Sharna Burgess Slams ‘Narrow-Minded’ Criticism of Styling Son’s Hair in Top Knot With Pink Hair Tie

In an Instagram Story video on Thursday, July 20, the 38-year-old professional dancer from Dancing With the Stars expressed, “I’ve received messages from individuals in my direct messages who were extremely furious with me for engaging in that.” “Someone left a comment about his hair tie being pink this morning.”

I probably have seen Jason Momoa on Instagram, and the majority of men and women find him attractive because of his long hair. I don’t need to post a picture of myself with pink hair to symbolize femininity for girls. She continued, “I don’t understand why this whole idea of associating long hair with femininity is a thing.”

“It’s incredibly stupid!” She exclaimed. “I mean, it’s absolutely astonishing to me that when it comes to children, it’s as if we’re imposing some kind of ideology on them,” Burgess also highlighted that the “damn cover of romance novels” mostly showcases main male characters with lengthy, cascading tresses.

Burgess, who has a 12-month-old son with her partner Brian Austin Green, answered fan inquiries about “all the things” on Thursday. During this time, a social media user even wondered if Burgess intended to “allow Zane’s hair to grow long like his siblings.” Green, aged 50, also has a son named Kassius, aged 21, with his former partner Vanessa Marcil, as well as sons Noah, aged 10, Bodhi, aged 9, and Journey, aged 6, with his ex-wife Megan Fox. Megan Fox, aged 37, and the Beverly Hills, 90210 actor have been vocal about accepting their sons’ gender expressions, which have involved growing their hair long and wearing clothes traditionally marketed towards girls.

Courtesy of Sharna Burgess/Instagram

“She was irritated by the foolish remarks” and “close-minded, uninformed” individuals, as mentioned in her Story caption by the ballroom dancer after she concluded her “rant.” Zane is “completely allowing” his “lovely infant hair” to grow, as Burgess clarified on Thursday.

Green and Fox, who ended their relationship in 2020 and went on to date Burgess and Machine Gun Kelly, recently faced criticism when they were accused of compelling their sons to wear girls’ clothing.

Sharna Burgess Courtesy of Sharna Burgess/Instagram

“In June, you wrote on Instagram via Fox about how regardless or irregardless of how desperate you may become, you never use children as a means to acquire fame, success, power, or wealth, especially by exploiting my child’s gender identity under the false and malicious pretense of gaining attention in your political campaign on the wrong side of the universe.”

“We have a responsibility towards the future generations. Let’s strive for improvement as a community. It is astonishing that some individuals believe it is morally acceptable to launch attacks on individuals whom they have never encountered,” he wrote as a caption in an Instagram Story post, refuting the allegations. Amidst the social media controversy, Green was unjustly labeled as a “neglectful parent” due to baseless claims that he coerced his children to dress in a specific manner. “Individuals with such beliefs have clearly lost touch with reality.”

Sharna Burgess and Brian Austin Green John Salangsang/Shutterstock

Green and Fox have put in a lot of effort to peacefully co-parent Noah, Bodhi, and Journey.

In an interview with Us Weekly in March, during a collaborative discussion with Burgess, he specifically conveyed, “The sole aspect within your jurisdiction is the impact it has on the children, and fortunately, Megan and I have been exceptional in handling it. Megan and Sharna share an exceptional bond.” “I believe individuals err in assuming that certain actions won’t have an impact on the children, when in reality, it will inevitably affect them regardless.”

Burgess chimed in at the time, emphasizing the importance of considering their emotions, fostering harmonious interactions, and cultivating a positive rapport, as this is always in their best interest. It is not about the grown-ups, it is not about us.