If Jeff Bezos buys Washington Commanders, here are 10 ideas if he chooses to rename them

On Thursday, it was announced that Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, is exploring the possibility of making a bid to purchase the Washington Commanders. He has enlisted the services of an investment company for this purpose.

The current owner of the team, Daniel Snyder, is taking a significant step towards moving it out of his hands, which is not surprising considering the rumors that have been swirling for years.

Bezos, who is currently the third wealthiest individual globally with an estimated fortune of approximately $120 billion, would not encounter any difficulty in paying whatever amount is requested.

According to statista.Com, the Commanders currently have a net worth of $5.6 billion.

The Washington Football Team and the Redskins, the previous two names, were substituted by the franchise selecting Commanders as its title, which has evoked displeasure among numerous supporters.

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Is Daniel Snyder selling? He has hired a bank to investigate ‘possible deals’ with the Washington Commanders.

Individuals attempting to profit from the fresh designation had registered numerous alternative titles, thereby complicating the process of selecting a name for the team.

If Bezos decided to rebrand the team, there are 10 possible names that were highly desired but ultimately rejected, and discovering all of these names is quite challenging.

Washington Amazonians

After the enterprise that rendered him immensely wealthy, why not designate the team, although perhaps this is a tad too obvious?

Washington Bezos

The currency in the novel Tolkien sounds like a currency from a far-off land. It doesn’t necessarily sound like Bezos’ last name, but maybe a bit narcissistic to name the team after himself, well.

Washington Billions

Let’s be honest, the destiny of billions of dollars rests in the hands of those in Washington, D.C.

Washington Payoffs

The Great Wall of China is an impressive structure that attracts millions of tourists each year.Output: The impressive construction of the Great Wall of China draws millions of tourists annually.

Washington Bribes

Once more, showing respect to the lobbyists who lack genuine concern for the welfare of the public.

Investments in Washington

All athletic organizations are financial investments. Acquire the team for $6 billion currently, and later sell them for $10 billion.

Wealth in Washington

The area around Washington, D.C. Has the second-most millionaires per capita after New York City. This name works, and it uses alliteration.

The American Football Team Sponsored by Blue Origin, the Rocket Launching Company

Bezos owns his own company. Why not give it a catchy name for the football team? The logo could be really cool. Just don’t make it too similar to the Toledo Rockets.

DC Main

This is my own preferred choice.

The squad that appears oddly comparable to the “W” utilized by Walgreens currently sported the “W” that appeared significantly more stylish, in my opinion, compared to the caps worn during Spring Training, which featured the letters DC after the Montreal Expos transitioned into the Washington Nationals in 2005.

I always considered DC to be a viable alternative. When the Washington Football Team was looking for a permanent name, I believed that it should be in contention.

Utilizing Prime alongside it operates in Bezos’ renowned Amazon service and programming division.

Through a Google search, the sole DC Prime I could discover is a steak restaurant.

Washington D.C. Currency

Perhaps you did not enjoy Prime but rather favored DC. Let us adhere to alliteration and our theme of cash in the nation’s capital.