‘I’m Not Afraid!’ Riley Gaines Stands Her Ground in Fight to Keep Female Sports Female

If you’ve been keeping up with the recent news, you’re probably familiar with Riley Gaines, the female college swimmer who had to surrender her trophy despite tying, coexist in the same locker room, and compete against a biological male.

If she had been aware, her belief in God provides her with courage, but as CBN News discovered, Gaines has faced brutal criticism for advocating for women’s rights in sports ever since.

Gaines has emerged as the leading figure in the effort to protect women’s sports, with her extensive participation in numerous interviews and appearances before Congress. It appears that Gaines is now making a more significant impact beyond her swimming career.

At the recent CPAC Conference in Dallas, Gaines told a cheering crowd that it is completely obvious and unfair to refer to the differences between women and men as purely physical. Understanding this takes a fifth-grade level of biology and common sense.

Despite the tie down to the 100th of a second, officials awarded Thomas the trophy. However, an unexpected turn of events occurred when Gaines tied the transgender swimmer for 5th place in the 200 freestyle finals, despite Thomas’ evident physical superiority. It is worth mentioning that last year, Thomas had to compete against Lia Thomas – a 6-foot 4 male swimmer previously identified as Will Thomas – in the NCAA National Championships. This 23-year-old athlete, who represented the University of Kentucky, established herself as one of the most rapid female college swimmers in the United States.


She remembered, “It’s what you thrust over me and take the trophy home, Lia handed it to you empty-handed. But you can pose with this one. Lia has the trophy for pictures, he says. They hadn’t been questioned about anything they had done so far, so the official wasn’t prepared to answer this question about his thought process. Why are you giving me this trophy? Why not? It’s not the trophy, I’m the 12th American of all time.”

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Gaines informed us, “To validate a photo opportunity, they diminished our achievements, which we, the girls who were present at the event, had worked tirelessly for our entire lives, without considering the impact on a male’s emotions.”

No one knew that at the moment she entered the room, Thomas discovered another surprising surprise – there were no other female swimmers sharing their locker room and the male locker room was fully intact.

She expressed that if we, as female athletes, weren’t willing to stick up for ourselves, how could we expect someone else to stick up for us? This realization hit me, but it also hit us that if we weren’t willing to stick up for ourselves, how could we expect someone else to stick up for us?


“They are using the pretense of feminism to somewhat promote transphobic beliefs,” Lia Thomas stated during a recent podcast. Female swimmers appear to lack a voice, and the Current NCAA Transgender Policy defers to individual sports and their governing boards, according to Gaines. “They possess superior knowledge compared to others, particularly as an organization that covers sports. They possess superior knowledge regarding the disparities between males and females in terms of athleticism or sheer strength,” Gaines explained when questioned about why the NCAA would permit this to happen to female swimmers. “Honestly, it is a typical instance of spreading fear. I mean, the NCAA was extremely afraid to make a decision.”


Gaines stated, “If you have a complete disregard for the uniqueness of women and then proceed to call me transphobic and sit here, you’re a misogynist. Well, if that’s the kind of petty response you’re expecting, then what’s transphobic is someone who makes a big deal about undressing areas, locker rooms, privacy, fairness, safety, and equal opportunities that women deserve. It doesn’t matter that you cannot change your sex, it doesn’t matter that you cannot change your sex, what matters is acknowledging that there are two sexes, and it is transphobic to argue otherwise.”

She expressed, “Yes, I am extremely confident in myself and that is due to my religious beliefs.” Democrats, representatives, and politicians, they will criticize you with this point. This viewpoint that I am expressing throughout the nation, it is not based on hatred. I am aware of my beliefs. I am aware of my intentions. There truly isn’t. There’s, there’s no hostility in my intentions. Absolutely. Gaines informed us, when questioned if she has been able to pardon Thomas, “And that is why I am so assured in my position.”


In April, Riley’s faith was put to the test when she was verbally and physically assaulted by a mob of activists at San Francisco State University while speaking about transgender issues.

She remembered saying, “Above all else, I felt sorry for them. I immediately wanted to pray for them and I thought these people looked so sad and hateful, which was the first thing I noticed.” It was terrible how they wanted to do mean things to me, like yelling, and there were hundreds of people like that, yeah.

FULL STORY Radical Trans Group Attacks Female Athlete Riley Gaines After She Advocates for Women’s Rights.

“I was terrified for my existence.”

Gaines, who was struck in the face, expressed her fear for her life. “Absolutely. In that moment, I was genuinely afraid. Moreover, during the three hours leading up to that, while I was trapped (barricaded in a room), I had to endure listening to those individuals shouting. I distinctly remember hearing the phrase ‘we fight back’ and it struck me, as I had recently heard it somewhere else. The day before, the press secretary of the Biden Administration had stated at a press conference, ‘Our Trans Community, they’re resilient and they fight back.’ Therefore, as I sat there and listened to this, I realized that this sentiment was being echoed from the highest level. It was being actively encouraged,” she explained.

Gaines is currently suing the university for not providing sufficient protection. The university officials denied the attack on Riley the next day, referring to it as a peaceful incident.


I’m scared of what I see because I’m scared of what’s at stake. I’m not afraid of standing for the truth, but I’m not afraid of being attacked. I’m not afraid of being called names.

Last year, Gaines, a fellow swimmer and her college sweetheart whom she married, says she’s committed to saving energy and time by putting her dreams of going to dental school on hold, as she testified before several states, including Texas and Virginia, and Congress.

It will be worthwhile. Our scripture informs us it will be. I consistently remind myself. However, I must admit, those activities you engage in, they are truly arduous. Because swimming is so relevant to it. I always believed that was so pertinent to swimming. She quoted, “And I always believed that was so relevant to swimming because it’s truly arduous. Our current hardships cannot be compared to the magnificence that will be unveiled within us.” She enjoys citing her preferred scripture passage – Romans 8:18 when the struggle becomes challenging, she asserts.

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So far, at least 21 states have signed bills to protect female athletes, and to learn more about Riley Gaines and her fight to save women’s sports, visit her website at RileyGaines.Com.