Idaho college murders: The complete timeline of events

More than six weeks after four students from Idaho University were mysteriously stabbed to death in a house near the campus, a suspect was taken into custody and identified.

The four students who were killed were Ethan Chapin, 20; Madison Mogen, 21; Xana Kernodle, 20, and Kaylee Goncalves, 21.

Bryan Kohberger, a 28-year-old Ph.D. Criminology student at the University of Idaho, was identified as the suspect by the police, as stated in an 18-page affidavit and court documents released on January 5th. The documents revealed how the police focused their investigation on the University of Idaho, which is located 10 miles away from Washington State University.

Here’s how the situation is developing:

Saturday, November 12th

As per Moscow authorities, Goncalves and Mogen – lifelong bosom buddies – ventured out to the Corner Club tavern in Moscow on the evening of Saturday, Nov. 12.

Meanwhile, Chapin and Kernodle, who were in a relationship, went to the Sigma Chi residence on Saturday evening, according to the authorities.

The officials declared that on that night in Moscow, two more roommates who managed to survive the attack and are not considered as suspects also went out.

Sunday, November 13th

As per officials, the individual who provided transportation to them and an individual observed in the security footage at the Grub Truck are not regarded as persons of interest. Law enforcement mentioned that Goncalves and Mogen were captured on video at Grub Truck, a nearby food merchant, around 1:40 a.M. And utilized the services of a personal acquaintance to travel back home, arriving at 1:45 a.M.

Authorities stated that Chapin and Kernodle arrived at their residence around 1:45 a.M. Chapin was staying overnight with his girlfriend, although he did not reside at the residence.

According to court documents, law enforcement authorities believe the homicides occurred between 4 a.M. And 4:25 am.

Kernodle received a DoorDash delivery at the residence around 4 a.M., As stated in the affidavit.

One of her surviving roommates said that she woke up around 4 a.M., Hearing what sounded like Goncalves playing with the dog.

The documents stated that the roommate mentioned, “she overheard someone she believed was Goncalves utter something along the lines of ‘there’s someone here,'” shortly after. According to the affidavit, the records indicated that she was using TikTok around 4:12 a.M., As it was possible that Kernodle was using her phone.

The documents stated, “she unlocked her door for the second time upon hearing what she believed to be sobbing emanating from Kernodle’s chamber.” The roommate mentioned, “she peered outside her bedroom but observed nothing when she caught wind of the remark about a person being present in the residence.”

As per the records, the housemate “subsequently mentioned that she overheard a masculine voice uttering something along the lines of ‘don’t worry, I will assist you.'”

According to court records, she appeared shocked and motionless. As she walked in the past, she noticed a man dressed in black and heard him crying. When her roommate opened the door again, she recounted what she had witnessed.

The woman described him as having bushy eyebrows, an athletic build, but not very muscular or taller than 5-foot-10. She said that he walked towards the sliding glass door of the house, but she did not recognize the man. She said that he was her roommate.

At approximately 4:17 a.M., A security camera located less than 50 feet away from Kernodle’s room captured distorted audio that resembled the sound of a dog whimpering followed by a loud thud, or voices that sounded like a whimper followed by a loud thud.

Police reported that at 11:58 am, a person who was unconscious requested help by calling 911 from one of the roommate’s phones. Upon arriving at the scene, the police noticed that one of the victims, who they initially thought was unconscious, was actually asleep on the second floor. Consequently, they contacted two of their roommates to come over to their house on the morning of November 13.

The responding officers subsequently discovered the four victims. Authorities stated that the murders were not suspected to have included anyone present at the residence during the 911 call.

Based on the records, Kohberger resided in Pullman, Washington, where the vehicle’s movement that evening was tracked by law enforcement. The perpetrator’s white Hyundai Elantra passed the victims’ residence on three occasions before reentering the vicinity for the fourth time at 4:04 a.M., While authorities examined surveillance footage and uncovered the deceased individuals.

According to the sworn statement, Kohberger’s phone was turned off from 4:48 a.M. To 2:47 a.M., While he was attempting to hide his location during the quadruple murder. However, his phone was traced heading towards Moscow before the attack occurred.

The sworn statement additionally demonstrated, relying on phone records, that he revisited the vicinity of the residence where the four students were slain shortly after 9 a.M., Approximately five hours following the homicides.

The affidavit stated that during the early morning or late night hours, except for those specific times, the phone of the suspect was near the house of the victims, as far back as August, at least 12 times.

Thursday, November 17th

Police stated that autopsies performed on November 17th revealed that all the victims had been stabbed multiple times.

The authorities suggest that it is probable the four students were in a state of slumber at the time of the assault, and certain individuals among them exhibited injuries consistent with acts of protecting oneself.

Police added that there was no indication of any sexual assault.

Monday, November 21st

The memorial service for Ethan Chapin, who was 20 years old, was held by his family on November 21st.

Chapin, one of three siblings, was born just before his sister and brother, who also study at the University of Idaho.

Stacy Chapin, the mother of Chapin, conveyed to journalists prior to his memorial ceremony that he was “one of the most extraordinary individuals you will ever encounter.”

The 20-year-old “enjoyed his college years to the fullest” according to his obituary.

His obituary stated, “He chuckled incessantly. He grinned upon awakening and remained grinning until he retired for the night.” “He displayed kindness towards everyone and was a companion to all.”

Monday, November 28th

In an interview with ABC News on November 28th, Steve Goncalves, the father of the students who tragically died, revealed that they did not call 911 earlier, so their lives were not saved and they quickly bled out for hours.

“No one experienced any suffering and no one felt that type of pain,” stated Steve Goncalves.

The grieving father said he feels frustrated and “defeated” due to the lack of transparency from the police, even though he still trusts and supports the law enforcement officers who are diligently working on the investigation.

He said, “I have figured out that all of this is part of their plan, and I hope and assume to have that.” I know that there are some really hard-working girls and guys who are working on this case that I’ve met. They told me straight-out that they are working hard and everything in their power, and they looked at me in the eyes.

Tuesday, November 29th

The police officer from Washington State University searched for cars that matched the description found in the affidavit provided by Kohberger, and asked the Moscow police authorities to look out for white Elantras.

Wednesday, November 30th

Mourning families and fellow students assembled at the University of Idaho on Nov. 30 for a candlelight vigil.

Stacy Chapin’s mother, Ethan, cried as she told us, “We are eternally grateful that we spent so much time with him, because time is precious and it’s something you can’t get back. Make sure to spend as much time as possible with those people who are important to you, for your families and for you.”

Madison Mogen’s dad, Ben Mogen, said his only child was a hard worker, “nice to everybody” and “smart and funny and beautiful.”.

At the memorial service, Steve Goncalves expressed, “passed away simultaneously in the identical chamber, in the identical sleeping arrangement,” Kaylee Goncalves and Madison Mogen, inseparable bosom buddies since the sixth grade.

Wednesday, December 7th

On December 7th, the police announced that they were seeking to speak with the driver of a white 2011-2013 Hyundai Elantra, who was seen in the immediate area of the early house fire on November 13th.

Anyone with details about the vehicle was requested to get in touch with the hotline.

Tuesday, December 13th

As we want to safeguard the integrity of this investigation, the information we have discovered at the scene and our investigative information are being closely guarded, as stated by Capt. Roger Lanier of the Moscow Police.

However, he assured, “This inquiry is not stagnant. We receive leads on a daily basis that are credible.”

Stated in a recorded statement, “Those suggestions assist us in accomplishing a wide range of tasks, from elucidating individuals… To advancing certain hypotheses that we are currently investigating. Ultimately, we will focus specifically on unraveling the precise events and identifying the responsible party.”

Friday, December 15th

While authorities in Idaho were searching for answers, Kohberger was pulled over by Indiana police on December 15th for traffic infractions.

According to Monroe County Chief Public Defender Jason LaBar, ABC News informed him that following Kohberger’s term at Washington State, he and his father embarked on a cross-country journey to their Pennsylvania residence.

The authorities said they were looking into the connection between LaBar and the murders. They drove in a pre-planned road trip in a white Hyundai Elantra.

Authorities have indicated that Kohberger and his father were pulled over twice on Dec. 15 while travelling east of Indianapolis, with the younger Kohberger assuming the role of the driver on both occasions. Initially, they were stopped by the Hancock County Sheriff’s Office for exceeding the speed limit, and subsequently, just nine minutes later, they were pulled over by the Indiana State Police for tailgating another vehicle.

According to the sheriff’s department and state police following Kohberger’s arrest, there was no available information on the suspect involved in the Idaho crimes or the specific details about the white Hyundai Elantra.

The state police included “The Trooper, after discovering that the two individuals had been pulled over a few minutes earlier by a Deputy from the Hancock County Sheriff’s Department, whom he was aware was stationed nearby on the interstate, exercised his judgment and let the two men go with a verbal cautionary message.”

Tuesday, December 27

As per the records, it was stated by officials that genetic material belonging to the perpetrator was found on a protective covering for a knife that was left on the bed of one of the victims. The sworn statement mentioned that on December 27th, law enforcement retrieved garbage from the residence of Kohberger’s parents in Pennsylvania, and a laboratory analysis established that the DNA obtained from the garbage matched that of the individual who left genetic material on the knife cover.

Friday, December 30th

Kohberger was apprehended in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania during the early morning of December 30th.

The Goncalves household notified ABC News that they are not acquainted with Kohberger and feel “ecstatic, reassured, and appreciative” that an apprehension has been executed.

Fry expressed, “Nonetheless, we are confident that justice will be achieved through the legal proceedings. Regrettably, apprehending the culprit will not be able to restore these young scholars to life.”

Tuesday, January 3rd

Kohberger, who was arrested for four counts of first-degree burglary and murder, agreed to be extradited to Idaho during his appearance in Monroe County Court on January 3rd.

LaBar said in his statement that his client is eager to resolve these matters as quickly as possible and hopes to be exonerated from these charges.

Wednesday, January 4th

On January 4th, Kohberger was transferred from Pennsylvania to Idaho.

Thursday, January 5th

On January 5, the court in Idaho released court records that unveiled previously undisclosed information about the police inquiry.

Kohberger walked into the Moscow courtroom on the same day, wearing a vibrant orange jumpsuit and without any restraints, as he made his initial appearance before the court. Kaylee Goncalves’ parents glared at him.

Families were overwhelmed with emotion as the name of their child was announced. According to the judge, every victim was “stabbed and killed deliberately and with malicious intent.” The charges for the murder of each student were announced.

The judge asked Kohberger if he wants to have an attorney appointed by the court to represent himself or if he wants to have a court-appointed counsel. He replied calmly, “I have a court-appointed attorney.”

Wednesday, January 11th

Classes resumed at the University of Idaho on Jan. 11 for the first time since the apprehension of the suspect.

Ethan Chapin’s brothers and sisters, who are also students from Idaho, came back to the campus on Tuesday.

“Upon catching sight of her, every single girl let out joyful screams, it was incredibly pleasant to hear but Maizie was becoming more open to the concept and Hunter was extremely pleased to be back at the fraternity,” expressed their mother, Stacy Chapin, on Facebook. “Listening to this brought immense joy to this mother’s heart!!”

She wrote, “You are called it, tears, hikes, walks, conversations, cards. In addition to Hunter and Maizie, we have been focused and obvious during the last eight weeks. Their job is just to be kids now.”

Luke Barr, Kayna Whitworth, Jenna Harrison, Timmy Truong, Nick Cirone, John Capell, and Dea Athon from ABC News contributed to this report.