her last week’s Instagram post that she felt put on the spot during a serious intervention, but she expressed her gratitude for the support she received. She called out her family, who had previously criticized her body, for “fat-shaming”.

In the clip, Jazz is filmed sitting alone in the family’s living room, tucked under a blanket and playing on her phone.

Her three brothers and sisters soon enter and take seats across from her before diving into their scheme.

Griffen says, “we should have a conversation, as siblings, I believe.” “We have come up with an idea called square vision, where all of us are going to bring something of value and help each other. We are really looking out for you,” says Griffen. “You can be a healthier, happier version of yourself, so.”

He observes that Ari excels in the field of nutrition and will assist Jazz in that particular domain.

Sander, who claims to be ‘the fitness/empowerment guy,’ emphasizes the importance of exercising at least three times a week for 30 minutes every night.

Lastly, Griffen personally oversees Jazz’s daily schedule.

He says, “We are establishing a consistent routine. Since you and I are creating a schedule, you will definitely be consuming healthy food and exercising with him.”

Taking consistent and daily action is important. While it may seem like just another thing to do, it is crucial to be aware of what’s going wrong and not working enough. It’s also important to prioritize healthy eating.

Without consulting her, they all appeared to have devised a plan for her life, yet it is emphasized that Jazz listens with unease throughout the entire duration.

‘Instead of talking to me about my siblings, she wants everyone to know that she wants to help break this cycle of negativity and personal struggle. It makes me feel like I’m being put on the spot.’

However, Ari mentioned that the objective ‘is to ensure the well-being of [Jazz].’

‘Griffen includes, everything will converge. That’s how you initiate mingling, that is how you reach school. That is the manner you achieve your visions and objectives, engaging in activities daily to enhance. And believe me,’.

Jazz, a student from Harvard University, has been taking a break from her studies to address her eating disorder.

To bring honor to my family, my sole focus is to complete my studies and attend Harvard University. I take immense pride in my accomplishments, as it allows my parents to contemplate the future when I will be self-sufficient. However, my ultimate desire is to commence my educational journey this year. She expresses, “Everyone, I am truly determined to begin my academic pursuits this year.”

They all correct her, stating that it’s about improving one’s health.

Sander remarks, ‘If Jazz fails to recover, life will be challenging’. ‘If Jazz doesn’t attend Harvard, it’s not the apocalypse.’

‘You don’t have to satisfy anyone else except yourself,’ Ari adds.

However, Jazz expresses, ‘I don’t prioritize my own happiness or well-being. My purpose in life revolves around serving others, I suppose.’

Jazz appeared to be unhappy and uncomfortable in the clip, although she painted a brighter picture on Instagram by sharing a photo of the foursome together.

“I wouldn’t be the same Jazz today without each of you. I am eternally grateful for all they’ve done in helping me live my truth, and I have so much love for the three of them. Even though I struggle in many ways, they always find ways to uplift me. My siblings are my greatest supporters and my best friends,” she wrote.

Her body mass and dietary patterns, her relatives debated the manner in which she didn’t consistently express her achievement in shedding pounds for the initial time this season, however, it’s not the case.

Jazz’s whole family weighs in on her eating habits, questioning how much butter she puts over her pasta during dinner, with a new season clip airing early.

It really makes me feel humiliated when my family fat-shames me, especially since I came out as transgender at the age of five, says Jazz in the clip.

However, even though she characterizes their actions as body-shaming on the television program, she also expresses appreciation for her relatives.

Speaking to Today, she explained: ‘It’s all about providing support and not being authoritarian.

They want me to be the best, and they love and support me because they know how much I worked hard to watch that trailer.

They want to see me happy and healthy, and they love that all the comments that have been said are not of the kind that make me look bad or uncomfortable.

E!, As mentioned on the show, stated in another clip, ‘The past two years have been a struggle for my entire family, but not for me’.

We are truly blessed because every day I focus on expressing gratitude for them, and throughout every single second, they have stayed by my side, supporting me, and holding my hand.

Jazz, who said two years ago that I was actually severely struggling with mental health issues, has recently released a trailer for a new season and is now part of one of the world’s greatest institutions.

Today I am here, weighing almost 100 pounds heavier now. I have been gaining more and more weight, and I started binge-eating.

Scenes from recent episodes depict Jazz stepping onto a bathroom scale, which registers her weight at 234 lbs.

During the summer, she posted pictures on Instagram where she can be seen wearing shorts and a sports bra. Additionally, she even removes her shirt to strike poses for photographs.

‘It’s a large belly,’ she exclaims, gasping at ‘the side perspective.’

‘I’m out of shape, be easy on me.’ She tells her friends during a match, but is seen playing sports like tennis.

She confesses, ‘In the past, I had the capability to perform numerous physical activities that I am currently unable to do due to the additional weight I carry.’

She describes a typical breakfast when she visits a dietician as consisting of quick food, perhaps a pastry or two, and then possibly two bagels. Additionally, she regularly consults with a dietician.

Her mother complains: ‘Even when we believe we’re doing something correctly, she relapses.’.

When Jazz initially revealed her weight gain during the summer, she posted two pictures of herself and made a commitment to transform.

‘As many of you have observed, in recent years, I have put on a significant amount of weight,’ she expressed.

Over the course of slightly under 2 years, I have accumulated nearly 100 pounds as a result of my excessive eating, in addition to the heightened hunger I encounter due to certain medications I am taking. Not only am I dependent on food, but I consume it in substantial amounts. I endure from a condition known as binge-eating disorder, which is classified as an illness.

I am now ready to turn over a new leaf in my running journey, but I have been saying ways to change. I am ready to hold and address my weight gain, and it’s time for me to post this photo because it represents a new beginning for me.

At the end of the day, I have a fabulous team of friends/family and professionals who support me. I am ready to take the initiative and make positive changes when it comes to my body and health.

She concluded, “Thanks to all of you, I love you. I intend to share my progress with you, as I fight and understand the battle. I know I have the power to lose weight.”

In June 2018, she had gender confirming surgery, but she is prompt to clarify misunderstandings that any of them are related to the problems that Jazz reveals openly.

‘Today,’ she stated, ‘we discussed and examined the entire subject that pertains to my surgery, as well as my mental health decline and mental health problems. People were making assumptions.’

It’s really important for people to realize that I do have mental health issues, but being transgender has nothing to do with it.

She has had a major issue gaining weight, attributed to side effects of medications as well as binge eating disorder.

She expressed that her mental well-being and the increase in her body mass due to her food dependency were contributing factors. It is remarkable how extensively we talk about this; I have gained a staggering 100 pounds.

I feel that we should explore a variety of different things that need to be discussed. Many people struggle with these issues, and they aren’t talked about enough because of that.

‘It was challenging but it was also essential,’ she stated regarding documenting such delicate topics.

I have been struggling with mental health issues for many, many years. We really wanted to focus on what I was experiencing because it’s true. This season was when I started climbing out of that dark, dark place and recovering.

Jazz has previously addressed her challenges with disordered eating, specifically binge-eating, during a conversation where she delved into the topic. This discussion dates back to a YouTube video from 2018.

‘It has been extremely difficult for me, as I suffer from binge-eating disorder,’ she expressed.

She expressed, ‘I never anticipated that this would transpire to me and that I would be undergoing something of this nature, but grappling with an eating disorder is exceedingly challenging. And a multitude of individuals contend with it, and presently I find myself in that category.’

When she is having a “down day” and comes across social media comments criticizing her weight gain, she acknowledged that those remarks affect her deeply.

‘We understand that sticking to a healthy diet can be challenging. I absolutely love indulging in everything that is not beneficial for my health – like French fries, hamburgers, and chocolate. Oh dear, chocolate.’

She said she was focused on losing weight, both for her family and herself, as she didn’t want to disappoint them.

She added, “What I’m really trying to do is the biggest thing for my body, my love. I’m still learning to be comfortable in my own skin and trying to be healthier and lose weight. Even though.”

She successfully lost weight, losing 30 pounds before her gender confirmation surgery.

At that moment, she informed People, ‘I genuinely needed to merely readjust my mindset.’ ‘I needed to perceive food as something distinct from how I was perceiving it.’

I went to McDonald’s and ordered a big portion of fries, three chocolate chip cookies, and 20 chicken nuggets to go. It was really unhealthy. I used food as a source of comfort because I struggled emotionally and had binge-eating tendencies.

‘I genuinely had to stop participating in that conduct and acknowledge that it was exceedingly harmful to my overall health, and I should make self-care a top priority.’

Jazz said that the number on the scale has gone back up, but the last two years have been a lifelong struggle to maintain a healthy weight.