‘Slumberland’s’ Stuffed Pig Is Almost As Cute As Baby Yoda

Marlow (Nemo’s protagonist) falls asleep and enters the dreamworld of Slumberland, accompanied by his sidekick animal, a stuffed pig known as “Pig.” Although this loose adaptation of the classic Little Nemo comic strip takes place in Slumberland, it is not as seismic as Grogu, the hottest Christmas present of 2020 from The Mandalorian. Nonetheless, Pig is adorable and marketable, making him a desirable character in this kid-friendly fantasy media, especially during the holiday season.

Nemo, who claims to be in the transitional stage between childhood and adolescence, is too mature to sleep with a stuffed animal. However, once her father exits the room, she quickly retrieves her cherished toy. Similar to many of our childhood security blankets and plush toys, Pig serves as a source of solace for young Nemo. Following the tragic loss of her father, a lighthouse operator, in a sea accident, Nemo starts venturing into a magical realm within her dreams. In order to find a map of Slumberland, Flip requires Nemo’s assistance, while Nemo needs Flip’s help to reunite with her father. Consequently, the two join forces. Within this fantastical world, Nemo encounters Flip, a thief resembling a satyr, who was the protagonist of her father’s extraordinary bedtime stories. Additionally, Pig, who becomes animated within this dreamlike realm, accompanies them.

It reassures you–don’t worry. (The girl was always going to survive! Jury was still undecided about the stuffed animal!) I was more upset about Pig getting swept away in the storm during the movie’s climactic scene than I was for Nemo. He pulls on her trousers when he senses danger and distracts her adversaries at crucial moments. Although he can’t exactly communicate with Nemo, he still watches out for her. But grunts or snorts in surprise, joy, alarm, and even annoyance (when Flip unintentionally offends him), he doesn’t speak–thank goodness. His ears perk and flop, his head tilts in curiosity, his little snout wrinkles, and he waddles cutely as he walks, the animated Pig never fails to bring joy. While not all of this heavily computer-generated imagery movie looks impressive.

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix

Where can you buy an adorable stuffed pig for your kid? Unfortunately, they are currently out of stock, but the official Netflix shop is selling a plush pig from Slumberland for $20. You can enter your email on the Netflix shop website to be notified when the stuffed animal is back in stock. The pig is small, measuring only 14 inches long, and it has a stitched heart on the side. The stuffed pig from Slumberland was modeled after Momoa, the animal featured in the premiere of the movie earlier this month on the red carpet in Los Angeles.

Photo: Getty Images

Oh! He’s even sporting a small bowtie!

Absolutely unbelievable! Nemo and her father were browsing at the Netflix store during their stay in that lighthouse? Can you imagine? Frankly speaking, this could potentially enhance the adorability and distinctiveness of your child’s cherished companion. You can explore quite comparable alternatives on Amazon and various other online retail platforms by searching for “plush pig.” In case you require a Slumberland-inspired plush pig urgently for the upcoming holidays and prefer not to wait for the Netflix shop to replenish its stock.